9+ Best Fleshlight Sleeve Review (2019) - Read This BEFORE Buying

Fleshlight Sleeve & textures 2018 – Buyer’s Top Reviews

With a question “Which is the top fleshlight sleeves in 2018?” you will get a quick answer: Destroya (Our Pick) and Flight (Compact) but keep reading a lot of useful details.

#Top FleshlightBenefits


Our pick


  • The Destroya has the most powerful texture among sleeve counterparts and it's the winner of the comparison test;
  • Sculptured basing on the pussy shape of Jessica - one of the most famous women in the porn industry;
  • The inlet opening has three small rings of bumps that will grasp you tightly. They are followed by the ultra piercing pleasure dome that will give you 360 degrees of unmatched bliss.


Riley Reid - Utopia
Very Tight

  • Textured and sculptured as Riley Reid's pussy;
  • It's neat, petite, and incredibly satisfying due to its realism;
  • Has a standard 9 inch inner canal.


Fleshlight Flight


  • Has a robust and waterproof casing;
  • Handy for travelling;
  • Can be used in the shower or in the tub;
  • Quick and easy maintenance;
  • Needs Fleshlight sleeve renewing powder to avoid the stickiness when not used.


Stamina Training Unit - STU

  • Improves sexual stamina and promotes stronger regular erections;
  • Enhances sexual performance;
  • Makes orgasms last longer and feel more intensive;
  • Demonstrates impressive stimulation that is a lot more intense than a regular sexual intercourse.

You can find out here in my test and review! I have already tested many variants myself and have almost become a collector. That’s why I decided to summarize my sensations and share them with you on this page.

Destroya is one of the most intense textures but with great variety in width and pressure it’s suitable for all men.


The Destroya Insert provides excellent and extremely intense stimulation, which is accompanied by variable tightness and a strong suction effect.


This version is extremely popular on Amazon it is even the best selling of all models. This is probably mainly due to the low price. 😉



Tori Black offers an excellent mixture of pointed stimulations coupled with a pleasurable penetration sensation.

The research

In my Top 10 list ratings, I have dealt with a lot of highlights, which are likely to please both virgins and experts.

From simpler devices based on the look of your favourite star, this list covers the full range of masturbation pleasure tools textures worth trying out

Summary Review

This is really not an exaggeration – the first time with a toy like this is like a second “first time”. Your own hand isn’t against it anyway and also other cheap silicone pocket & travel vaginas can’t be compared in terms of realism.

The two items from the test: Tori and Flight.

Numerous awards of the erotic fair AVN – among them e.g.”product for men” – confirm my positive impressions and practical experiences. But now I don’t want to torment you any further and start right away with my test, have a fun!

Fleshlight Accessories

#Top Fleshlight AccessoriesBenefits
Fleshlube Water (8 oz)

  • Water-based lubricant to accompany your sexual or masturbation experience;
  • Gives you a smooth and optimal sensation;
  • Washed away easily;
  • Dermatologically approved;
Sleeve Warmer

  • Adds up realism to your wanking experience no longer than in 5 minutes;
  • Warms to 105° Fahrenheit/40° Celsius;
  • It's easily cleaned;
Fleshlight Shower Mount

  • Adjustable, secure, and compatible with the majority of Fleshlight products;
  • Angle is fully adjustable;
  • Provides with a perfect hands-free sex action.
pleasure and power

  • Improves your erections and sexual stamina with regular use;
  • The tool is useful and safe at a time;
  • The process of pumping is intuitive and gentle.
Renewing Powder (4 oz)
maintaining sleeve

  • Preserves the softness of wanking toy;
  • Adds up to your toys' longevity and performance - just coat the silicone surface regularly.
Fleshlight Product Care Kit (4oz)
cleaning for sleeve

  • One of the main components is Triclosan - an antibacterial ingredient;
  • Perfectly combines with silicone sex toys of all types;
Case (Black)
10 inch case

  • Stylish and discreet;
  • Allows to control the suction;

  • Makes a real sex system out of an ordinary toy;
  • Each of your strokes coinsides with the activity you observe in our new generation interactive porn videos;
  • Works well with numerous interractive sex games.

The test objects: Flight & Tori

I have chosen two of my favorites for my test: The Tori Black variant from the Girls models as well as the Flight. Although they are similar in principle, they have quite different advantages.

The first and most obvious difference is the size.

The models Tori Black from the Girls series and Flight side by side.

Pros & Cons:

  • Deceptively real-looking & most realistic CyberSkin material with a unique inner structure for intense feelings
  • On the floor, the vacuum can be adjusted by turning, as well as creating a realistic blow-job experience.
  • Extremely versatile: oral & anal variants model, molds of gay, lesbian and straight porn stars with intense vibration.
  • Maintenance is very easy and excellent durability is guaranteed, which can be extended by accessories.
  • The masturbators are very robust and look very inconspicuous and discreet in their housing.
  • Award-winning and the selling sex toy for men worldwide!

Tested Fleshlight’s Girl: “Tori”.

Let’s start with the larger version: as already mentioned, this one belongs to the Girls models, in which one has made 1 to 1 impressions of the pussy of the most popular porn stars (e.g. Stoya, Jenna Haze, Lisa Ann or Asa Akira).

Exactly these impressions can be found in the Girls models – cool or not? I like Tori Black and it happens to be one of the top fleshlight popular models. 👌

The back can also be unscrewed. This cap is also used to regulate the vacuum which means that by turning the cap part you can increase or decrease the suction. The skin combines such a blow job with the penetration sensation – simply ingenious!

The CyberSkin material is easy to maintain and it’s easily cleaned. There’s nothing more you have to use than soap and warm water.

Get talc or baby powder for additional longevity and firmness. Silicone gets sticky without protection. Try Renewing Power Wash – alternatively simply use baby powder, mild baby soap.

The medical silicone used by the manufacturer, called CyberSkin, feels deceptively real – in my experience no other manufacturer can do that. In the picture very her signature of erotic actress lady.

My conclusion

I particularly like the realistic experience from both visual and practical points of view. The unique experience that CyberSkin material demonstrates with its negative pressure trigger getting incomparable – a mixture of a flawless oral and regular sex. No other manufacturer can do that and even real sex is different – not worse, but not better if I describe how the penetration process is felt.

The easy cleaning and the high durability in Fleshlight are also ingenious. I really liked the structure on the inside of the Tori Black model. The stimulation sensation is very intense and the lower cap is easily regulated. Every man should have tried it! I think it’s the popular sleeve.👌

Tested sleeve: the Flight cheap model

Another cheap model I would like to share my experience today is the more compact Flight model.

This version is also extremely popular and on Amazon it is even considered the top of all. This is probably mainly due to the low price – but is it practically satisfying or is it just about advertising? Keep reading. 😉

With a short turn the Flight is ready for use. The opening is not based on a real pussy, but it looks very intense and tempting – especially when you touch the CyberSkin used in the base. Inside, you can already sense the pimples of lust.

As with all models, the lower cap can be used to adjust the absorbency more or less strongly. It can also be completely removed for quick cleaning.

The silicone removable part can also be easily removed and cleaned under water during the smaller flight. In my experience it is worthwhile to use the care products of the manufacturer for cleaning. 

The two pictures allow a view into the inside of the tested the Flight insert – top side from the front, bottom side from the back. In it you can see the countless pimples of different sizes and shapes. Just a cool feeling when entering.

My interim conclusion on the fleshlights

The coveted flight variant is 5 centimeters shorter than the normal models, but that makes them no less horny. Here too, the ingenious CyberSkin material is used, and the adjustable-intensity vacuum system works just like the “big one”. With a length of about 20 centimeters, the dimensions are already sufficient for most men anyway.

This makes the original Flight model beautifully compact and convenient to be taken anywhere thanks to its robust housing. The low price is also a great selling point. Some of you may be bothered by the fact that the opening is not based on a real vagina as with the girls variants, but I don’t really care.

The pimpled structure on the inside provides incomparable feelings. Test result: Clear buy recommendation particularly for price-conscious lovers.

Test completion: The variants in comparison

Last but not least, I would like to add a direct comparison of the two top to the test and review. Afterwards I recommend practical accessories and other special variants with offers.

Here you can see again the openings of the two in direct comparison. On the left the girls’ edition Tori Black with the original impression of her real pussy and on the right the smaller flight texture sleeve.

The inner structures are also completely different: the Tori sleeve is rather wavy from the inside, while the Flight version is studded.

In the top view, the 20 cm flight looks quite small next to the 25 cm long Girls love Edition. In my experience, however, both variants are quite sufficient.

Top rated textures in 2018

Intense Fleshlight Texture – Stoya Destroya
Fleshlight Stoya Destroya is one of the most intense FleshlightsRead full review
Tight vagina
Perfect for newbies – Fleshlight Flight
Best choice for your money, highly recommend!Read full review
Our pick

As satisfying as with a woman. There are countless different variations that all feel different, it is durable, robust as well as easy to clean and the price is right. The materials are very high quality as well as skin and allergy friendly – I say: there is nothing better than CyberSkin lady. In addition, the ingenious combination of oral intercourse (adjustable negative pressure) and penetration… anyone who wants to take self-satisfaction to a new level should try out. In my experience, it’s not just a favorite model – have fun!

Before you even start to get lost in the details of the many different models, you can reduce the number of eligible products to a few by following some tips. The decisive factor is the size of your penis (small or big).

The second important factor to keep in mind when choosing the appropriate size is the design of the Fleshlight. For example, if you’re the type of man who’s always dreamed of getting it for big porn stars like Tera Patrick or Asa Akira, you should choose a model based on the lady’s pussy.

Which design should I choose?
Now that the outer design of your Flesh light is fixed and you have chosen the right size, you should focus your attention on the inside of the toy.

What is the most intense feeling fleshlights sleeve?

Many products have been designed with the goal of bringing you to the climax as quickly as possible.

But there are also original “Flashlight” of a rather simple design (e.g. the Originals), with which you can masturbate longer.

For men who like variety, there are also styles that can be described as “crazy” (e.g. the Alien or the Freaks series). No matter which design you choose, almost all masturbators will give you an orgasm you have never experienced before.

If you are a newbie, I advise you to stick to simpler designs until you find out what makes you lose your mind.

Increase sexual stamina
Original Flashlight models 2018 are not only suitable for men who enjoy experimenting and want to experience their climax in different ways. They are also ideal for men who want to increase their sexual stamina. Some models focus on orgasm control.

That is, they almost make you orgasm and postpone the climax again. After using such them for a while, you will find that you will last much longer during sex. I’m sure your partner will like that, too.

My goal is to help you find the perfect sleeve for you and I’m sure you won’t want to take at least one toy off my list.

In this guide we will explain everything you need to know about them by making recommendations that are the body lights to buy and helping you to enter the world of male sex toys.

So sensitive…

The word “Fleshlight” appeared to represent a wide range of male masturbators models, in the same way that “Coke” could refer to any cola can.

They are the selling male sex toy textures and are available worldwide. But with such a variety of options it can even be confusing to pick out the most satisfying option.

Honest reviews & guides

What does it feel like? It doesn’t feel like the real thing. Sleeves feel better than your hand, but like I said it’s a pain in the ass because you gotta go clean it out after you use it or else it gets real nasty, real quick.

My girlfriend bought flesh light for me when she went to study abroad for a semester, and it was fun for a little while, but I didn’t take care of it very well and now I don’t know if I want to use it, cause it’s kind of groce. You can take off the cap on both ends and run water through it for a few minutes.

That does a decent job, but just doing that won’t keep it super clean.

It feels really good, especially if you soak it in hot water for 10 minutes before using at home. But that just makes it this whole ordeal and to be honest it’s not worth all the effort when you can just fap normally and not have to deal with any of the BS.

Is a fleshlight worth it?

So I own a sleeve model and although this thing is quite expensive, I’m thinking about ordering a new soon. Not because the old one is worn out, but to have some variety.

I can confirm that the orgasm is more intense with fleshlite. Sometimes I have trouble getting my small penis out of the canal when I’m done. Even though he only has to swoop out, this causes friction on the glans, which is simply too intense to be pleasant.

However, it doesn’t hurt sensation at all, although I have to note that I use the thing completely without a lid (and with it negative pressure). I have already injured myself because the pressure was too strong, gave small lacerations on the penis, didn’t hurt but looked silly.

If you want to give this thing to a good friend, do it! It definitely makes sense. I can neither confirm nor deny the smell of standing around. put texture in warm water before use and it is very easy to rinse after use.

Anyway, if my mucked up, I don’t get it because after warming up, it doesn’t get any more mucky.

A few words about the feeling: the inner life comes before using it in warm water.

Since the material was very expensive to develop and it is also warm when used, a very intense excitement arises and you reach the peak after a few minutes.

Dear girls, don’t be nasty, but if you start from the pure act of penetration, a Flesh Light canal feels even better than a woman. Fleshlights models are knobbed, ribbed, just supereng… there is the right one for everyone.

Nevertheless, masturbation is not comparable to Flesh Light. It’s is just an orgasm bolt, it’s gotta be out of here what doesn’t pay rent. It is just a (new) form of masturbation (where a toy can also be operated by the partner, of course).

I recently ordered this. Having received it late last week I have now had the time to try it out a couple times and I thought I’d post a guide about model & review.

I got the lady Destroya skin girl. I also got the fleshlube elements pack, the fresh and clean combo pack, and the smart warmer for the toy.

Feel: It feels realistic, once you get the amount of lube right (this takes a bit of experimenting, though). You can change the suction amount by screwing in the bottom cover (pin intended) as you deem it appropriate.

I found out that changing it back and forth gives me a nice stimulation, but your course may be different. Compared to the use of your hand, bodily light makes you moor much faster, unless you really catch up.

Use: I recommend putting it on the sleeve canal into a warmer for one full cycle (takes about 6-9 minutes, depending on room temperature), then putting in whatever amount of lube you find appropriate. Insert it back into the sleeve heater for the next complete cycle (first leave the lubricant inside).

Oh, and make sure you use it immediately after the cycle is over, because body light cools down quite quickly until you reach high room temperature and/or dry air temperature. In the worst case, simply insert it back into the warmer sleeve for the next cycle.

Important: Use water-based lubricants only!

Cleaning: Surprisingly easy to clean flesh lite; just take it out of its casing and wash it with lukewarm water from both ends – Make sure you hold your fingers and move a little so that everything goes out. Every few washers should be used with disinfectant from the same company.

Note: The easiness of washing is probably very different depending on the model flesh lite used. Important: Do not use soap!

Drying: This takes forever, though it does depend on room temperature and humidity (I’d say 6-12 hours). The warmer and drier the air and the greater the air currents, the quicker fleshlite dries.

I put it on the sleeve warmer after washing to make it dry faster, but even then it takes a long while.

Overall: If you don’t mind the drying time, buy one; you won’t regret it. And, if you have the extra money, get a warmer model, as it makes both pre-warming and post-wash drying a lot simpler.

Oh, and I’ve only tried the favorite model Destroya, so don’t consider my impressions as directly applicable to any other models (feel free to post your impressions of other models in this thread which I love).

Hope this helps for people on the fence!

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