Feel the Difference with DXracer Office Chairs

If it’s your first acquaintance with DXracer products, you should understand, that they may become the best among everything you’ve ever experienced in your life. Today we’ll have a look at DXracer chairs belonging to Office series. First, we want to give you an overall description of DXracer Company and things they do better than anyone on the market of gaming furniture.

DXRacer Brand Introduction

The DXracer Company started its work in 2001 with the production of the chairs for elite racing cars. They’ve been doing their work perfectly and finally decided to widen their product range. In several years after the foundation of the company, the word of gaming got introduced to magnificent DXracer gaming and office chairs inspired by the beauty and functionality of real racing car seats.

In a short period of time all products in the DXracer product range were split into certain categories. Here they are:

  • Gaming chairs;
  • Office chairs;
  • Relaxing chairs;
  • Gaming desks.

Each of the DXracer categories consists of several chair models specifically designed for various needs of the users. It means, that each of the series includes specific products for the customers of all types of built, height and weight. Let’s have a brief look at specifications of each of the series before we pass on to the DXracer office chairs.

DXracer Series Review

OH-SJ08-NR 2.3_DXracerOfficeChairs_11.06.2017DXRACER GAMING CHAIRS. Designed for most comfortable gaming experience. That’s the reason why you might have already seen the chairs with the DXracer logo on various worldwide gaming events. These chairs are able to hold users up to 220kg. Pay attention to your body specifications if you decide to choose one of the chairs out of the DXracer gaming series – some of them won’t be suitable to you, while others may become a perfection from the point of view of your health and longevity.

DXracer Gaming series includes:

  • Origin DXracer gaming chairs – universal models for the most part of the DXracer customers. An ideal gaming chair that can be used for active gaming and long hours of studies;
  • Formula DXracer gaming chairs – models that fully copies the design of real racing car seats with wings on the sides. They were designed for slim users and may feel uncomfortable if you buy them without trying them on;
  • Racing DXracer gaming chairs – basically the same as the ones from the Formula series. They are just a bit bigger;
  • King DXracer gaming chairs – designed for bulky gamers;
  • Sentinel DXracer gaming chairs – designed for bulkier gamers;
  • Tank DXracer gaming chairs – designed for the bulkiest gamers.

DXRACER OFFICE CHAIRS. Perfect for people seeking for harmony in design, price and functionality. DXracer chairs from the office series look classy. Each chair in the Office Series is designed for certain needs of the users, starting from the average ones to significantly bigger DXracer clients.

DXracer Office series includes:

  • Work Series;
  • Classic Series;
  • Boss Series;
  • Elite Series
  • Iron Series;
  • Drifting Series.

The full DXracer Office chairs review will be done further.

DXracer Relaxing Chairs include:

  • Formula Series;
  • Classic Series.
SeriesRecommended Body TypesWeight Capacity
Height Limit
Recommended HeightRecommended Weight 
WorkSlim, Average, Athletic220 lbs6'1''5'8''-6''185 lbs
Check Price
Editor's choice!
Slim, Average, Athletic,Above average300 lbs6'5'10''-5'11''250 lbs Check Price
BossAthletic,Above average450 lbs6'4''6'-6'2''400 lbs Check Price
EliteSlim, Average180 lbs5'9''5'7''150 lbs Check Price
IronSlim, Average, Athletic275 lbs6'2''5'9-6'1'' 250lbs Check Price
DriftingSlim,Average200 lbs5'10''5'9''170 lbs Check Price

DXracer: Office Chairs vs. Other Chair Series

OH-SJ08-NR 2.3_DXracerOfficeChairs_11.06.2017The first thing that strikes the eye is the highly professional look of these DXracer chairs that will be suitable for all types of offices and homes. These DXracer chairs are certainly stylish, able to give the desired to the most sophisticated users. They don’t have this specific racing car seat look, because they were initially created as a part of a professionally looking office.

The inner mechanisms and parts of the DXracer Office Chairs are the same:

  • Full metal construction;
  • Tight DXracer mesh and filling;
  • Long-lasting covering of PU leather, vinyl and fabric with nice logos on the backs;
  • DXracer pillows for better spine and neck support (however, the presence and the number of the pillows depend on a certain model);
  • Extra-long back;
  • Adjustable elements;
  • Conventional or multi-conventional DXracer mechanisms (with or without a tilt-lock function) depending on a certain model.

DXracer chairs belonging to the Office Series have a very specific padding and shape. It’s not a professional gaming chair – it’s a perfect companion for office workers dealing with hours and hours of tiresome activities. They were created for all body specifications and all weights. The maximum DXracer Office Chair Series weight capacity is 450 lbs. Each of the DXracer office chairs have weight and height specifications that you can find on the official DXracer web resource.

DXracer Office Chairs: Overall Characteristics

DXracer Work Series

OH-SJ08-NR 2.3_DXracerOfficeChairs_11.06.2017Fits best for people with slim, average and athletic built. Holds users up to 220 lbs. with height up to 6 feet. Users weighing about 185 lbs. will feel perfectly sitting in this DXracer chair model.

The tilt mechanism of these DXracer chairs is conventional. Combined with full metal DXracer construction, PU casters and angle adjustment possibility, it makes a perfect office companion. The arms of the chair can be adjusted and fixed in all directions. Two adjustable DXracer cushions are included in the set for full spine support.

DXracer Classic Series

OH-SJ08-NR 2.3_DXracerOfficeChairs_11.06.2017Fits best for people with slim, average and athletic built. Works well for the users weighing slightly more than average. Holds users up to 300 lbs. with height up to 5.11 feet (the limit of height is 6 feet). Users weighing about 250 lbs. will feel perfectly sitting in this DXracer chair model.

This DXracer chair model also belongs to the Relaxing Series. It’s convenient, wide, with soft padding and comfortable DXracer adjustable elements. Chairs from the Classic Series are also quite popular among gamers. Classic DXracer chair models have a universal design that will definitely fit any home or office.

These DXracer chairs come with a multi-functional tilt mechanism, which makes it ideal not only for gaming and working, but for relaxing as well. Covered with vinyl that feels and performs like natural leather.

DXracer Boss Series

OH-SJ08-NR 2.3_DXracerOfficeChairs_11.06.2017Fits best for people with larger built, average and a lot more than above average. Holds users up to 450 lbs. with height up to 6.2 feet. Users weighing about 400 lbs. will feel perfectly sitting in this DXracer chair model.

Dxracer chairs belonging to the Boss Series are well known for an outstanding performance. They give their users maximum comfort with their stability, adjustability and longevity. It’s often called a king in the world of ergonomically designed chairs.

NOTE: DXracer chairs from the Boss Series have two gas springs, which simplifies the mechanics for such a comfortable, but bulky construction.

DXracer Elite Series

OH-SJ08-NR 2.3_DXracerOfficeChairs_11.06.2017Fits best for people with slim and average built. Holds users up to 180 lbs. with height up to 5.7 feet. Users weighing about 150 lbs. will feel perfectly sitting in this DXracer chair model.

DXracer chairs from the Elite Series have conventional mechanism without a tilt-lock option. The casters (wheels) in the nylon base of the chair are two inches. The armrests can be moved up and down. It means that with this DXracer chair you’ll be able to only adjust the height of the armrests. Both cushions are included in the set.

DXracer Iron Series

OH-SJ08-NR 2.3_DXracerOfficeChairs_11.06.2017Fits best for people with slim, average and athletic built. Holds users up to 275 lbs. with height up to 6.1 feet. Users weighing about 250 lbs. will feel perfectly sitting in this DXracer chair model.

Iron Series DXracer chairs have 4D adjustable armrests and the mechanism is multifunctional (with a tilt-lock option). Extra-strong mesh is used in the covering of DXracer chairs from the Iron Series.

DXracer Drifting Series

OH-SJ08-NR 2.3_DXracerOfficeChairs_11.06.2017Fits best for people with slim and average built. Holds users up to 200-220 lbs. depending on the model variation. The height limit is 5.9 feet. Users weighing about 170 lbs. will feel perfectly sitting in this DXracer chair model.

Pay attention that DXracer chairs out of the Drifting Series are released with two types of mechanisms – conventional and multifunctional. Multifunctional DXracer mechanisms are more ergonomic. They allow to fix the tilt angle, while conventional DXracer chair mechanisms adapt to your sitting position and keep the tilt angle fixed only while you sit in a chair. As soon as you get up from a DXracer chair with a conventional mechanism, the chair gets back to its initial position.

DXracer Office Chairs: Reviews and Customer’s Opinions

DXracer Boss Series DOH/BE120/N

OH-SJ08-NR 2.3_DXracerOfficeChairs_11.06.2017DXracer chairs from the Boss series are designed for bulky users spending much time sitting at the desk or in front of the computer screen. There are four color variations suggested by the company. Earlier, the Boss Series was known as the Big Boy Series. These DXracer chairs can hold users up to 425lbs. and their Boss title is fully justified.


  • A heavy construction – one of the widest ever produced by DXracer.
  • A built-in headrest cushion. It’s literally built in the back of a chair and can’t be removed.
  • A lumbar cushion is included in the set.
  • The DXracer base is full metal with five 2-inch wheels.
  • Armrests can be 3D adjusted.
  • Ergonomic DXracer design working well for any room.
  • Very comfortable DXracer padding combined with breathable covering material.
  • Hydraulic mechanics.
  • Large, stable and solid. It never moves on it’s own and produces no noise while moving.
  • Firm, but comfortable DXracer padding.
  • Perfect for really bulky and tall DXracer users.
  • Easy assembling thanks to detailed DXracer visual instructions.
  • Cheap-looking plastic armrests – they don’t feel firm enough and often move when you don’t want them to.
  • Overpriced – quite a lot of this DXracer chair users agree that they’ve overpaid for this certain model.
  • The headrest of this DXracer model feels too firm for a number of the customers. The trouble is that this built-in pillow cannot be removed or readjusted. You need to keep this in your mind if you decide to purchase this model online.

DXracer Work Series OH/WZ06/N

OH-SJ08-NR 2.3_DXracerOfficeChairs_11.06.2017The Work Series chairs by DXracer are usually chosen by the customers searching for sleek and unique design of an office chair combined with the comfort and stability of a gaming chair. The number of color variations is enough to fit any room.


  • Both DXracer cushions are included in the purchase.
  • Armrests and a backseat are easily adjustable.
  • The material used for the covering is top-quality PU leather combined with special DXracer perforated vinyl.
  • Works well for users up to 83 kg and 183 cm height.
  • The foam of high density gives stable and comfortable sitting position.
  • Sturdy, stable and solid – you’ll never experience unwanted moving on the floor or accidental rotating. This DXracer chair from the Work series is a perfection from the point of view of ergonomics and construction.
  • Easy intuitive assembling – the bolts are already screwed into the construction of this DXracer chair so you won’t have to guess where to screw them in the process of assembling.
  • The cushioning and padding of this DXracer model feels too hard for many customers – however, the firmness is a matter of personal preferences. The padding of this DXracer chair model is thin.
  • The adjustment of height is somewhat inefficient – even at maximum height position this DXracer chair feels low.
  • Some uses say that DXracer casters of this model don’t move well on the carpet. However, all of these users agree that this fault is insignificant.

DXracer Classic Series OH/CE120/NC

OH-SJ08-NR 2.3_DXracerOfficeChairs_11.06.2017DXracer chairs from the Classic Series copy the design of the Boss Series. The difference is that Classic Series chairs are not so bulky and able to fit smaller rooms. It’s an ideal combination of design and functionality.


  • This DXracer model comes with only one adjustable pillow – the lumbar one.
  • The backseat is flexible with a large recline angle. The armrests are also adjustable (3D adjustment).
  • The covering is PU leather of premium quality.
  • Works well for customers up to 113 kg and 180 cm.
  • The mechanism of this DXracer model is multifunctional, which means that there’s a tilt-lock option.
  • The seat is wide – just a bit smaller than the DXracer chairs from the Boss Series have.
  • The casters of this DXracer model are 3-inch.
  • Nice and soft breathable material – perfect for places with hot and wet climate. All DXracer users agree that the covering of this model doesn’t give you a sticky feel even in hot weather.
  • High quality look and attractive DXracer design make this chair a focal point of any room.
  • The armrests of this DXracer model seem unstable and weak. Some of the users decided to take them off and replace them for elbow pillows.
  • Feels hard to get it properly assembled, as the DXracer parts of this model get together extremely tight – you may probably need physical help to get them together.

DXracer Elite Series OH/EA01/NR

OH-SJ08-NR 2.3_DXracerOfficeChairs_11.06.2017DXracer chairs from the Elite Series are the latest products released by the company. They’ve got unique appearance and flawless DXracer style. These chairs are functional and classy.


  • There’s an integrated headrest cushion in the back of this DXracer chair. The adjustable DXracer pillow for the lumbar is also included.
  • The backseat can be adjusted as well as the armrests.
  • Works well for people up to 77 kg and 170 cm.
  • The covering is PU leather with DXracer vinyl for a stylish and sleek look.
  • Wide seat and back for maximum comfort and non-limited possibility to move your arms, hands and thighs.
  • Perfect price for the chair of this functionality and construction. It’s ideal for office work and active gaming. This DXracer model is often present at worldwide competitive gaming events.
  • There are no significant faults found with this DXracer chair. The only thing you should care about with this DXracer model is that it won’t work for users a lot above average. Don’t let your accidental guests try it on if you don’t want to lose a real office and gaming companion.

DXracer Iron Series OH/IS132/N

OH-SJ08-NR 2.3_DXracerOfficeChairs_11.06.2017DXracer chairs from the Iron Series copy the design of the chairs from the Drifting Series. The difference is only in the size – these DXracer chairs were initially created for bigger users. These are classy chairs providing users with top-notch quality of materials and framing for healthier sitting position and overall comfort. This DXracer series will suit you if you’re a gamer searching for style and performance at a time.


  • Both DXracer pillows for healthy spine support are included.
  • The back seat is adjustable, as usual, all together with the armrests.
  • Works well for gamers and office workers up to 113 kg and 185 cm.
  • The DXracer mesh used for the covering is extra firm and tight as well as the PU covering elements.
  • Very solid – looks like you can literally jump into this DXracer chair without being scared to break it.
  • The armrests’ adjustability is amazing – they can be moved and fixed to the sides, up and down and rotate.
  • On some of the models of this DXracer series the users point out the flimsy plastic elements used to cover the basic mechanism. That’s annoying fir a chair that costs almost $400.

DXracer Drifting Series OH/DM61/NWV

OH-SJ08-NR 2.3_DXracerOfficeChairs_11.06.2017DXracer chairs from the Drifting series look the same as the ones from the Iron Series. The difference is that they are smaller, designed for the users of slim and average built. This DXracer chair may be one of your best investments due to the flawless quality of the construction, firmness of the full metal framing and high quality covering.

DXracer chairs from the Drifting Series are released in multiple color options so it won’t be hard to pick out the one for your room or for your office.


  • Both DXracer cushions for your back support are included in the purchase.
  • All movable elements are adjustable for your maximum comfort and full control of your sitting position.
  • The covering material is PU leather, as usual.
  • Works well for users up to 77 kg and 175 cm. Pay special attention to this peculiarity and don’t let someone else use your chair unless you know their exact body measurements.
  • The DXracer shaping foam used for the padding will last you long – it’s able to keep its shape no matter how much time you spend in a chair.
  • The tilt mechanism of this DXracer model is conventional – you won’t be able to fix your tilt position permanently. The chair adapts to your position on its own and then returns back to normal when you stand up from it.
  • Users spend more than 12 hours a day in this DXracer chair for several days in a row and have no complaints in matters of comfort and health. It’s cozy and comfy.
  • Very easy assembling. It weighs 22 kg, which is not much in comparison to the other DXracer chairs.
  • The seat itself is very wide. Enough for some of the DXracer users to sit cross-legged on it.
  • No significant faults were detected – this DXracer chair model is a perfect combination of price and quality.

DXracer Office Series Chairs: Bottom Line

OH-SJ08-NR 2.3_DXracerOfficeChairs_11.06.2017So, what are you going to get if you chose one of the DXracer chairs out of the Office Series?

  • Top-notch quality of the construction – it’s ergonomic and multi-functional;
  • Long-lasting materials used for the padding and for the covering;
  • Healthy sitting position and full spine support for long hours of continuous work;
  • Stylish and sleek design;
  • Stability for bigger weights;
  • A lifetime warranty for the framing;
  • A stylish furniture piece able to attract everyone’s attention.

Remember, that each of the disadvantages found by DXracer is rare unique. There’s always a possibility to get your money back if DXracer fails to provide you with the promised quality.

It’s clear that the core values for the DXracer company are quality and ergonomic design. You’ll never guess when you really want to get one of these thrones created for the world of gaming and comfortable work in an office, but we’re sure that you’ll never be disappointed if you get an Office chair by DXracer. It will be something a lot more valuable than a simple seat – it will be a true investment, because DXracer professionals know how to do their work to make their seats last more than a lifetime.

OH-SJ08-NR 2.3_DXracerOfficeChairs_11.06.2017

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