Alexis Texas – New Booty from Fleshlight

For the Fleshlight with the pussy opening of Alexis Texas, the Fleshlight manufacturer ILF has designed another creative interior structure that has never existed in this form before.

It is always impressive to see that ILF product designers continue to develop original ideas for innovative structural concepts that extend the world of Fleshlight with additional types of stimulation.

The very natural-looking “Texas Tornado” structure, previously combined with Alexis Texas’s pussy, fortunately continues to be produced and is now the exclusive inner channel of her Butt Fleshlight.

Our pick

The Outlaw canal creates an awesome and unbelievable diversified impacting tightness sensation, coupled with a very natural appearing smooth stimulation.

What work Fleshlight Alexis Texas

The new internal structure was called”Outlaw” and essentially consists of two large chambers with double, 3-part flaps at each of the chamber entrances and exits.

In each chamber there are longitudinal ribsAt the channel entrance crescent-shaped transverse ribs The double 3-part valve

These flaps look similar to the Torrid Channel ( Tori Black), but are slightly smaller and do not completely close the inner channel.

In each chamber there are very pronounced, nubbed longitudinal ribs, which run slightly spirally and very strongly restrict the channel diameter (up to approx. 8 mm).

The Outlaw Channel is the personal inner structure of Fleshlight Girl Alexis Texas and is therefore only available exclusively in connection with her pussy opening.

Directly at the channel entrance are the first two 3-part flaps, each formed by crescent-shaped transverse ribs, which project approx. 4 mm into the channel.

Right behind it is the first 50 x 15 mm chamber, which is equipped in the front and rear area with a ring of five medium-sized pimples each.

In between there are five very pronounced longitudinal ribs, each crowned by five small nubs.

At the exit of the first chamber there are again two 3-part flaps, followed by the second chamber, which has the same dimensions and structural elements as the previous chamber.

Then two more 3-part flaps follow, which delimit the second chamber and at the same time close off the channel.


Directly after penetrating the narrow pussy opening of Alexis Texas, the glans is confronted with the double 3-part valve, which acts like a small resistance and creates a double short change from narrow to wide when penetrating.

The three small flaps bend in the direction of penetration and trigger several wonderful, grazing stimulation impulses. Then you come across the pimple ring, which produces subtle punctual stimulation around the glans.

Then one reaches the first large chamber and one would actually expect the counterpressure to drop, but exactly the opposite is the case.

This is because the chamber feels like an”endless bottleneck” and creates a fantastic feeling of tightness that becomes even more intense right up to the middle of the chamber and only then gradually subsides again.

A similar extreme narrowness could only be experienced with the Ultra Tight channel (whose production was unfortunately discontinued some time ago) or in the rear area of the Swallow channel.

In the outlaw channel, however, the material counterpressure is much more varied, as the five longitudinal ribs at the chamber inlet begin narrowly, become thicker towards the middle and narrower again at the chamber outlet. In addition, the longitudinal ribs are surprisingly flexible and nestle tightly around the glans and literally twist around the penis shaft.

This tight wrap-around stimulation is complemented by small subtle punctual stimulation produced by the small pimples on the longitudinal ribs.

Finally you reach the transition to the next chamber and thanks to the second double 3-part valve another wonderful penetration feeling with intensive grazing stimulation follows.

These flaps are perfectly positioned from the 12th centimetre of the canal and therefore optimally accessible with an average penis length of approx. 15 cm. You even make it into the second chamber, in which the surrounding tightness repeats itself.

Although there are a lot of pimples in the outlaw channel, the overall stimulation still feels very natural and “fleshy” because the pimples are relatively small and flat and therefore only subliminal, similar to the slightly cuddly surface of a real vagina.

The chamber transitions with the valves can store sufficient negative pressure and therefore a wonderful suction effect unfolds after several glides back and forth, which complements the stimulation excellently.

The cleaning of the Outlaw canal is a bit more complex, because between the longitudinal ribs and also between the flaps many slip gel and sperm residues remain.

For this reason, it is advisable to carefully turn the insert for cleaning for a short time. Drying also takes a relatively long time (approx. 4-5 hours) due to the very narrow inner diameter.


The Outlaw Channel creates a fantastic and incredibly varied feeling of tightness, paired with a very natural looking, grazing stimulation. The penetration of the double 3-part valves is a lot of fun and additionally enriches the stimulation with a great penetration feeling.

Overall, this channel is a great inner structure for lovers of natural,”fleshy” looking stimulations, who would also like to have it nice and tight.

Our pick

The Outlaw canal creates an awesome and unbelievable diversified impacting tightness sensation, coupled with a very natural appearing smooth stimulation.

User reviews

Not quite perfect, could have been…. a little tighter to have me animated by the testers…..  to recommend…., although I find the simple version PINK LADY almost better.


Very good’tight’ feeling. Warm up on radiator or warm water and off goes the gimmick.
Not 5* because I take the’finishing’: drying and sprinkling with the’skewer strength’ (= the same as Fleshpower and MUCH cheaper) for a little too long time.


I bought this toy for the man because I only read good recessions in different forums.
It was my first toy of this kind and I was very positively surprised how real it feels. Place in a warm water bath for a while before use and enjoy.

Article arrived, discreetly packed. Unpacked and tested. Feels very real and the quality is excellent. I also bought corn starch. Is exactly the same as the expensive “Fleshlight Care” product.

Buy and enjoy when you are at home alone.


Read and tried customer reviews.
I haven’t tried anything comparable before, the idea is to own a pornstar replica, when I tried it,
I was completely convinced!
The material barely smells, it feels super soft and real to the touch, and the stimulation is 1A!!!!!!!
Easy to clean, you can also use condoms, because this does not interrupt the stimulation and lubricant can be rinsed out very easily.
Recommended for everyone who wants something new, I hope it doesn’t break right away, because at the moment it is in continuous use :0)))


Simply ingenious! The only thing I regret is that I haven’t bought the Fleshlight before! TOP!!!!!!!
For the fun at the same time just the right thing!


The part is just great fun, you can also use it in the bathtub and can grab it “harder” without it getting unwieldy!
If you don’t get enough affection from your girlfriend, you’ll find just the right toy for lonely moments here 😉


Our pick

The Outlaw canal creates an awesome and unbelievable diversified impacting tightness sensation, coupled with a very natural appearing smooth stimulation.

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