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dxracer-gaming-desk111 gaming desk

Professional gamers are very specific types of persons. While gaming, nothing is important to them except focusing their attention on the gaming session. And the workstation quality is very important in the process.

Most users know that conventional office furniture doesn’t let them take any position comfortable for long gaming. The DXRacer company is widely known in the world of the eSports thanks to its super comfortable gaming chairs. And DXRacer has recently created its first gaming desk GD/1000/NR specially for professional gamers. Compared to other gaming desks, the DXRacer one is something really new. But is it really so comfortable for long gaming sessions as the manufacturer claims?

In our review we’ll try to answer this question and find out what the main advantages and disadvantages of the DXRacer gaming desk are.

Design of the DXRacer GD/1000/NR

dxracer-gaming-desk111 gaming deskThe DXRacer gaming desks are highly recognizable. They have a minimalist aggressive design, like most DXRacer chairs. In the DXRacer model line, four color schemes are available (the standard black, black/ green, black/ white and black/ red), which look stylish and impressive. Besides, the exterior design is similar to the DXRacer gaming chairs to help you fashion your gaming place in one style and to create a fully ergonomic workstation.

The core idea of the DXRacer construction is: there is nothing in excess, but everything you need is there. DXRacer is known to pay a lot of attention to the details. Even the DXRacer desk’s size is not accidental. It is designed to provide maximum comfort during sitting. Thus, the desk is broad enough to accommodate a keyboard and a gaming mouse. At the same time, it’s not too big for reaching an object that is on the far edge of the DXRacer desk. If you prefer relaxed sitting while gaming, the length of the DXRacer desk doesn’t limit any movements of your hands around. More than that there is a lot of space to have your elbows on the desk.

  • Highly stable and durable construction of the DXRacer gaming chair;
  • Solid frame for good weight capacity;
  • Modern minimalist exterior peculiar to most DXRacer products;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Angled ergonomic design to place your hands comfortably while typing or mousing;
  • Adjustable angle of the work surface;
  • Easy adjustment of the DXRacer desk;
  • Comfortable wire management;
  • A full 360 degree rotation;
  • High-rate non-toxic materials are used;
  • Spill-proof surface area;
  • Extended tabletop for extra support for your forearms;
  • Enough space for your gaming peripherals.
  • Fairly expensive; though most users claim that they’re ready to pay for the outstanding features the DXRacer desk offers;
  • Only one size is available in the lineup of the DXRacer desks;
  • No place for your gaming PC chassis;
  • Lack of height adjustability.

Of course, the DXRacer desk’s size is very important, but it’s nothing without such characteristics like toughness, stability and adjustability. At a glance it seems that the DXRacer desk is fairly light, unstable and frail. Fortunately, things are not here what they seem. First of all, the DXRacer desk is rather heavy (80 LBs) that is good for stability. Also, the DXRacer innovation team used a triangle as the strongest structure possible. Thus high toughness is accessed with a so called Double Triangle Design made with steel frame inside. More than that, DXRacer has equipped its desk with four Trapezoid feet that provide a large surface for stability.

One more unique solution of the DXRacer desk is 360° rotating pads. You may think that they are just a part of stylish exterior but the pads fulfill these three functions: add to the desk’s stability, offer easy moving and don’t damage the floor covering.

dxracer-gaming-desk111 gaming desk

Comfort of the DXRacer desk working space

  1. One of the most wonderful features of the DXRacer desk is its extended work surface with a specially designed wrist rest area and elbow rest area. It offers you extra support for the forearm to keep your arms comfortable and helps users to stay in the best condition during extended gaming sessions.
  2. Another cool feature the DXRacer offers is a sloping desk top. You can adjust the desk board within the 10 degree slope angle that provides you highly comfortable sitting.
  3. The DXRacer desk board is contoured with a raised perimeter to keep your things on the desk. It’s a very useful option if you spend a lot of time at the computer. Now your pads, pencils, cups won’t drop on the floor.
  4. All users know that comfortable working or gaming is impossible when dozens of cables occupy a lot of working space. The DXRacer GD/1000/NR comes with a good wire management: 4 large openings can handle all your wires and cables and conceal them nicely. Even if you use dual monitors, the DXRacer desk comes with enough quantity of wiring holes to keep all your cables in order.

Materials of the DXRacer desk

dxracer-gaming-desk111 gaming deskMost users value the DXRacer products for the high quality of the materials used. That’s why DXRacercouldn’t let itself disappoint its potential buyers.

First of all, DXRacer uses solid steel framing for toughness and durability. The DXRacer desk board is made of natural wood, which smells pleasantly, looks good and feels great. Most users like that their hands don’t sweat on the wooden surface even during hot gaming sessions. Side panels, legs and the wrist rest area of the DXRacer desk are made with a high-rate ABS plastic.

DXRacer guarantees good impact resistance of the desk surface and the whole construction. As for people who spend a lot of time at the computer, they mark that DXRacer desk surface is highly waterproof and there is no need to worry about spilling something on the desk.

No doubt, the DXRacer gaming desk has lots of wonderful features designed specially for gamers and people who have to spend a lot of time at the computer. Modern design, materials used and high comfort make this DXRacer desk be a great buy. Now let’s summarize all the advantages and disadvantages of the DXRacergaming desk to let you make a final decision if it’s a right choice for you or not:


Verdict: The DXRacer GD/1000/NR is a new product on the market. But it has already received praise of many professional gamers thanks to its unique gamer-specific features. Most users are ready to pay a quoted price of around $400 for the premium set of options the DXRacer desk offers. They know that they get guaranteed stability, durability and toughness together with visual appeal and high comfort. Nowadays most professional gamers consider the DXRacer gaming desk to be the best of the best. However they believe DXRacer likely wouldn’t be satisfied with what has already been achieved and in the nearest future they’ll see an upgraded version of the DXRacer GD/1000/NR without any weaknesses.

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