OVERALL DXracer chair PROS


  • A full metal DXracer construction inside;
  • Top quality PU leather, strong mesh and elastic shaping foam inside;
  • Either conventional or multifunctional tilt mechanism (with the tilt lock or without it);
  • Stable position on 3 or 5 wheels depending on the certain model;
  • Tight fit on some of the DXracer models (F-series, for instance);
  • Flexible and fully adjustable back and armrests;
  • Additional adjustable DXracer elements like pillows and footrests;
  • Cool DXracer PU covering that will be comfortable for active gamers even in tropical climate;
  • Lifetime warranty;
  • Healthy sitting positions for hours of non-stop work or gaming.


  • Uncomfortable surface of the armrests on most part of the DXracer models;
  • The absence of tilt lock mechanism on some of the models;
  • Assembling difficulties because of the bulky construction of some of the DXracer series (King and Sentinel series, for instance);
  • Uncomfortable built in cushioning o some of the models (Classic Series, for example);
  • High price.

DXracer: R-series vs F-series

If you haven’t read each DXracer gaming chair review here, you’ve probably missed some vital information. DXracer Formula vs Racing series difference is mostly the one: the sizing. F-series DXracer chairs provide the users with a tighter fit. F-series chairs have wings on the sides to hold the gamer tight in a sitting position. It means that F-series chairs were designed for slimmer customers with sporty built.

R-series DXracer chair are wider with more room for your body. They are wider and able to hold more weight. R-series may even work for people with weight and height slightly above average. That’s the reason these DXracer chairs are frequently chosen by competitive gamers from all over the world.

DXracer: Bottom Line

We deeply care about the users of our website, and we sincerely interested that all info we managed to collect will help you navigate in a huge world of DXracer products. These chairs are definitely the best ones in matters of quality and longevity. They’ll help you feel what real gaming process is and how enjoyable it can be. DXracer knows how to do it best.

DXracer chairs as well as other furniture and gaming accessories produced by the company cost a lot more than similar products you may find at other manufacturers. However, DXracer professionals know how to do their job professionally adding new and new alterations to their products for your ultimate comfort and healthy lifestyle.

The most important thing you need to be attentive about is DXracer size chart especially if you decided to get a chair out of R-series. DXracer weight limit is one of the vital things you need to take care about if you don’t want to destroy your recently purchased chair.

DXracer made their gaming furniture to be ultimate. Each DXracer computer chair and gaming chair is ultimate in matters of style, design, functionality and health issues. DXracer products are acknowledged all over the world and they’ve never started losing popularity no matter how pricey they may seem. If you’ve got something to add about the quality of DXracer products, leave your comment down below.

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