100% Cashmere: These Sweaters are Available Under 218 $.

A cashmere sweater does not always have to cost a fortune. We show you our 5 cashmere favorites under 218 $

If you have already worn a cashmere sweater, you may have noticed it: Sweaters are often advertised as cashmere-wool mix pieces, but they only have a 5% share of fine wool. Just enough to make the sweater feel a little softer. But to call such a piece a cashmere sweater is a bit exaggerated. The higher the cashmere content, the higher the price. We have selected the 5 most beautiful 100% cashmere sweaters for you and the best: all under 218 $.

Zara – Sweater with round neckline

Zara – sweater with round neck (around 121 $)

A sweater with a round neck collar. With the common, discreet colors (dark blue, grey, black) you are always right with such a sweater and can combine it with everything. This autumn/winter, beige and brown tones are back in fashion. The cashmere sweater from Zara goes well with jeans and a chic coat.

If you still need ideas for knitted sweaters this winter, we have 5 cool ones for you here.

Uniqlo – Pullover with V-neck

Uniqlo – sweater with V-collar (around 121 $)

You can argue about a V-neck. Some people can’t stand it, others love this neckline because it sits nicely relaxed and open around the neck. Admittedly, the V-neck has a somewhat dusty, square look. But that’s exactly why it’s perfect as part of your business/office outfit. In contrast to the round neck sweater, the shirt collar and possibly also your tie knot is shown to advantage. By the way, there are other shirt collar shapes besides the classic shirt collar that you should know. Here we show you which ones they are.

Arket – turtleneck sweater

Arket – turtleneck sweater (around 181 $)

With turtlenecks it behaves similarly as with V-necks. Some wear nothing else in winter, others get anxious and breathless at the thought. The fact is, however, that a fine knit turtleneck is the best substitute for a shirt under a jacket. If you wear a cashmere turtleneck as a shirt replacement, you should make sure that it is cut narrowly and does not cling under the jacket.

H&M – Sweater with crew neck

H&M – Sweater with crew neck (around 120 $)

This sweater is perfect for fall and winter. A nice detail on this crew neck sweater are the wide ribbed cuffs that give the piece a modern look. This cashmere sweater fits under any jacket, coat or down jacket.

COS – Hooded sweater

COS – Hooded sweater (around 211 $)

Thanks to the high-quality cashmere, the street and sportswear sweater gets a real deluxe upgrade. You can wear the super soft hoodie on the couch or with jeans or sweatpants in everyday life. Tip: Sweaters like these are ideal for travel: Light in your hand luggage and they keep you warm when it gets chilly on the plane or train. They sit very comfortably and you always look well dressed thanks to the high-quality cashmere.

If you like to wear knitted sweaters in winter, a cashmere sweater is a definite style upgrade. Just give it a try, you will immediately notice the difference to cotton. Good to know: You can wash cashmere in the washing machine on the wool/handwash cycle.

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