DXracer Gaming Chairs: Ultimate on the Market

DXracer gaming chairs are probably the most famous among the lovers of competitive gaming sports and office workers. DXracer chairs have started to appear on public mostly since 2008. Since that time quite a lot of gamers from all over the world have been dreaming of this incredible gaming seat. What makes DXracer chairs unique? Is their price reasonable? What DXracer features make these chairs so attractive to the public? Let’s have a brief review of one of the highly acknowledged product categories released by DXracer experienced professionals: DXracer Gaming Chairs.

SeriesRecommended Body TypesWeight CapacityHeight limitRecommended HeightRecommended Weight
OriginSlim, Average180 bls5'9''5'9''150 lbs Check Price
FormulaSlim, Average200 bls5'10''5'8''180 lbs Check Price
RacingSlim, Average200 bls6'1''5'11''180 lbs Check Price
KingSlim, Average,Athletic300 bls6'2''5'9''-6'6''275 lbs Check Price
Racing(Multy-Function an mech)Slim, Average250 bls6'3''5'8''-6'2''220 lbs Check Price
SentitelSlim, Average,Athletic,Above Average350 bls6'6''6'-6'5''325 lbs Check Price
TankAthletic, Above Average, Large build
450 bls6'7''6'1''-6'6''425 lbs Check Price

DXracer Products

DXracer-Office-Series-1 2.2_GamingChairs_2.06.2017DXracer decided to split everything they produce into thematic sections, thus emphasizing certain functional aspects of certain product groups. Basically, DXracer products can be presented like this:

  1. Computer & Gaming DXracer Desks (four color options available here);
  2. Gaming DXracer Chairs;
  3. Office DXracer Chairs;
  4. Relaxing DXracer Chairs.

Except for the main categories, DXracer Company deals with the production of various accessories, additional details for their chairs and gear. You can also get a personalized model of a DXracer chair, because there are special editions and customized chairs available.

DXracer Gaming Chairs: Series

Each of the DXracer product categories is split into series. The DXracer gaming chairs are produced for:

  • Origin Series;
  • Formula Series;
  • Racing Series;
  • King Series;
  • Sentinel Series;
  • Tank Series.

Each of the DXracer series has certain specifications in matters of size, shape, built and materials used in the construction. That’s the first thing you need to remember before you purchase a DXracer chair - take your exact body measurements. Each DXracer chair is constructed to fit your body shapes, built and height. Remember that.

Overall DXracer Gaming Chairs Characteristics

DXracer-Office-Series-1 2.2_GamingChairs_2.06.2017Basing on the reviews of the DXracer customers combined with the information available on the official DXracer web resource, we’ve managed to collect overall information about each of the DXracer Gaming Chairs series. Each of the series was specifically designed to fit a certain category of customers: slim, tall, bulky, sporty and more. If you’re seeking for a chair able to hold a gamer weighing more than 200 kg, you’ve got to the right place. Yep, DXracer can deal with it.

  • Ultra-firm construction on a base of a full metal DXracer framing inside;
  • Unique DXracer chair back construction – it’s extra-long for maximum support of your spine;
  • Headrest and lumbar pillows included in the purchase (sometimes it’s only the lumbar pillow, don’t forget to specify this before you get the chair);
  • Possibility to attach a footrest to each of the chair models;
  • Five-wheel support;
  • Super-tight and elastic DXracer mesh inside able to keep the shaping form in its initial state for years of continuous usage;
  • Hydraulic DXracer lifting mechanism and comfortable tilt angle;
  • Tilt-lock function (however, not all of the DXracer gaming chair models have it);
  • Ultimate, long-lasting material for the covering: PU leather, fabric and vinyl;
  • Incredible stability and ability to stand on its own no matter how active you move on it;
  • Flawless design and style with a variety of color options – will look perfectly at your home or in an office.
  • The first thing noticed by a number of DXracer users is the price – it seems to be non-sensible for most of the models;
  • It’s heavy and hard to assemble at times due to the bulkiness of the details – you may need some help to do this;
  • Armrests could have been more comfortable – a lot of the DXracer users admit that the armrests lack the padding, which irritates elbows.

Generally speaking, with DXracer you get a perfect working or gaming seat providing you with a healthy sitting position. It’s stable, firm, made of top-quality DXracer materials with the use of latest computer furniture production technologies. DXracer chairs can be used by people with various spine conditions, because they were created to naturally support your spine for long hours of working or playing. You can freely stay in DXracer chairs for more than 15 hours!

DXracer Gaming Chairs: Series SPECS


DXracer-Office-Series-1 2.2_GamingChairs_2.06.2017They’re also called the O Series or the DXracer Zero Series. They were created for users with the average height and weight. The O DXracer Series have distinctive style able to fit in any room or office. Let’s have a look at specifications of this DXracer gaming chair series.

  • The backrest is high as well as with the other DXracer chair models, because it’s the distinctive feature of the company.
  • Perfect support of your spine starting from the pelvis and up to your head and neck area.
  • There are five 2-inch casters in the base of the chair giving you support and stable sitting position without moving on the floor when you don’t want it to.
  • The strong DXracer lifting mechanism that works with the help of the gas built-in spring. The height is controlled with the lever.
  • The lean back angle is 115 degrees with additional 17 degrees – it means that you can freely use this DXracer chair to nap on if you get tired from continuous playing.
  • You get both pillows when you buy this DXracer chair model. They’ll help you to set the back the way it’s comfortable for your spine.
  • High density DXracer mesh used for the filling – it gives comfortable padding and necessary support for every curve of your body.
  • All of the DXracer accessories released with the O Series have a two years warranty.
  • The covering of this DXracer series is black mesh combined with PU leather elements.
  • The best thing about the Origin DXracer series is the price – it’s absolutely sensible and accessible for a number of customers.
  • The armrests of this DXracer series are not adjustable: when fixed properly, they connect the back to the seat itself making the construction extremely sturdy.

Pay attention that the last letters in the name of each chair model in the Origin DXracer series signify the color. We need to mention that the black-green DXracer design is the most popular among the consumers. The Original Series DXracer chairs are also released in black combined with white, red, and orange PU leather elements.


DXracer-Office-Series-1 2.2_GamingChairs_2.06.2017Also known as DXracer F Series. This DXracer series was certainly design for your perfect posture. The overall design was fully inspired by real racing car seats. The gaming chairs from the Formula DXracer Series will give you the tightest fit possible. It means that you’d better chose this DXracer gaming chair model according to your body measurements. Let’s pass on to the specifications and possible negative characteristics.

  • A very sturdy construction with the highest back in comparison to all of the other gaming chairs produced by DXracer (However, they’re often compared to the Racing DXracer Series).
  • Both pillows are included in the purchase. Initially you get a smaller backrest that can later be changed for a bigger one if needed.
  • Very comfortable and supportive padding.
  • Fully adjustable DXracer armrests that can be moved backward and forward, into the sides and get lower or higher depending on your body measurements.
  • The Formula DXracer Series is very solid – a true engineering masterpiece. You can practically jump into it without being afraid to damage it.
  • The full construction of this DXracer chair is destined to give a perfect support to all of your body. That’s why DXracer added special wings on the back (it’s the same with the real racing car seats). The wings hold your back tight giving you full control of your sitting position.
  • The construction of the Formula DXracer Series won’t fit a number of users with weight above average. The wings on the sides may feel too tight for bulky users. If your weight is more than above average, the Formula DXracer Series chair will be uncomfortable for you.
  • High price.

Pay attention that the chairs from the Formula DXracer series have a wide choice of coloring options. It’s more than 30!


DXracer-Office-Series-1 2.2_GamingChairs_2.06.2017Also known as DXracer R Series. These DXracer chairs look almost the same as the ones from the F Series. The difference is that they’re wider and able to satisfy the needs of bulky users fond of real racing car seats design. DXracer R Series chairs are often used in global competitive gaming events, because they satisfy the needs of the majority of worldwide gamers. Let’s look through the specs.

  • “Comfort” is the key word here. The designers made DXracer R Series in order to satisfy the needs of broader clients. As well as the chairs from the F Series, these ones have complete support of your body – from your feet up to your head and neck area.
  • The DXracer armrests of the R Series are fully adjustable – they have 8 basic positions and can be moved in all directions. They can be taken off in case if you don’t need them without spoiling the overall look of the DXracer gaming chair.
  • The recline level of DXracer R Series is almost flat, which is great for relaxing.
  • The padding of these DXracer chairs never gets mashed or deformed after the continuous usage.
  • Both pillows are included in the set.
  • If you’re too bulky, you should try K Series or T Series. Wings on the sides of this DXracer chair may feel uncomfortable to you.
  • A lumbar cushion feels uncomfortable to a number of users – the basic padding is enough for them.
  • The DXracer angle adjustment mechanism in the R Series is very strong and unpredictable. It may be unsuitable for kids playing with the levers – they can be seriously hurt.

R Series DXracer chairs were created for continuous prolonged usage. They’re destined to last a lifetime due to high quality DXracer materials on the inside and on the outside of the chair. There’s a large number of design, so getting a fit won’t be a trouble. The specific DXracer wings on the sides of the chair may feel uncomfortable for a big number of users.


DXracer-Office-Series-1 2.2_GamingChairs_2.06.2017Also known as DXracer K Series. Chairs from this DXracer series may become a true investment. These DXracer chairs (as well as the ones from the Tank series) are heavy and solid. They’ve got firmer DXracer padding, which is perfect for bulky and very bulky users. So, what are you going to get?

  • Very firm and solid construction that will fit really big users weighing up to 260 lbs. with 6.8 feet height. If you’ve got wide hips and broad shoulders, you’ll definitely like it.
  • Solid aluminum DXracer framing for complete safety of the user.
  • Neck and lumbar cushions included.
  • Adjustability is almost endless – each and every single piece of the DXracer K Series chair construction can be moved and fixed.
  • The PU leather used for the covering of this DXracer chair is extra tight and firm, fabricated to last a lifetime.
  • The construction of the DXracer seat itself is almost non-adjustable. The seat has specific shape that may feel uncomfortable for users with large bottom.
  • The price is high. But you should remember, that a K Series DXracer chair is more an investment than a simple purchase.
  • Assembling may feel hard, because the chair itself is very heavy – about 30 kg.

DXracer chairs from the K Series are a lot more adaptable to various body specifications. They are ultimate in matters of comfort, adjustability and longevity. It’s perfectly designed for


DXracer-Office-Series-1 2.2_GamingChairs_2.06.2017Chairs belonging to this DXracer series are larger than the ones from the K Series. They can hold users up to 160 kg (350 lbs.). The allowed height is 195 cm. These DXracer chairs pass through a number of heavy tests before they get into the hands of the impatient customers.

  • The mechanism of this DXracer chair is multifunctional. It means that you’ll be able not only to regulate the recline level, but fix the tilt level in a desired position mechanically.
  • It’s a solid full metal framing construction (which is typical for DXracer).
  • All elements of the Sentinel Series DXracer chair are adjustable.
  • The covering is strong DXracer PU leather with vinyl for a carbon-like look.
  • The quality of this specific DXracer PU leather covering is unique – you may stay shirtless on it and you won’t have to use blankets or towels to cover the surface of the DXracer Sentinel chair during long gaming sessions. You won’t sweat in it, because this material feels like natural leather and it’s breathable. Perfect even for the places with high humidity, which is proved by numerous users from all over the world.
  • The assembling may be hard (as well as it happens with the K and T DXracer series) because if the heaviness of the chair itself.
  • The choice of colors is extremely limited. There are only two color variations – Red or Orange combined with Black.

If you’re not worried about the color of the chair, you should definitely get on out of the Sentinel DXracer Series. It’s a perfection from all points of view suiting most part of the users.

DXracer-Office-Series-1 2.2_GamingChairs_2.06.2017


DXracer-Office-Series-1 2.2_GamingChairs_2.06.2017If you’re still in search of DXracer max series or DXracer wide series, the last thing you’ll be able to find is a seat that deserves to hold a real king out of the Tank DXracer Series. It’s pricey, but most of the DXracer customers agree, that it’s the best you can get for the money, because these chairs can’t be compared to anything every produced by other manufacturers of gaming furniture.

  • That’s the largest DXracer chair model that con hold up big weights. The weight capacity of this gaming throne is 450 lbs. (204 kg). Impressed?
  • Two DXracer pillows for your spine support are included.
  • The wheel base of the Sentinel DXracer chair is 20% larger in comparison to the other models produced by the company. The casters are 3 inches.
  • The high density foam is 20% thicker than in other DXracer chair models.
  • The covering is perfect, as it always is with DXracer chairs.
  • All of the moving elements of the Sentinel DXracer chair construction are movable. You can adjust and fix them whenever you want it to.
  • The recline angle is 120 degrees. You can simply get to sleep in this chair after a long period of gaming or studies.
  • This DXracer chair is the heaviest – it weighs about 25 kg. This means that the assembling may be difficult.
  • However, this DXracer chair deserves it.

Generally speaking, the Sentinel DXracer chair can turn out to be more comfortable than your regular bed. If you’ve never wanted to sleep in a chair before, you’ll certainly like it with DXracer. Remember that the chairs belonging to the Sentinel Series are the largest in the DXracer history!

Where’s the DXracer Max Series?

Old fans of DXracer products are still in search of this series. In 2014 the Max Series had been famous for the maximum weight capacity. However, at present moment the production of the chairs belonging to the Max DXracer Series has been discontinued. Unfortunately, these chairs are no longer available.

However, it’s evident, that the DXracer Company has managed to replace this popular gaming chair series for better ones. Now you can get T, K and Sentinel series able to hold the bulkiest of users with a lot more comfort than the Max Series could.

OH/RE126/NCC/NIP: Special DXracer Edition

DXracer-Office-Series-1 2.2_GamingChairs_2.06.2017In the end of the article, we decided to review one of the most appealing pieces of DXracer gaming furniture. This DXracer model belongs to the Racing Series. It’s unique specific design of black and coffee coloring is named Ninjas In Pyjamas (NIP).

  • Full metal DXracer framing plus an aluminum base on five 2 inch wheels;
  • Extra high back for the spinal support;
  • Two DXracer pillows that you can adjust for your maximum comfort;
  • DXracer shaping foam of high density combined with top-notch PU leather and tight mesh;
  • Armrests have a possibility of 3D adjustment;
  • Very large recline angle;
  • DXracer lifetime warranty;
  • Easy assembling with the simplest visual instructions;
  • Healthy and comfortable support.
  • The tilt mechanism of this DXracer model is conventional (it means that it doesn’t have a tilt lock function – the chair adapts to your sitting position on its own, but when you stand up, it gets back to the initial position);
  • The DXracer wings on the back may feel tight for bulky users with wide backs and hips. Unfortunately, these chairs were created for people with weight and height just slightly more than average;
  • The price. It’s more than $350. However, this DXracer design is unique and you should keep it in mind while dealing with the purchase of one of the DXracer chairs belonging to special editions.

A smart chair that may become a perfect fit for anyone, even if you’re a sophisticated user.

Bottom Line

Gaming chairs produced by DXracer are a true perfection in the world of furniture for gamers. All of the DXracer gaming chair series were created to satisfy all needs of all possible customers. Putting it shortly, we can summarize it like this:

  • Origin DXracer Series – classic gaming chairs for average users;
  • Formula DXracer Series – solid gaming chairs copying the design of real racing car seats fitting users with slim built;
  • Racing DXracer Series – basically the same as the ones from the Formula series, but a bit larger in size;
  • King DXracer Series – massive chairs for massive users;
  • Sentinel Series – more massive chairs for more massive users;
  • Tank DXracer Series – incredible massive chairs for incredibly massive users.

Each of the chairs in all of the DXracer series has a full metal construction inside – it means, that the seat and the back cannot get adjusted – their shape is regular and cannot be changed. However, each element in the construction is movable easily adjusting to your body specifications.

It’s also important to mention that all of the DXracer products have life warranty. It means that the professionals of the DXracer Company are confident in what they do. Almost none of the users have regretted buying a gaming chair by DXracer. The only thing that feels troublesome is the price. However, it’s evident that you won’t get a chair like this on the market. It may be expensive, but a luxury item and a real investment.

DXracer-Office-Series-1 2.2_GamingChairs_2.06.2017

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