DXRacer Gaming Chairs

DXRacer Gaming Chairs are presented in 11 series in the catalog of various stores with difference in shape, size and configuration. Find the right model for yourself

SeriesRecommended Body TypesWeight CapacityHeight limitRecommended HeightRecommended Weight
OriginSlim, Average180 bls5'9''5'9''150 lbs Check Price
FormulaSlim, Average200 bls5'10''5'8''180 lbs Check Price
RacingSlim, Average200 bls6'1''5'11''180 lbs Check Price
KingSlim, Average,Athletic300 bls6'2''5'9''-6'6''275 lbs Check Price
Racing(Multy-Function an mech)Slim, Average250 bls6'3''5'8''-6'2''220 lbs Check Price
SentitelSlim, Average,Athletic,Above Average350 bls6'6''6'-6'5''325 lbs Check Price
TankAthletic, Above Average, Large build
450 bls6'7''6'1''-6'6''425 lbs Check Price

DXRacer Gaming Chairs

Gaming-Chairs DXRacer Gaming ChairsNot so long ago, all the gamers used to play simple video games, a primitive monitor 800 x 600, a membrane keyboard and sat on ordinary chairs. But now, the game industry begins to progress sharply, and specialized companies producing various gaming devices and special powerful peripherals appear all the time. They start producing the gaming chairs. One of such special furniture become the Gaming Chair.

Which DXRacer Gaming Chair is best for you?

DXRacer Gaming Chairs are listed in 11 series in the catalogs of various stores with differences in shape, size and configuration. Find the right DXRacer model for yourself; look for special tables that will help you in choosing the right DXRacer chair.

The manufacturer offers the following series of DXRacer chairs:


The differences of Dxracer gaming chairs are in the size of the seat and the construction materials. The Origin series, Racing series and Formula Dxracer series are recommended for a slim, average body build. Racing multi-functional is suitable for people up to 114 kg. The King Dxracer series is recommended for a slim, average, athletic, above average body type up to 158 kg.

The Tank series is recommended for an athletic, above average, large build Gaming-Chairs DXRacer Gaming Chairstype up to 200 kg. The office Dxracer chairs (work series) are recommended for a slim, average, athletic body type. And The Classic Dxracer series is for a slim, average, athletic, above average body type up to 136 kg.

The Boss Dxracer series is for an athletic, above average, large build type up to 200 kg. The Elite Dxracer series is for a slim, average body type. The Iron Dxracer series is for a slim, average, athletic body. The Drifting Dxracer series is recommended for a slim, average body type up to 90 kg.

These attributes are inherent all DxRacer series. The differences are not always significant, but they reflect the attitude of DxRacer marketers about the needs of their customers. We will highlight the line of the console armchairs: it is completely built on a series of another gamer direction and differs only by low planting and styling. The chairs themselves remained unchanged.

All these models of Dxracer chairs have the main advantages:

  • heavy metal frame,
  • memory foam,
  • high-quality Pu-leather.
  • Popular DXRacer chair F99

Gaming-Chairs DXRacer Gaming ChairsDxracer (Formula series) OH/FD99/NW is a typical racing chair. It looks stylish and modern. The seat of this Dxracer chair is made of medium stiffness, not very soft and not very firm. It's done so that you would not relax during your game and stay completely focused on the game process. The seat back is very sturdy and comfortable and it comes with two removable pillows: one of them is attached under the head and the other is under the back.

Standard controls and castors are provided (for fans of playing around with the height) in Dxracer chairs. But that's not all: the backrest of the DXRacer chair is completely thrown back by a special lever located on the side. In order not to spoil the black legs, comfortable red lining is placed there. Of course, there are armrests that are not rigid but soft, this is done so that the elbows do not rub. Armrests are also regulated in height.

You can also note the quality of assembly and stitching different parts of the DXRacer chair. The Dxracer chair is assembled quite easily and without any help of other items. First of all, the wheels are attached, then the hydraulic element with the lining is inserted into the crosspiece. Nothing is yet locked. After long tests of the DXRacer chair shortcomings have not been found. On the company's online store, the price charged for this chair is $299.

  • convenient;
  • design decoration;
  • convenient packing;
  • pleasant to the touch;
  • fits the back very well;
  • armrests are pleasant to the touch;
  • wheels roll on the floor without noise;
  • the chair controls work well.



an uncomfortable form for the neck.

Comfortable Dxracer chair R-series

Gaming-Chairs DXRacer Gaming ChairsDesigner modern office R-chair Dxracer (Racing series) OH/RW106/NR with high back is stylized for automotive. The steel frame inside the computer Dxracer chair makes it durable. A high density foam sponge used as a filler in the auto industry makes it resistant to deformation. The chair has a Recaro style high back with a lateral support of the back and waist.

The angle of the backrest is adjustable in the car seat from 90 to 180 degrees, and it is fixed even in a horizontal position, which makes it possible to rest without leaving the workplace. The seat has a side support. The armrests are height-adjustable and fixed in several positions. Also, they are adjustable by 45 degrees in each direction. The working surface of the Dxracer chair armrests is made of a dense rubber, wear-resistant and pleasant to the touch.

The crosspiece of the Dxracer chair is made of metal painted with a special wear-resistant enamel in black matte color, with plastic overlays with a special sport pattern, which allows using the crosspiece as a footrest.

The Dxracer chair crosspiece embodies modern style and is distinguished by its durability. The Dxracer chair has a DMS rolling mechanism allowing you to lock the chair in a vertical position. The height of the seat is adjusted and fixed by the gas lift mechanism supplied from Germany by the European standard. The softness of the rolling is controlled by the pivoting mechanism.

The wheels are rubberized, which makes it possible to use the chair on the floor with any coating. The Dxracer logo is made by hand. The Eco-leather PU finishing is easy to care for and resistant to deformation. The set includes two pillows (lumbar support and under the head) made of eco-leather PU. In the company's online store, the price charged for this chair is $299.

Many buyers have highlighted the special advantages or disadvantages of this Dxracer chair:

  • comfortable;
  • beautiful;
  • design decoration;
  • convenient packing;
  • pleasant to the touch;
  • easy assembly;
  • repels moisture;
  • fits the back very well;
  • one can really sleep in this chair;
  • the armrests are made of [A.D.1] a soft material and very pleasant to the touch;
  • the wheels of the chair are rubberized, so they roll around the floor without noise;
  • the mechanisms for operating the chair work clearly;
  • the back, waist and neck rest.
  • heavy;
  • expensive;
  • loud sound when moving;
  • hard seat;
  • an inconvenient pillow under your neck.

Gaming-Chairs DXRacer Gaming Chairs

Dxracer chair D-series version 01: overview

Gaming-Chairs DXRacer Gaming ChairsThe gaming Dxracer chair of the D series (Drifting series) version OH/DM132/N is covered with eco-leather. For most chairs of D series, you may choose an option with eco-leather or with fabric; the price does not change at the same time.

Usually impressions from such upholstery are purely positive. Eco leather is a very decent pleasant material. The Dxracer chair has proved itself well in terms of wear resistance (look does not change). The Dxracer chair is noiseless and very comfortable. A long seat behind the Dxracer chair is transferred with ease. The only thing one would like to draw attention to is the lack of adjustable lumbar support, which there is in more expensive models of Dxracer. In the company's online store, the price charged for this chair is $399.

  • beautiful;
  • design decoration;
  • nice eco-leather material;
  • easy assembly;
  • good abrasion resistance;
  • the Dxracer chair is noiseless and very comfortable;
  • the back does not fatigue.
  • heavy;
  • expensive;
  • lack of adjustable back support.

About the company

The DXRACER company was founded in 2001, and then they still produced seats for sports cars. Seven years passed they burst into e-sports sponsoring World Cyber Games 2008. Gradually, the gaming Dxracer chairs began to gain popularity and the company began to sponsor many gaming events as well as individual professional players. Now the assortment of the company consists of Dxracer chairs and accessories to them.

DXRACER in Community

DXRACER cooperates actively with many professional gaming organizations and produce branded chairs especially for them, that is, they decorate their chairs in team colors and mold the logo on the back of the Dxracer chair. There is a huge choice of all kinds of accessories in their store: ottomans for feet, stands for laptops, stands for a tablet or a fully assembled racing simulator with pedals. Every gamer will find the right thing for him.

Dxracer chair: price

Today DXRACER is one of the leading companies in the field of gaming chairs, gradually this trend begins to grow. Game Dxracer chairs with different colors you can see at major tournaments such as Dreamhack, ESWC, ESL ONE or in the game streamers, who boast of their individual seats. The average price of the Dxracer chair is $400 and, of course, not everyone can buy it. In the company's online store, the cheapest chairs have a price of $299. Whether to buy a special chair for playing or working on a computer - it's up to you. We hope that after purchasing this Dxracer chair, your game will be better and your health will be fine!

Gaming-Chairs DXRacer Gaming Chairs

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