Djigman maxnomic vs dxracer Comparison

MAXNOMIC vs DXRacer – Review and comparison of popular gaming chair brands

Nowadays more and more people are starting to realize that buying a good gaming chair is very important. There are millions of various jobs that consist of sedentary work, and those jobs turn into a torture if one uses a bad chair.

You need to buy a comfortable ergonomic model if you regularly spend at least a half of your day behind the desk. Unfortunately, such products usually worth a lot of money, so you would have to waste some time on choosing a good gaming chair if you want to buy it for a reasonable price. However, there are brands that offer a good price/quality ratio – and today we are going to talk about them.

DXRacer and MAXNOMIC both are very popular companies. Their products are much cheaper than ergonomic healthcare chairs, but they offer a comparable level of comfort. The obvious question that comes to mind is how do you choose the right brand? What is better –

SeriesRecommended Body TypesWeight CapacityHeight limitRecommended HeightRecommended Weight
OriginSlim, Average180 bls5'9''5'9''150 lbs Check Price
FormulaSlim, Average200 bls5'10''5'8''180 lbs Check Price
RacingSlim, Average200 bls6'1''5'11''180 lbs Check Price
KingSlim, Average,Athletic300 bls6'2''5'9''-6'6''275 lbs Check Price
Racing(Multy-Function an mech)Slim, Average250 bls6'3''5'8''-6'2''220 lbs Check Price
SentitelSlim, Average,Athletic,Above Average350 bls6'6''6'-6'5''325 lbs Check Price
TankAthletic, Above Average, Large build
450 bls6'7''6'1''-6'6''425 lbs Check Price

DXRacer or MAXNOMIC? Let us try to find out!

In this article, you will find our reviews and comparisons of the best gaming chairs from MAXNOMIC and DXRacer brands. We sincerely hope that you will find this buying guide useful!
We have tested the following MAXNOMIC gaming chairs series:

  • MAXNOMIC Casual Sport;
  • MAXNOMIC Pro-Gaming & Office;
  • MAXNOMIC XL-series.

…as well as these DXRacer gaming chairs series:

  • DXRacer Origin series;
  • DXRacer Formula series;
  • DXRacer Racing series;
  • DXRacer King series;
  • DXRacer Sentinel series;
  • DXRacer Tank series.

Let us begin with MAXNOMIC brand.

MAXNOMIC Casual Sport – affordable and versatile gaming chairs

MAXNOMIC-Casual-Sport Djigman maxnomic vs dxracer ComparisonMAXNOMIC Casual Sport series is made for people with a body size up to 5'9" inches (175 cm.) and a weight up to 175 pounds (80 kg.). They can be used both as office and as gaming chairs.
The cover material and the shape of the seating elements in these models can be optimally adjusted for any user, which makes the Casual Sport very versatile.

  • Strong tubular steel frame;
  • Great adjustability;
  • Good cover materials;
  • Armrests and casters upgrade options
  • Not the best cover materials;
  • Non-adjustable armrests;
  • Casters are weak.

If you have an average body size then it is a good purchase for you.

MAXNOMIC Pro-Gaming & Office – Better models for everyday use

MAXNOMIC-Casual-Sport Djigman maxnomic vs dxracer ComparisonThis MAXNOMIC series has a lot in common with Casual Sport series. They share the similar ergonomic design and cover materials. However, Pro-Gaming & Office series offers thicker foam padding, a longer seat base and can hold up to 220 pounds (100 kg,).

  • It is very comfortable;
  • Hold up to 100 kg. (220 pounds);
  • Softer seat.
  • Cover materials are cheap;
  • Casters are still bad.

The better version of MAXNOMIC Casual Sport series, that offers adjustable armrests and can be used by users up to 220 pounds (100 kg).

MAXNOMIC XL-series – Big and comfortable gaming chairs with amazing design

MAXNOMIC-Casual-Sport Djigman maxnomic vs dxracer ComparisonThe XL-series features the biggest MAXNOMIC brand chairs. It includes four models. Each XL-series chair supports up to 370 pounds (170 kg.) and recommended for people with a height from 5’8” to 6’9” inches.
The impressive maximum load was achieved thanks to a very sturdy steel frame plus fortified construction which includes an extremely resilient gas spring and an improved tilt mechanism.

  • Multi-directional 4D soft padded armrests;
  • Bigger casters;
  • Washable cover material;
  • Includes very comfortable head and lumbar cushions.

• The price tag could be a little bit lower.

The XL-series offers amazing models for bigger people.
These are all MAXNOMIC gaming chairs for now. Not it is time to test DXRacer brand.

MAXNOMIC-Casual-Sport Djigman maxnomic vs dxracer Comparison

DXRacer Origin series – Cheap, but beautiful DXRacer chairs

MAXNOMIC-Casual-Sport Djigman maxnomic vs dxracer ComparisonThis is the least expensive DXRacer series. It includes only one model.
Despite the low price tag, DXRacer Origin has a great set of features: ergonomic design, comfortable seat and sturdy tilt mechanism. However, the base is made out of plastic, so people who weight more than 70 kg cannot use it.

  • Great price;
  • Beautiful DXRacer appearance;
  • Comfortable headrest and lumbar support.
  • Can only be used by users up to 150 lbs. (68 kg.);
  • Uncomfortable non-adjustable armrests.

DXRacer Origin series is a good option for teenagers or female users under 150 lbs. (68 kg.)

DXRacer Formula series – Decent customization for affordable price

MAXNOMIC-Casual-Sport Djigman maxnomic vs dxracer ComparisonDXRacer Formula series includes six models under 350 dollars. These are nice and sturdy chairs with a better base (if compared with DXRacer Origin) that come in a large variety of colors.

  • Includes many DXRacer models and color options;
  • Suitable both for office workers and professional gamers;
  • Soft adjustable armrests.
  • Does not fit for people taller than 5’9” inches (1.75 cm.).

DXRacer Formula series includes good models for users with average height and weight.

DXRacer Racing series – Mid-priced DXRacer options for wider audience

MAXNOMIC-Casual-Sport Djigman maxnomic vs dxracer ComparisonDXRacer Racing series models are suitable for people with a height up to 6’1” and a weight up to 250 lbs. (113 kg.). Thanks to the higher level of customization, they are great for any occasion.
Most of the chairs from the DXRacer Racing series have aluminum base, which makes them significantly sturdier than DXRacer Origin and DXRacer Formula models.

  • The best DXRacer Racing series models use sturdy metallic base;
  • High level of customization;
  • Bigger and softer head and lumbar cushions;
  • Average price.
  •  Not very comfortable to use in small rooms.

Very good DXRacer chairs, suitable for bigger people. The best option for most people.

DXRacer King series – Bigger DXRacer gaming chairs for a higher price

MAXNOMIC-Casual-Sport Djigman maxnomic vs dxracer ComparisonThe DXRacer King series includes two models: the DXRacer OH/KS06/NR, which comes in five colors, and the DXRacer OH/KS11/NR, that comes in two colors. They have an improved metallic base, so it can be used by people with a weight up to 275 lbs. (124 kg.).

  • Hold up taller and heavier users;
  • Adjustable armrests.
  • Non-rubberized casters.

DXRacer King series chairs are ultra durable due to strengthen metallic bases and top-notch assembly quality. The cheapest DXRacer option for bigger users.

DXRacer Sentinel Series – Even bigger DXRacer gaming chairs with more customization

MAXNOMIC-Casual-Sport Djigman maxnomic vs dxracer ComparisonDXRacer King chairs hold up to 325 lbs. (147 kg.). It includes three models with the similar design that only differ by the cover material. They resemble DXRacer Racing series models by combining amazing design, comfortable armrest and convenient tilt mechanism.

  • Bigger and softer seats;
  • Premium cover materials;
  • Bigger and sturdier casters.
  • Takes up a lot of space;
  • High price.

DXRacer Sentinel series products are intended for users who want to have the most sturdy gaming chairs. Safe and comfortable option for those who have enough space and money.

DXRacer Tank Series – The biggest DXRacer chairs

MAXNOMIC-Casual-Sport Djigman maxnomic vs dxracer ComparisonDXRacer Tank series chairs are able to hold up to 425 lbs. (192 kg.), which makes them the best for users with an excessive weight. It is made with premium cover materials and high quality parts.

  • Suitable for users with weight problems;
  • Offers premium cover materials;
  • Made from high quality parts.
  • Very large;
  • Offensively high price tag.

DXRacer Tank series chairs are the best option for users with weight problems. However, we do not thing that this is a good choice for people with an average body size. DXRacer Tank series models are very large and take up a lot of space, so DXRacer Sentinel Series looks like a better option for users with a normal weight.


We tested most popular DXRacer and MAXNOMIC gaming chairs and were fully satisfied with both of these brands. They offer many versatile options, so everyone should be able to find a product they a looking for.
DXRacer and MAXNOMIC offer similar options under 350 dollars. However, we did not like the prices of MAXNOMIC XL-series: they offer as much as DXRacer Sentinel series chairs, but cost almost 100 dollars more.
Considering the above, we thing that DXRacer brand is a bit better. It offers slightly more options and offers better prices

MAXNOMIC-Casual-Sport Djigman maxnomic vs dxracer Comparison

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