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All gamers as well as office workers are constantly concentrated on comfort and convenience of what they do. DXracer is willing to help them do it focusing on top-notch quality and stability of their office and gaming chairs. If you spend extensive time sitting in a chair at your desk, you may already be seeking for viable chair options. Let’s have a brief review of one of the most famous companies producing the most popular chair models – DXracer.

True DXracer Professionals

Since the DXracer Company was established, it has been dealing with production of high quality seats for racing cars. These people actually know how to make the best chairs for maximum comfort and spine support.

DXracer experience helps them produce gaming and office chairs plus a ton of DXracer accessories for gamers of all body types.  That’s the reason why you’ll have to take your exact body measurements before you pass on to the purchase of one of the DXracer gaming chair models.

DXracer care about their customers suggesting the healthiest and most convenient models of office furniture on the market. The DXracer company specializes in production of:

  • Gaming and office chairs;
  • Relaxing chairs;
  • Computer desks;
  • Various gear and additional DXracer accessories (pillows and footrests).

Besides, DXracer is happy to present a wide catalogue of customized chairs and gear all together with a number of products in specialized DXracer edition for most sophisticated clients. There are specific designs of DXracer chairs devoted to well-known games and comic characters. Each DXracer chair review emphasizes the fact the DXracer designs are flawless, managing to satisfy the tastes of all customers even if they have no idea what they want to get.

What Makes DXracer Chairs Unique?

DXracer is proud to declare that their chairs are the best ones you can get on the market of furniture for gamers and office workers. You can see DXracer products on numerous gaming shows and competitive gaming events. They are perfect for people who spend long time periods in front of the computer screen or at the desk. DXracer chairs give their users a possibility to sit straight in a healthy sitting position. You’ll get stable support of your spine and elbows to prevent your muscles from feeling of heaviness.

Here’s the list of basic features characterizing all of the chairs in DXracer series:

  • The professionals of DXracer company deeply care about the health of their numerous customers. That’s why the unique construction of each furniture piece is entirely safe for your back and muscles. Each of the DXracer chairs has a flawless back to hold your spine starting from your neck and finishing at the bottom.
  • Each of the DXracer chairs comes with movable and fully adjustable elements. You can adjust armrests to hold support your arms the way it’s comfortable for you; you can easily adjust and fix the height of the chair by means of exclusive hydraulic lifting system built in every DXracer gaming chair.
  • Next thing that makes DXracer products ultimate is the inner full metal construction. Some people find it a fault, because the framework cannot be adjusted. However, DXracer suggests a ton of chair models of all sizes for all body specifications. The full metal DXracer framing inside makes you sit straight, in a sitting position that is natural for a human body. Besides, this type of chair construction ensures long lasting gaming or working experience for prolonged time periods.
  • DXracer is able to satisfy the bulkiest customers. K-series DXracer chairs manage to hold users up to 350 lbs. and T-series DXracer chairs work well for people weighing up to 425 lbs. The only trouble is that you’ll have to preorder such a model due to it’s uniqueness.
  • The recline level of DXracer chair models from all series is just amazing. These chairs are able to lean back almost flat. This way you’ll be able to relax in periods of long gaming or working sessions.
  • DXracer promises the customers that they’ll never feel fatigue in muscles and joints due to thought-out padding. Conventional chairs you may use in the office or at your desk at home usually make you feel stiff and a bit numb. It’s caused by the strain in your joints and in your back. The padding system of DXracer chairs combined with additional elements like cushions and footrests literally makes you sit the way your body wants you to sit.
  • The covering materials of DXracer gaming chairs are PU leather, fabric and vinyl. All of the materials chosen for the covering of DXracer chairs are comfortable to touch and pleasant to stay on for a long time in any type of climate. It means, that you’ll never get sweaty or hot while sitting in your DXracer chair even in a tropical climate.
  • DXracer unique customization. Yes, that’s also one of the greatest characteristics of everything produced by the DXracer company. You can get rid of any element of the DXracer chair if you don’t like it or add more elements for more comfort. Besides, the DXracer company deals with the production of customized versions of chairs in matters if colorings and designs.

No Faults? Really?

Of course, users’ experience is also important for the company, that’s why DXracer never hesitates to share their users’ reviews of the chairs with the potential DXracer clients. This way you’ll be able to make and overall impression of the DXracer company, their honesty and responsibilities they have to bear to develop the business further.

What faults do the DXracer users point out? Let’s see:

  • Difficulties with assembling, especially if you have to deal with bulky models, such as King Series or Tank Series. Each of the DXracer chairs comes unassembled and you have to deal with this complication yourself. Most of the DXracer users admit that they had to get help to assemble the chair properly. Pay attention to this issue if you’re looking for a bigger DXracer chair model and planning to do the assembling on your own.
  • DXracer Pricing policy. Quite a number of users agree that the price for some certain models of DXracer chairs is unacceptable. However, they also agree that DXracer chairs are unique on the market. They can’t be compared to anything else. Probably, that’s the reason why the company demands this money for their products.
  • Some of the DXracer chair reviews say that the armrests are not comfortable enough. Everything is all right with the adjusting. The trouble is caused by the irritating surface of the armrests. Quite a lot of customers agree that they lack padding.

If the DXracer cons mentioned above don’t make you feel worried, you may proceed to the following descriptions of various chair models from different series.


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