GAMING-DESK-by-DXracer12312312 2.1_DXracerGamingDesk_3.06.2017


GAMING-DESK-by-DXracer12312312 2.1_DXracerGamingDesk_3.06.2017DXracer is a highly acknowledged company famous for the best gaming and office furniture actively purchased all over the planet. For many years, the DXracer has been dealing with the production of racing car seats. This experience inspired DXracer professionals for more.

They started manufacturing gaming chairs that immediately conquered the world. All of the DXracer chairs are versatile, stylish, comfortable, and what is more important, they’re safe for your spine and your general health. DXracer managed to make millions of buyers trust them completely. Everything produced by DXracer is under a lifetime warranty, which is a sign of ultimate quality.

Why Is a Gaming Desk Important?

Getting a proper gaming desk is a must if you’re a devoted fan of competitive gaming or if you’re busy streaming every day. You practically spend days and nights in front of your computer screen, which makes your gaming area your working space. It’s not only about basic comfort, but about health issues. A proper gaming desk combined with a top-quality gaming chair will protect your spine from feeling of heaviness and pains in the back. DXracer professionals know that for sure.

New DXracer Brand?

DXracer desks are the newest on the market. It means that the designers of DXracer had enough time to collect statistics and reviews to make a perfect desk able to satisfy the needs of most part of the customers. For the present moment, this DXracer desk is a sort of a concept. In comparison to the innumerable amount of chair designs, this DXracer product is released in only four color variations. Looks like the designers of DXracer Company need time to get more reviews to improve their innovative gaming furniture piece.

Today we’ll have a look at one of the latest and relatively new furniture pieces by DXracer – a DXracer gaming desk.

DXracer Gaming Desk: Basic Features

GAMING-DESK-by-DXracer12312312 2.1_DXracerGamingDesk_3.06.2017There are only four DXracer gaming desks available on the market. They are only different in colors. All of the four models are identical. So, what are you going to get?

Ultimate DXracer Slope Feature

Convenient slope feature. It gives you a comfortable angle of attack and stable support for your hands. The slope angle is 10 degrees.

More Space for Your Arms

Extra support on the sides carried out by means of extended working space under your forearms. It’s an extremely useful feature not only for gaming, but also for writing. DXracer desk will be a perfect fit both in an office and on a competitive gaming event.

Ultimate Stability

Stability. Overall structure of the DXracer gaming desk and its framing are firm due to an ultimate double triangle construction. If you’ve got basic knowledge in geometry and design, you may probably know that triangles make the strongest constructions. The weight capacity of DXracer gaming desk is 110 lbs.

No Troubles with the Wires

Convenient management of the wires. There are large openings in certain areas of the DXracer desk for simple wire management. It doesn’t matter how wide and massive the wires are – these empty spaces will be enough to satisfy anyone striving for order on the surface of the desk.

Adjustable DXracer Feet

One of the most outstanding features of the DXracer gaming desk is a possibility to rotate the feet. They are trapezoid and can be rotated 360 degrees. This feature is helpful in getting the firmest position for the desk. Besides, these feet will help you not to damage your flooring.

GAMING-DESK-by-DXracer12312312 2.1_DXracerGamingDesk_3.06.2017

Raised Perimeter Matters

The perimeter of the DXracer desk is raised. It constantly keeps your stuff on the table. Nothing will roll on the desk and fall down while you pass through a tense gaming moment. Half of the users say the edges are not that comfortable. They significantly limit the usable surface of the desk. However, the raised edges keep all of your stuff on the table. If you spill something, it won’t get all over the floor; if you drop something, it won’t roll down from the edge.

DXracer Gaming Desk: Materials

  • The board of the DXracer desk is made from wood by means of nature-friendly technologies.
  • The framing is made of steel rod.
  • Uniquely embroidered carbon fiber is used for the back part of the DXracer gaming desk.
  • External DXracer plastic elements are free from toxins and chemicals – they don’t have any negative impact.

Overall Impression

GAMING-DESK-by-DXracer12312312 2.1_DXracerGamingDesk_3.06.2017Almost each of the DXracer desk reviews says that it’s perfect for people willing to have sturdy and stable sitting position, healthy posture and ultimate comfort. The structure of this piece of gaming furniture by DXracer is ultimate. It’s one of the most popular objects desired by gamers all over the globe.

Design & Stability

First thing that strikes the eye is the design – it’s undoubtedly appealing. When you examine this DXracer gaming desk closely, you realize that each element of this DXracer construction is the result of precise job and thoughtful measurement. The exoskeleton of the DXracer desk is solid and sturdy due to steel that had gone through more than 70 tests before it was chosen as the main material for the frame.


The ultimate DXracer desk was created to be maximum ergonomic. It’s perfect for those who spend more than 8 hours sitting at the desk playing or working. The ergonomic design includes the possibility to adjust the height of the working surface with the help of levers and unique DXracer hydraulic system used in the construction of their well-known chairs too. Additionally, there’s a base that can be used as a footrest.


Putting it shortly, this DXracer desk actually makes you sit the way your body wants you to sit. The adjustable elements of the DXracer desk construction take control over every curve of your body preserving your natural posture. You may probably need time to get used to it. However, soon you’ll understand that DXracer managed to create the best piece of gaming furniture ever.

Weight/ Height/ Assembling

GAMING-DESK-by-DXracer12312312 2.1_DXracerGamingDesk_3.06.2017The DXracer desk is heavy. It’s normal for this type of furniture as most gamers are in constant search of stability and sturdiness. Weighs about 80 lbs. From the first glance, the DXracer desk seems to be light. The construction is sleek and slim. However, you’ll appreciate this weight when you start using this DXracer desk actively.

Adjustment Details

If you already use one of the DXracer chairs, the table will feel perfect in matters of adjustment. Some of the taller users say that the height of the DXracer desk is weird. However, if you combine it with a properly adjusting gaming chair, you’ll feel completely satisfied.

Visually Understandable DXracer Assembling Instructions

All of the DXracer desk users agree that the assembling is simple. You may probably need some help in order to fix the parts together due to the heaviness of the construction, but not because of difficulties with general assembling – the DXracer assembling instructions are totally clear.

Not Enough Usable Space?

GAMING-DESK-by-DXracer12312312 2.1_DXracerGamingDesk_3.06.2017It seems that a DXracer gaming desk is too small to position anything on it. However, when you start using it, you’ll understand that every single bit of space on this desk is thoroughly thought out. The DXracer designers managed to create a perfect space for a gamer. You’ll not only place all of your computer stuff on it, but you’ll also have enough free space to move your hands without getting bumped into something. The sides of the DXracer desk will never limit your movements.


One of the most convenient features of DXracer gaming desks is that the construction has a number of holes for wise cable management. You don’t have to trouble yourself with positioning of the wires no matter how thick they are. It’s super easy with the DXracer desk. You’ll be able to place up to 14 thick wires using these holes.

Most of the time the wires get worn out because conventional desks press them quite hard between the edge of the desk and the wall. This extra pressing and rubbing can damage the wiring. You forget about this troublesome issue with the DXracer desk.

GAMING-DESK-by-DXracer12312312 2.1_DXracerGamingDesk_3.06.2017

DXracer Gaming Desk Surface

GAMING-DESK-by-DXracer12312312 2.1_DXracerGamingDesk_3.06.2017The surface of the DXracer desk is manufactured in accordance to the high technological standards. It manages to hold several displays at a time together with side speakers, a mouse and a keyboard. The size specifications say that the surface of the desk is 47*31.5*31.5. You should pay attention that the usable space of the DXracer gaming desk is a bit smaller than you may expect because of the raised sides. However, there’s enough working and gaming space – no one of the DXracer desk users has ever suffered from the lack of space on its surface.

Extended Surface Area

This DXracer feature is not just cool – it’s useful for anyone spending hours at the desk in matters of health issues. The work surface of the DXracer desk is specifically extended to give more forearm support. Gaming computer desks mostly don’t have this option.


GAMING-DESK-by-DXracer12312312 2.1_DXracerGamingDesk_3.06.2017When the DXracer desk is fully installed, it feels like it’s bolted to the floor. You can’t push it or occasionally drop it down on the floor. That’s a very intelligent DXracer construction of even size, weight and shape. Numerous crash tests held by the constructors have proved it for sure. DXracer is ready to get your money back in case if you find the flaws that can ruin not only your floor covering, but your desk electronics too.

Regular circular legs of conventional desks often damage the floor and slowly get drilled into it losing stability. DXracer desks have rectangular legs able to turn 360 degrees. Their flat surface will never damage your flooring, because they manage to distribute general tension and weight evenly.

DXracer Gaming Desk Colors

This DXracer product is released in four color schemes: pure black, white and black, green and black and red and black. It’s not that much, but these color schemes will perfectly match with all of the series of DXracer chairs. If you have no idea about the coloring you can always choose a black one, which is neutral.

NOTE: Some of the DXracer desk users point out that the white in a white-black color scheme is not that pure. It’s got a visible pearl shade. Besides, it’s prone to getting scuff marks and greasy fingerprints. It turns out that the white-black DXracer desk model should be used gently for the sake of style and general cleanliness.

DXracer Users’ Opinion

GAMING-DESK-by-DXracer12312312 2.1_DXracerGamingDesk_3.06.2017We’ve collected information out of various DXracer desk reviews left by the users on different resources. The amount of reviews for this DXracer product is not that much because of the following reasons:

  • The DXracer desk is relatively new on the market;
  • Desks are not typical for DXracer Company specializing mostly on gaming chairs, gear and accessories. That’s the reason why most of the customers aren’t sure about getting this type of DXracer product – they’re also waiting for more reviews to make the first overall impression before they make up their mind to get it;
  • It’s quite pricey, which makes it unacceptable for a number of customers;
  • The number of DXracer desk coloring options is limited to only four variants, which is also not appropriate for the users seeking for a wider choice of design options;
  • The design of the DXracer desks is very simple and minimalistic while a lot of gamers are in search of something more sophisticated in matters of design and constructive elements. DXracer releases gaming and office chairs of coolest designs ever, but the DXracer desks are not that appealing in matters of customization.

We’ve analyzed everything that we managed to get on various web resources dealing with DXracer desks sales and created a list of advantages and disadvantages of DXracer gaming desks basing on the reviews of the customers.

  • The wooden surface of the DXracer desk gets greasy easily, so you shouldn’t touch it with dirty fingers.
  • The piece of wood used for the top part of the DXracer desk is natural, but it’s not a solid piece of wood – it’s a press board, which may seem unfair for the price.
  • Not comfortable enough for bulky tall people. For some of them this DXracer desk may seem weirdly small. It doesn’t have such an amount of adjustment possibilities as DXracer gaming chairs do. Maybe we’ll have to wait for some time until the designers of DXracer make alterations and additional levers to the construction.
  • The next thing that is directly connected with the previous issues is the price. $400 is too much for a gaming desk that is not able to get adjusted to the needs of bulkier people – the desks are released in one size only.
  • The wooden surface of the DXracer desk gets greasy easily, so you shouldn’t touch it with dirty fingers.
  • The piece of wood used for the top part of the DXracer desk is natural, but it’s not a solid piece of wood – it’s a press board, which may seem unfair for the price.
  • Not comfortable enough for bulky tall people. For some of them this DXracer desk may seem weirdly small. It doesn’t have such an amount of adjustment possibilities as DXracer gaming chairs do. Maybe we’ll have to wait for some time until the designers of DXracer make alterations and additional levers to the construction.
  • The next thing that is directly connected with the previous issues is the price. $400 is too much for a gaming desk that is not able to get adjusted to the needs of bulkier people – the desks are released in one size only.

GAMING-DESK-by-DXracer12312312 2.1_DXracerGamingDesk_3.06.2017

DXracer Warranty

GAMING-DESK-by-DXracer12312312 2.1_DXracerGamingDesk_3.06.2017All of the DXracer products are protected by a lifetime warranty for the framework and 1 or 2 years for the parts depending on the product. Don’t forget to specify this from the seller before you make your mind to proceed with the order.

Bottom Line

DXracer Desk AdvantagesDXracer Desk Disadvantages
·         Solid natural materials;

·         Full metal steel framework;

·         Top notch fiber for the back;

·         Heavy and stable construction;

·         Functionality;

·         Able to last a lifetimes;

·         Simplest assembling;

·         Versatility of design;

·         Wire management;

·         Double triangle construction;

·         360 rotating rectangular feet.

·         Small for bulky users;

·         The variety of designs is limited to four;

·         The surface is top quality and durable, but it gets dirty quickly;

·         The top part of the desk is not a piece of solid wood;

·         High price.

If you’re willing to sharpen your gaming skills and don’t want anything to prevent you from doing this, or if you simply spend hours and hours of working sitting at you des, consider purchasing a desk by DXracer. This piece of DXracer gaming furniture will give you balance, stability, healthy posture and total convenience. Usually, DXracer products become focal points in the room. If you already own one of the magnificent DXracer chairs, don’t hesitate and get a perfect gaming and writing surface for unbelievable comfort.

What do we have here? A sturdy gaming and working space perfect for any gaming setup with convenient management of the wires and a stylish appealing DXracer design. It certainly has some flaws to correct, but that’s only the beginning for DXracer. This DXracer gaming desk is surely not the last one – leave your comments down below to share your personal impression or ideas about the DXracer gaming desk and its future.

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