yanah Are DXRacer chairs worth it

For maximum immersion into gaming world, you need comfort and convenience because if you are always being interrupted by anything, you won’t get the full satisfaction from the game. In the past, nobody was thinking of such comfort, but today we have a totally different situation.

What is a DXRacer gaming chair?

SENTINEL-SERIES yanah Are DXRacer chairs worth itDXRacer gaming chairs are professional chairs of the well-known leading company that had started with racing car seat production before they began manufacturing gaming chairs.

Those who rarely play games think that an ordinary office chair is good enough. However, a real gamer who takes care of his health and has once tried gaming chairs knows their benefits. So what are they?

  1.  Convenience. No matter how expensive and modern the chair material is, it won’t bring you satisfaction if it’s not comfortable enough. An example to think about: can you feel alright eating a piece of meat with a golden fork that has thick prongs? That’s why choosing the best gaming chair is truly crucial, as it should come with all the characteristics you need.
  2. Price-Quality correspondence. Have you ever seen a chair that looks like your old granny’s but with a sky-high price (just because of a well-known label hanging on it)? Such goods are now everywhere as world-famous companies tend to produce non-attractive products for unreasonable prices. What really matters is your own evaluation of the chair quality.
  3. Customization. The more adjustments your DXRacer gaming chair has, the better it is for your convenience. Some of us are short, others are tall, some people hate those armrests, and others feel discomfort because of narrow chair backs. That’s why a large choice of functions helps us adjust the chair according to our needs, building and preferences.
  4. Extra gadgets. While purchasing a proper DZRacer chair, consider not only its internal functions, but pay attention to some extra things to attach. For example, a mouse pad, a cup holder or even a cat stand. Experienced manufacturers always provide for such cool details.
    Take everything mentioned into account and be sure you’ll select the best DXRacer gaming chair. Still hesitating about the superiorness of DXRacer? Learn the following issues to get to know every inch of the chairs like that.

Care about health. All these relief bends and accurate adjustments are used for more convenience. A form of the DXRacer chairs is specially designed to keep your health and relieve your spine tension during spending game hours. The practical high backrest will maintain your back from pelvis to neck. What is more, you can regulate the backrest tilt position. So just enjoy the game and don’t worry about your health.

Steel carcass. The carcass of DXRacer chairs is made of long-lasting steel which differs by its reliability and firmness. So it is hardly ever out of order unlike other chairs. Be sure: DXRacer Company offers high quality and lifetime warranty for its chairs.
Racing background. As you already know, the DXRacer chairs have racing background. It all started in 2003, when they decided to produce seats for racing cars. For many years of manufacturing, the company has been developing the best design solutions, using a great selection of materials and construction patterns.

SeriesRecommended Body TypesWeight CapacityHeight limitRecommended HeightRecommended Weight
OriginSlim, Average180 bls5'9''5'9''150 lbs Check Price
FormulaSlim, Average200 bls5'10''5'8''180 lbs Check Price
RacingSlim, Average200 bls6'1''5'11''180 lbs Check Price
KingSlim, Average,Athletic300 bls6'2''5'9''-6'6''275 lbs Check Price
Racing(Multy-Function an mech)Slim, Average250 bls6'3''5'8''-6'2''220 lbs Check Price
SentitelSlim, Average,Athletic,Above Average350 bls6'6''6'-6'5''325 lbs Check Price
TankAthletic, Above Average, Large build
450 bls6'7''6'1''-6'6''425 lbs Check Price

Now, DXRacer is a true professional leader in the sphere of gaming chairs who knows every inch of their product. They also see what helps you concentrate on victory. Remember: DXracer chairs are produced with gaming in mind.

Highest quality. This is priority number one for the DXRacer Company. The guys guarantee that any detail of every gaming chair is perfectly made and will last for a long time. It’s enough just to take a look at all the certificates they’ve got. Several supervisory organizations have held various tests and investigated these gaming chairs from different sides. What did they say? Perfect! They really liked the chairs. Well, it’s not without a reason, as DXRacer chairs are truly astonishing and breathtaking!

2017 DXRacer Top Models

The modern DXRacer chair models currently are:

  • Origin Series
  • Formula Series
  • Racing Series
  • Sentinel Series
  • King Series
  • Tank Series
  • Boss Series
  • Classic Series
  • Wide Series
  • Iron Series
  • Drifting Series
  • Elite Series.

We want to familiarize you with the best one from each category.

DXRacer Origin Series DOH/OC168/NO

SENTINEL-SERIES yanah Are DXRacer chairs worth itIt is the cheapest multifunctional gaming chair offered by the DXRacer Company. This line model is suitable for users who are 5’9’’ or shorter, and weigh about 200 pounds.

  • well-designed
  • has an extra high backrest to maintain your spine
  • nylon base
  • armrests don’t adjust
  • uncomfortable for bigger people.

Formula Series OH/FH11/NW

SENTINEL-SERIES yanah Are DXRacer chairs worth itThe chair is for the people with the same measurements as those of the Origin Series. Strong metal frame constructions make these chairs more reliable to use.

  • ideal for eSports use
  • great choice of colors
  • adjustable arms
  • tilt mechanism
  • pillows are not soft enough

King Series OH/KS06/NR

SENTINEL-SERIES yanah Are DXRacer chairs worth itIts multifunctional mechanism gives any gamer the opportunity to spend much more computer hours. Such a model is perfect for slim or athletic people (to 300 pounds) of an average height (to about 6’2’’).

  • firm aluminum
  • easy to adjust
  • super comfy
  • eco leather upholstery

Racing Series OH/RW106/NW

SENTINEL-SERIES yanah Are DXRacer chairs worth itThis superior chair with a multi-functional tilt and 3D straight arms will make you admire it. The chair is recommended for people under 5’10’’

  • easily adjustable
  • comes with 2 pillows
  • really high back
  • a bit heavy for a chair

OH/SJ11/NR (Sentinel Series)

SENTINEL-SERIES yanah Are DXRacer chairs worth itThe first thing about it is that it’ll be ideal for those who are taller (to 6’5’’ foot) and heavier than an ordinary person. With its weight capacity of up to 350 pounds it gives an unforgettable feeling of comfort.

  • strong base
  • easy-to-adjust arms
  • higher backrest
  • strong mesh
  • headrest is too thick
  • will not suit an office, as it looks like a real gamer chair

SENTINEL-SERIES yanah Are DXRacer chairs worth it

OH/TS29/NR (Tank Series)

SENTINEL-SERIES yanah Are DXRacer chairs worth itSuch a chair is the biggest and the firmest of all the series and models. It means that people who are much taller (up to 6’77’ in height) and heavier than average may use the chair without anxiety of having the chair broken down.

  • supports up to 450 pounds
  • multi-directional adjustments
  • great build quality
  • high price (about $600)

OH/CE120/NR (Classic Series)

SENTINEL-SERIES yanah Are DXRacer chairs worth itThis model is the best suitable design for an office as it looks quite businesslike and practical. It’s got, though, all the needed functions and settings like any other series.

  • easy to put together
  • looks really office-like
  • suitable for games and work
  • you have to sit in the chair to see if it fits

Wide Series DOH/WZ06/NC

SENTINEL-SERIES yanah Are DXRacer chairs worth itIts ergonomic design and efficiency are the first things to pay attention to when buying. This chair is perfect for people who are 5’88’’ – 6’ foot

  • breathable material
  • doesn’t squeak
  • arms can move in different directions
  • a seat is a little heavy
  • too large

DXRacer Iron Gaming Chair - OH/IS166/NE

SENTINEL-SERIES yanah Are DXRacer chairs worth itThis unique strong and firm gaming chair will surprise any gamer with its great system of adjustments and a footrest that can hold a ton.

  • 4D armrests
  • full-size frame
  • a handle which is specially designed
  • very heavy
  • weak hydraulic

DXRacer Drifting D02-N

SENTINEL-SERIES yanah Are DXRacer chairs worth itDo you need exceptional comfort? This chair will meet your needs. 4-star Nylon material will last for a long time giving you the additional feeling of softness. In this chair you’ll get the opportunity to spend even more than 7 hours playing games.

  • much deeper seat (to 19’5’’)
  • ubular steel frame
  • arge load capacity
  • heavy for an ordinary user

Boss Chair OH/BE120/NC

SENTINEL-SERIES yanah Are DXRacer chairs worth itThe second title of this chair is “Big and Tall” chair that encloses its main advantages compared to the other model constructions. It is truly firm and solid. Your gaming time will run very quickly with this professional chair.

  • strong armrests
  • office-like chair
  • leather style
  • less wobbly elements
  • high price (about $600)
  • not very easy to put together
  • too heavy

Elite Office Chair OH/EA01/NC

SENTINEL-SERIES yanah Are DXRacer chairs worth itThis chair was designed according to the high quality standards. Elite DXRacer chairs allow people of different height and weight to sit much in front of the computer, maintaining the whole spine from pelvis to neck.

  • nylon base
  • conventional tilt mechanism
  • metal long-lasting frame
  • high density foam
  • heavy
  • armrests are short

Having disclosed all the advantages and disadvantages of the DXRacer gaming chairs, we will draw such a conclusion. The issue of buying them or not is out of the question, as they are obviously worth your attention: reliable, solid, contemporary, well-adjustable, soft, with high backs – all these benefits will satisfy any gamer and give him the great opportunity to immerse into gaming world without distracting by any inconveniences.

SENTINEL-SERIES yanah Are DXRacer chairs worth it

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