All gamers as well as office workers are constantly concentrated on comfort and convenience of what they do. DXracer is willing to help them do it focusing on top-notch quality and stability of their office and gaming chairs. If you spend extensive time sitting in a chair at your desk, you may already be seeking for viable chair options. Let’s have a brief review of one of the most famous companies producing the most popular chair models – DXracer.

SeriesRecommended Body TypesWeight CapacityHeight limitRecommended HeightRecommended Weight
OriginSlim, Average180 bls5'9''5'9''150 lbs Check Price
FormulaSlim, Average200 bls5'10''5'8''180 lbs Check Price
RacingSlim, Average200 bls6'1''5'11''180 lbs Check Price
KingSlim, Average,Athletic300 bls6'2''5'9''-6'6''275 lbs Check Price
Racing(Multy-Function an mech)Slim, Average250 bls6'3''5'8''-6'2''220 lbs Check Price
SentitelSlim, Average,Athletic,Above Average350 bls6'6''6'-6'5''325 lbs Check Price
TankAthletic, Above Average, Large build
450 bls6'7''6'1''-6'6''425 lbs Check Price

True DXracer Professionals

Since the DXracer Company was established, it has been dealing with production of high quality seats for racing cars. These people actually know how to make the best chairs for maximum comfort and spine support.

DXracer experience helps them produce gaming and office chairs plus a ton of DXracer accessories for gamers of all body types.  That’s the reason why you’ll have to take your exact body measurements before you pass on to the purchase of one of the DXracer gaming chair models.

DXracer care about their customers suggesting the healthiest and most convenient models of office furniture on the market. The DXracer company specializes in production of:

  • Gaming and office chairs;
  • Relaxing chairs;
  • Computer desks;
  • Various gear and additional DXracer accessories (pillows and footrests).

Besides, DXracer is happy to present a wide catalogue of customized chairs and gear all together with a number of products in specialized DXracer edition for most sophisticated clients. There are specific designs of DXracer chairs devoted to well-known games and comic characters. Each DXracer chair review emphasizes the fact the DXracer designs are flawless, managing to satisfy the tastes of all customers even if they have no idea what they want to get.

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What Makes DXracer Chairs Unique?

DXracer is proud to declare that their chairs are the best ones you can get on the market of furniture for gamers and office workers. You can see DXracer products on numerous gaming shows and competitive gaming events. They are perfect for people who spend long time periods in front of the computer screen or at the desk. DXracer chairs give their users a possibility to sit straight in a healthy sitting position. You’ll get stable support of your spine and elbows to prevent your muscles from feeling of heaviness.

Here’s the list of basic features characterizing all of the chairs in DXracer series:

  • The professionals of DXracer company deeply care about the health of their numerous customers. That’s why the unique construction of each furniture piece is entirely safe for your back and muscles. Each of the DXracer chairs has a flawless back to hold your spine starting from your neck and finishing at the bottom.
  • Each of the DXracer chairs comes with movable and fully adjustable elements. You can adjust armrests to hold support your arms the way it’s comfortable for you; you can easily adjust and fix the height of the chair by means of exclusive hydraulic lifting system built in every DXracer gaming chair.
  • Next thing that makes DXracer products ultimate is the inner full metal construction. Some people find it a fault, because the framework cannot be adjusted. However, DXracer suggests a ton of chair models of all sizes for all body specifications. The full metal DXracer framing inside makes you sit straight, in a sitting position that is natural for a human body. Besides, this type of chair construction ensures long lasting gaming or working experience for prolonged time periods.
  • DXracer is able to satisfy the bulkiest customers. K-series DXracer chairs manage to hold users up to 350 lbs. and T-series DXracer chairs work well for people weighing up to 425 lbs. The only trouble is that you’ll have to preorder such a model due to it’s uniqueness.
  • The recline level of DXracer chair models from all series is just amazing. These chairs are able to lean back almost flat. This way you’ll be able to relax in periods of long gaming or working sessions.
  • DXracer promises the customers that they’ll never feel fatigue in muscles and joints due to thought-out padding. Conventional chairs you may use in the office or at your desk at home usually make you feel stiff and a bit numb. It’s caused by the strain in your joints and in your back. The padding system of DXracer chairs combined with additional elements like cushions and footrests literally makes you sit the way your body wants you to sit.
  • The covering materials of DXracer gaming chairs are PU leather, fabric and vinyl. All of the materials chosen for the covering of DXracer chairs are comfortable to touch and pleasant to stay on for a long time in any type of climate. It means, that you’ll never get sweaty or hot while sitting in your DXracer chair even in a tropical climate.
  • DXracer unique customization. Yes, that’s also one of the greatest characteristics of everything produced by the DXracer company. You can get rid of any element of the DXracer chair if you don’t like it or add more elements for more comfort. Besides, the DXracer company deals with the production of customized versions of chairs in matters if colorings and designs.

No Faults? Really?

Of course, users’ experience is also important for the company, that’s why DXracer never hesitates to share their users’ reviews of the chairs with the potential DXracer clients. This way you’ll be able to make and overall impression of the DXracer company, their honesty and responsibilities they have to bear to develop the business further.

What faults do the DXracer users point out? Let’s see:

  • Difficulties with assembling, especially if you have to deal with bulky models, such as King Series or Tank Series. Each of the DXracer chairs comes unassembled and you have to deal with this complication yourself. Most of the DXracer users admit that they had to get help to assemble the chair properly. Pay attention to this issue if you’re looking for a bigger DXracer chair model and planning to do the assembling on your own.
  • DXracer Pricing policy. Quite a number of users agree that the price for some certain models of DXracer chairs is unacceptable. However, they also agree that DXracer chairs are unique on the market. They can’t be compared to anything else. Probably, that’s the reason why the company demands this money for their products.
  • Some of the DXracer chair reviews say that the armrests are not comfortable enough. Everything is all right with the adjusting. The trouble is caused by the irritating surface of the armrests. Quite a lot of customers agree that they lack padding.

If the DXracer cons mentioned above don’t make you feel worried, you may proceed to the following descriptions of various chair models from different series.

DXracer Chairs Reviews

DXRacer OH/RW106/NW Racing Series

2таблица 1.3_DXracerChairs_2.06.2017Definitely worth it.

The first DXracer chair review in this article will be devoted to a quite popular model belonging to the Racing Series. OH/RW106/NW DXracer chair can often be seen on stages, because it’s frequently used by the participants of competitive gaming shows.

This DXracer chair model almost fully copies the design of classic racing car seats with an unusually prolonged chair back to support your spine all together with your head. The design of the chair is certainly great – you’ll get a ton of compliments from your visitors due to DXracer’s flawless and appealing appearance able to fit any room.

This DXracer chair is able to hold users weighing no more than 180 lbs. and no more than 185 cm tall. Make sure that your bulky friends and occasional guests don’t use it for no reason – this chair model demands certain weight limitations mentioned on the official DXracer website.


  • Extra high DXracer back for full back support including your head and neck;
  • Both adjustable pillows included (one for your lumbar and the second one for your head support);
  • DXracer backseat can be moved and fixed in a comfortable position together with the armrests;
  • The DXracer mesh and fabric (or PU leather) used for the covering of the framing will last a lifetime;
  • Works well for users up to 5.11 feet tall weighing no more than 81 kg;
  • The DXracer shaping foam of high density for your unbelievable gaming experience no matter how long your gaming session is.
  • Definitely, it’s one of the cheapest DXracer chairs.
  • A variety of color options.
  • Perfectly crafted, flawless DXracer design and stability.
  • Easily assembled and fully adjustable, just like a real racing car seat.
  • Healthy and comfortable – up to 15 hours of sitting without feeling of heaviness in arms and neck.
  • Armrests can be adjusted back and forward as well as to the sides.
  • Not very soft in comparison to the other DXracer chair models from various series. Looks like it’s the only possible fault of this DXracer chair model, which makes it a universal variant for those who have no idea what to choose and how not to spend money for nothing.

Pay attention that if the name of the DXracer chair model in the Racing Series has “RH” or “RV” in it, you’re going to get a universal mechanism with multiple functions, such as tilt-tension, tilt-lock, and height adjustment. Besides, these DXracer chair models have only three wheels, which is OK for people of average height and weight. None of the other chairs from R-series have a tilt-lock function of the mechanism. Additionally, you should remember that various models of DXracer seats in the R-series have various covering.

OH/RW106/NW DXracer Racing Series chair model won’t give you such a tight fit as the DXracer chairs from the Formula Series give you.

DXRacer OH/RV001/NR Racing Series

2таблица 1.3_DXracerChairs_2.06.2017Be patient to assemble it and get a perfect chair popular among numerous streamers all over the planet.

Another popular DXracer furniture piece regularly used by gamers and streamers all over the world. It’s comfortable, not as tight as the ones from the Formula Series, but as stable as DXracer chairs from T- and K-series. These DXracer chairs have certain flare and style attracting everyone’s attention. Besides, these DXracer models are more affordable due to their universal inner and exterior structure. They are designed for average users and users slightly more than average.

OH/RV001/NR DXracer chair can hold users up to 220 lbs. with no more than 190 cm height. As you see, the DXracer Racing Series chair model was designed for users with athletic built. This certain DXracer model has a tilt fix option, which is not typical for all of the chairs in the Racing Series. Pay attention to this detail before you proceed with the purchase if you don’t want to lose your money for something less functional than this.


  • Head and lumbar DXracer pillows for full spine support are included in the purchase;
  • Your hands and back will feel comfortable due to the adjustable armrests and the back of the chair;
  • The DXracer back is extra high partially imitating the design of real racing car seats;
  • DXracer PU leather and vinyl covering that will last a lifetime;
  • Works well for users up to 6.3 feet weighing no more than 99 kg;
  • There’s a high density foam inside that feels every curve of your spine for stable support and full control of your sitting position.
  • Most part of the users find this DXracer chair model appealing in matters of appearance.
  • Quite solid and easily moves on all types of surfaces, but stays firmly in place while you use it, no matter how actively you move.
  • Has a built in tilt lock DXracer mechanism, which is not typical for all of the chairs in the R-series.
  • Putting this DXracer chair model together may seem tricky at first. If you have no idea what to do with the instructions, use videos from YouTube.

There’s no need to mention that all of the DXracer chair models including this one from the Racing Series have a lifetime warranty. There’s also a DXracer warranty for the parts that can last from 1 to 2 years depending on a part.

DXRacer OH/FD01/N Formula Series

 2таблица 1.3_DXracerChairs_2.06.2017Flawless model with numerous color options.

One more DXracer chair model designed mostly for competitive gaming events. It belongs to the Formula DXracer Series, which means it has to be chosen carefully, because models from this series have a very snug fit and a tight inner metal construction with the wings. These wings hold your back in place in addition to a perfect DXracer support from the bottom to the neck. As well as the chairs from R-series, this DXracer chair model has an extra-long back imitating the one of a real racing car seat.

This DXracer chair model holds users up to 178 cm weighing no more than 180 lbs. Provided that you take your exact body measurements beforehand, you’ll get a perfectly shaped gaming chair that will help you always feel in control.


  • Both adjustable DXracer cushions for back support are included in the purchase;
  • The DXracer mesh covering is extra strong – perfect for active gamers spending a ton of time on video games;
  • All basic elements of the DXracer chair construction are movable and can be adjusted for maximum comfort;
  • The DXracer shaping foam inside is also extra strong, able to keep its shape no matter how long you sit in the chair. It always gets back to its initial state;
  • Works well for people up to 5.10 feet tall weighing no more than 81 kg.
  • The number of this DXracer model’s variations available is more than 30.
  • The assembling is easy – quite a lot of users are females and they mentioned it in their DXracer chair reviews.
  • A perfect recline that gives you a nice chance to take a nap while sitting in your DXracer chair.
  • Less expensive in comparison to a number of other DXracer chair models.
  • Wonderful neck and head support due to the prolonged back of the DXracer chair.
  • Works well only for slim people with sporty built.
  • The racecar sides on the back of the DXracer chair may feel uncomfortable to half of the users – better try it on before buying.
  • Armrests are not that comfortable in comparison to the overall quality of this DXracer chair. They certainly could have been better, which is mentioned in many DXracer chair reviews.
  • The DXracer lumbar pillow feels a bit uncomfortable for some users, because the chair itself is quite tight and the bottom pillow pushes your stomach forward when you press your spine harder to the back of the chair.

From the structural point of view, all chairs in DXracer F-series are the same. The inner DXracer structure and the filling all together with the functionality of the basic elements of the construction are identical. The difference between models is observed only in matters of the material used for the covering. It can be PU leather, fabric or nylon with vinyl covering. If the feel and the quality of the DXracer covering worries you, don’t forget to specify it before you proceed with the purchase.

NOTE: Pay special attention to your personal body measurements before you get this DXracer chair. Chairs from the Formula DXracer Series need to be practically tried on, like clothing, because they were designed to fit tightly. They are perfect for people with athletic built and average height. The DXracer construction itself is very firm and stable, but it may feel uncomfortable for bulky users with wide back.

DXRacer OH/RH110/NWB Racing Series

2таблица 1.3_DXracerChairs_2.06.2017Feels like you sit on a cloud.

That’s probably one of the most popular DXracer chair models among competitive gamers. It’s not as tight in comparison to F-series, giving a chance to bigger users to try on a true racing car seat. The extra-long DXracer back gives each curve of your spine a stable support while you play your favorite video games.

This DXracer chair model is perfect for users weighing no more than 220 lbs. with 190 cm height. It means that this certain model will be a nice match for people with height and built above average.


  • Both DXracer cushions for back and head support are included;
  • The back of the DXracer chair and the armrests are fully adjustable;
  • The DXracer covering is top-notch PU leather feeling like natural material and able to last long sessions of usage;
  • DXracer shaping foam inside will embrace every curve of your body for maximum comfort and control of your sitting position;
  • Extra-long back of the DXracer chair for convenient gaming experience that may last more than 15 hours non-stop;
  • Works well for people weighing up to 99 kg with 6.3 feet height.
  • Feels as light and soft as a cloud.
  • Looks smart, sharp and definitely spectacular.
  • DXracer chair models with three wheels have a tilt lock function, which is not usual for a number of DXracer models in the R-series.
  • Comfortable, sturdy and worth the money paid.
  • The back of the DXracer chair reclines almost flat so that you can comfortably nap in it.
  • The sitting position may feel a bit uncomfortable for people with wider hips.
  • Doesn’t go low enough for some of the DXracer users.
  • The assembling of this DXracer model is quite tricky because of the heaviness of the metal inner frame – you may need someone to give you a hand.
  • Helps you get rid of back pains, but it’s a bit stiff.
  • The DXracer armrests could have been better – they definitely lack the padding and most amount of users admit it.

DXRacer OH/RW106/N Racing Series

2таблица 1.3_DXracerChairs_2.06.2017Affordable. Stylish. Comfortable. Easily assembled.

Another classic chair version out of the Racing DXracer Series catalogue. It’s versatile due to the simplicity of its design. It’s able to match any room or office. This DXracer series is especially popular among competitive racers spending more than 13-14 hours in front of the computer screen. Streamers are also fond of it, because it provides them with ultimate comfort and actually saves money – if you get this DXracer chair model, you won’t have to spend your money for something else in the future, cause this chair will be everything you may want it to be.

It’s perfect for users weighing up to 180 lbs. with 185 cm height. Works well for users with average height and weight.


  • DXracer cushions for spine support are included in the purchase;
  • Unusually high DXracer back of the chair for healthy and stable sitting position from bottom to the top;
  • In addition to the full metal framing the chair is covered with strong PU mesh able to preserve the foam in its initial shape no matter how long you use your chair;
  • Perfect for users up to 5.11 feet tall weighing no more than 81 kg.
  • Easy assembling process.
  • Feels solid and secure at a time.
  • Softer in comparison to similar F-series DXracer chairs.
  • Black nylon DXracer covering works well in hot and wet climates – you’ll never get a feeling of stickiness while sitting in this DXracer chair.
  • The casters have PU covering to prevent your flooring from possible scratches.
  • Almost every DXracer chair review says that OH/RW106/N model has no specific faults to point out – the chair is flawless except for, maybe, price.

DXRacer OH/KS06/NB King Series

2таблица 1.3_DXracerChairs_2.06.2017Perfection in all possible and impossible ways. Feel yourself a king with DXracer!

This DXracer chair model is designed for true kings both in the world of gaming and in the sphere of office workers. Evidently, this name speaks for itself – Dxracer chairs of the K-series as well as the ones of T-series were created for larger users with height and weight a lot more than average. Such models are not always at stock and have to be preordered. However, trust us, you’ll never be able to choose something else after you purchase one of the DXracer chairs of the King Series.

This DXracer gaming throne will be perfect for users weighing no more than 124 kg with 188 cm height. These body and weight specifications make these Dxracer babies universal and completely versatile as family computer and gaming chairs.


  • Both adjustable DXracer pillows for the support of the back are included in the purchase;
  • The covering is Dxracer PU leather with vinyl and carbon covering;
  • The DXracer mesh here is extra firm and tight to keep the shaping foam of a chair in a perfect state;
  • Works well for people weighing up to 275 lbs. with 6.2 feet height;
  • Backrest and armrests are adjustable.
  • For most part of the DXracer users, assembling of this certain model turns out to be easier than it could seem. The screws are already screwed in the holes of the construction – you’ll have to spend some time to screw them all out before assembling, but it saves time, because you won’t have to guess with which screw you’ll have to fill in the holes.
  • You won’t get stuck if you stay in this DXracer chair without clothing in hot weather – the surface of the chair won’t make you sweat.
  • The Dxracer spring mechanism works stable as well as the DXracer hydraulic lifting mechanism. The tilting mechanism is conventional – it means that there’s no tilt lock built in the construction, but this DXracer chair holds the tilt position while you sit on it and gets back to the initial position when you get up.
  • The angle is fully flexible and adjustable.
  • Bulkier users are not fond of the supportive DXracer pillows – they usually take them off. There’s no chance to get a chair without pillows, because they’re included in the purchase.
  • Takes much space in your room – not convenient for tiny cozy spaces.
  • Due to the large size, you may probably want to get help to assemble this DXracer chair. The process of assembling is pretty simple, but the overall size of the chair is quite impressive.

This DXracer chair will give you a very unusual and unpredictable feeling because it will make you sit naturally – the way your spine might have wanted to for all your life. You’ll have to get adjusted to this sitting position at first, but later you won’t be able to sit in anything else but in DXracer chairs of the K-series.

DXRacer OH/SJ00/NB Sentinel Series

2таблица 1.3_DXracerChairs_2.06.2017 The most comfortable seat you may get in your life.

The design of DXracer chairs belonging to the Sentinel Series almost fully copies the design of the King Series. However, these DXracer chairs are more incredible – they’re wider, taller, softer and heavier. They are perfect for users with bodies a lot more than above average. They are also a marvelous find for athletes and bodybuilders fond of gaming. OH/SJ00/NB Dxracer chair is perfect for users up to 325 lbs. with 198-cm. height maximum.


  • Both Dxracer pillows are as usual included in the set;
  • The DXracer backseat is flexible as well as the adjustable armrests;
  • The DXracer covering is soft and long-lasting PU leather feeling like natural leather;
  • The filling is protected by a very strong and firm mesh able to hold serious weights;
  • Works well for users with 6.6 feet height weighing no more than 147 kg.
  • Very soft and comfortable especially with the Dxracer pillows fixed the way you want them to be fixed.
  • Lifetime warranty for the DXracer chair and two years warranty for the parts.
  • The material used for the DXracer covering is especially durable, manufactured for users weighing a lot more than average.
  • The Dxracer assembling instructions are difficult. If the assembling is done wrong, some movable parts of the chair including the mechanisms can stop working properly.

DXRacer OH/RV001/NE Racing Series

2таблица 1.3_DXracerChairs_2.06.2017Super comfortable seat for spending hours on gaming day and night non-stop.

Yep, one more R-series model by DXracer. Highly popular in the sphere of competitive gaming. Racing Series DXracer chairs feel more comfortable than Formula DXracer Series chairs that look similar in design. These Dxracer chairs give the gamer more free space to sit and move without an uncomfortable stiff feeling.

Perfect for gamers and other users under 220 lbs. with 190 cm height. More than thirty variations of design will be enough to make the right choice for your living room or for your office. Usually R-series DXracer chairs become focal points in the room. However, you should be attentive for bulky people trying it on – the body measurements and specifications for this DXracer model mentioned above are important for the long life of your gaming companion.


  • A Dxracer cushion for your lumbar is included in the set as well as a cushion for your head;
  • There’s a stable tilt mechanism with tilt lock function combined with the moveable and fully adjustable armrests and the back rest;
  • The materials used for the covering are PU leather and special type of Vinyl for carbon look covering;
  • The form and state of the DXracer shaping foam is supported with the help of strong mesh under the covering;
  • A DXracer full metal construction gives weight and stability – your chair will never move on its own on any surface without hurting it;
  • Works well for users 6.3 feet tall weighing no more than 99 kg.
  • Easily adjusted with the back able to recline almost flat.
  • Simple assembling.
  • Feels sturdy and heavy, however it is easily pushed even on soft carpets.
  • The Dxracer armrests can be moved backward and forward and stay fixed in this position. They can also be lowered and lifted staying fixed in this position.
  • Gives you a safe and sturdy feeling even at the lowest recline – no matter how you sit in it, you won’t get a chance to fall over or break anything in it.
  • Annoying smell is pointed out by quite a number of users. This fault has never been observed with other DXracer chairs.
  • Preserves perfect posture.

DXRacer OH/CE120/N Classic Series

2таблица 1.3_DXracerChairs_2.06.2017Fantastic chair even for those suffering from back and neck regular pains.

DXracer chairs of the Classic Series look just the way they’re called – they’re classy, stylish and versatile due to their design. They are perfect for users looking not only for comfort and stable sitting position, but for style and professional appearance. This DXracer may become your best companion both in an office and ta your gaming desk.

This DXracer chair model is perfect for users 180 tall weighing no more than 250 lbs.


  • You get only a lumbar DXracer cushion here;
  • The backseat is as adjustable as the armrests – typical feature of all chairs produced by DXracer;
  • The Dxracer covering is PU leather with vinyl for firmness and more stylish look;
  • The seat works well for people weighing no more than 113 kg with 5.11 feet height;
  • The foam inside is of very high density protected by a strong mesh to keep it in the initial state.
  • Strong, solid and stable. Moves on every type of the surface leaving no scratches but never moves on its own while you sit on it.
  • The stitching is top notch creating a very stylish and pricey look.
  • The DXracer pillow feels uncomfortable in the upper part of the back. It cannot be removed, as it is built in. The only way to get rid of this difficulty is to get rid of the foam inside. However, it can ruin your chair completely.
  • The Dxracer cushion needs time to get used to it. It’s a bit hard to adjust it in comparison to other models of DXracer chairs, because OH/CE120/N has built in curves, that cannot be altered.

This DXracer chair model belonging to C-series is perfect from many points of view, but the built in DXracer cushioning may feel uncomfortable for a lot of users because it cannot be fixed in any other way – it’s built in and stitched to the surface. You’d better try this DXracer seat on before you make your mind to get it. There’s only one cushion in the set – a lumbar cushion. It’s also a bit tricky to adjust it to the chair for a comfortable feel. Be attentive.

DXRacer OH/FE11/NO Formula Series

2таблица 1.3_DXracerChairs_2.06.2017Let it be an incredible gift to your nearest and dearest!

The design of OH/FH11/NO DXracer chair belonging to the Racing Series was an inspiration the designers got from the regular racing car seats. The only thing you need to care about is the size parameters of these DXracer chairs. The trouble is that the F-series is significantly smaller in comparison to the other chairs produced by DXracer.

This DXracer chair model is perfect for customers no taller than 178 cm, weighing no more than 81 kg. As you see, these chairs were designed for people of average height and body built. Never allow anyone of built more than average get close to your seat if you want it to last long. Of course, it won’t break in halves after that, but inner mechanisms may suffer. These chairs were designed for active competitive gamers.


  • DXracer pillows for the lumbar and for the head are included;
  • All moveable DXracer elements can be fixed and adjusted;
  • The covering is DXracer PU leather and tight mesh under it;
  • The DXracer shaping foam is very elastic – it won’t deform after years of usage.
  • The price is reasonable for the suggested functionality.
  • The back of the chair s extra-high – just like the racing car seats have. It gives a stable sitting position and a healthy support of the spine – each of your back curves will be fully protected with OH/FE11/NO DXracer chair.
  • You can fully remove the armrests if you don’t need them – the overall look of the chair won’t be spoilt.
  • Reclines almost flat.
  • Formula Series DXracer chairs have wings on the back – the same you can find on racing car seats. They’re created for feeling of control over your seat. These wings feel too tight for some of the users. It means that chairs of the Formula Series were mostly designed for slim and sporty people.
  • Some of the DXracer users don’t like the plastic clips of the elastics attaching the back pillows. They look cheap and constantly move from one place to another. However, it may depend on the way you manage to adjust them.

Generally speaking, this DXracer model was designed to hold its users in a straight, upright position. The wings on the sides were added for this reason too. You’ll have to check your body measurements attentively before you make your mind to get one of these DXracer seats. If you’ve got a large bottom or bulky built, no matter how much you weight, you should get a wider model of your DXracer gaming chair.

DXRacer OH/RH110/NWR Racing Series

2таблица 1.3_DXracerChairs_2.06.2017You won’t ever get any better!

Another gaming chair by DXracer that you can frequently see at various international gaming events. Stage players love these DXracer chair models due to their versatility. They are not tight, they feel steady, they give you full control of the situation and they never move on their own if you don’t want them to. They will be your perfect companions at home and at the office. No matter what you do – get plunged in the world of computer gaming or work hours and hours in your office – you’ll be completely satisfied with both functional and aesthetical issues of this DXracer chair model.

OH/RH110/NWR Racing Series DXracer chair is perfect for users no taller than 190 cm weighing no more than 220 lbs.


  • Both pillows are included in the purchase of this DXracer chair;
  • The backrest and the armrests can be moved in desired positions;
  • The covering is DXracer PU leather;
  • The filling is high density foam protected by firm and tight mesh hidden under the PU covering;
  • Works best for users no taller than 6.3 feet weighing no more than 99 kg.
  • Assembled easily due to the compact size of the parts and lightweight elements in the construction.
  • The variety of colorings and DXracer designs is wide enough to make the right pick for your home or for your office.
  • Gives pains in the back if you don’t choose it attentively according to your body measurements.
  • Most part of the customers admit that the armrests in R-series of DXracer chairs are not comfortable enough – they irritate elbows. Everyone agrees that they could have been better.

DXRacer OH/RV118/NBW Racing Series

2таблица 1.3_DXracerChairs_2.06.2017Ultimate comfort for every gamer.

One more popular item out of R-series released by DXracer. They’re versatile, stylish, perfectly designed and unbelievably comfortable. They will be perfect for customers no taller than 190 cm weighing no more than 220 lbs.


  • This DXracer chair model is sold together with a lumbar and a headrest cushion;
  • The DXracer backseat is flexible as well as the armrests;
  • The DXracer covering is PU with stretchy shaping foam inside;
  • The shaping foam is protected by strong mesh hidden right under the covering;
  • Works well for users up to 6.2 feet with 99 kg weight.
  • Comfortable and easily controllable. The new ergonomic design is efficient and
  • The DXracer tilt mechanism is multifunctional with a possibility to lock the most comfortable position. Pay attention that not all models in DXracer R-series have this options. The DXracer chairs from R-series generally have conventional tilting mechanisms that keep your position while you sit, but get back to normal when you get up.
  • The DXracer armrests are moveable and able to adjust to the desired width and angle. They also can be moved backward and forward.
  • It’s very well built, it’s sturdy and easily adjusted as most part of the DXracer products.
  • The DXracer assembling instructions turned out to be annoying for some of the users. That’s the reason why in most of the reviews, the experienced customers suggest using YouTube instructions.

DXracer chairs from the Racing Series are extremely popular among customers all over the world not only because of their convenience, but also because of the variety of designs. There is more than thirty options plus a set of additional personalized designs that you can preorder beforehand.


  • A full metal DXracer construction inside;
  • Top quality PU leather, strong mesh and elastic shaping foam inside;
  • Either conventional or multifunctional tilt mechanism (with the tilt lock or without it);
  • Stable position on 3 or 5 wheels depending on the certain model;
  • Tight fit on some of the DXracer models (F-series, for instance);
  • Flexible and fully adjustable back and armrests;
  • Additional adjustable DXracer elements like pillows and footrests;
  • Cool DXracer PU covering that will be comfortable for active gamers even in tropical climate;
  • Lifetime warranty;
  • Healthy sitting positions for hours of non-stop work or gaming.


  • Uncomfortable surface of the armrests on most part of the DXracer models;
  • The absence of tilt lock mechanism on some of the models;
  • Assembling difficulties because of the bulky construction of some of the DXracer series (King and Sentinel series, for instance);
  • Uncomfortable built in cushioning o some of the models (Classic Series, for example);
  • High price.

DXracer: R-series vs F-series

If you haven’t read each DXracer gaming chair review here, you’ve probably missed some vital information. DXracer Formula vs Racing series difference is mostly the one: the sizing. F-series DXracer chairs provide the users with a tighter fit. F-series chairs have wings on the sides to hold the gamer tight in a sitting position. It means that F-series chairs were designed for slimmer customers with sporty built.

R-series DXracer chair are wider with more room for your body. They are wider and able to hold more weight. R-series may even work for people with weight and height slightly above average. That’s the reason these DXracer chairs are frequently chosen by competitive gamers from all over the world.

DXracer: Bottom Line

We deeply care about the users of our website, and we sincerely interested that all info we managed to collect will help you navigate in a huge world of DXracer products. These chairs are definitely the best ones in matters of quality and longevity. They’ll help you feel what real gaming process is and how enjoyable it can be. DXracer knows how to do it best.

DXracer chairs as well as other furniture and gaming accessories produced by the company cost a lot more than similar products you may find at other manufacturers. However, DXracer professionals know how to do their job professionally adding new and new alterations to their products for your ultimate comfort and healthy lifestyle.

The most important thing you need to be attentive about is DXracer size chart especially if you decided to get a chair out of R-series. DXracer weight limit is one of the vital things you need to take care about if you don’t want to destroy your recently purchased chair.

DXracer made their gaming furniture to be ultimate. Each DXracer computer chair and gaming chair is ultimate in matters of style, design, functionality and health issues. DXracer products are acknowledged all over the world and they’ve never started losing popularity no matter how pricey they may seem. If you’ve got something to add about the quality of DXracer products, leave your comment down below.

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