Best Fragrances For Men 2021

“You smell so good!” That’s the phrase you want to hear from your sweetheart? Here you’ll find new men’s perfumes that will make women go weak in 2021.

There are over 1000 fragrances – what man is supposed to keep track of them all? Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. Below, you’ll learn how to find a perfume that’s perfect for you, and we’ll give you great scent recommendations. Want a quick run-through without a lot of text and just want to know which men’s fragrances are hot right now? Then click through the gallery above.

How do you find the right fragrance for you?

Just trust your nose and the feeling. Smells trigger an immediate reaction in everyone, whether positive or negative. It doesn’t matter what advertisements, friends or salespeople say: you yourself know best.

Does every fragrance actually develop and unfold in the same way?

No. The texture of the skin influences most fragrances and makes them work differently on everyone. However, there are perfumes where recognition is desired and which always smell very similar.

What can I do to make perfume smell longer?

It’s all a question of time management: it’s best to apply the fragrance directly after showering, when the skin is still warm. Or even after blow-drying. And the intensity can be intensified with care products from the respective series.

By the way: Most perfume users spray themselves in the chest area. Through constant perception with the nose, one then fades out this familiar scent. One perfumes oneself more strongly, which is by no means better. A good alternative to spraying is the hair and pulsating parts of the body, but also the neck, for example.

Do I need different fragrances for different occasions?

There are fragrances that are only suitable for certain occasions. Therefore, our advice is to create a fragrance wardrobe for different occasions. You’ll definitely need a different scent for the office than for a date or an important appointment. After all, you sometimes wear a suit and not just jeans day after day.

Can fragrances be divided into different categories?

Fragrances are divided into groups in classical perfumery: Boisée for woods, Hespéridée for citrus notes, Ambré for amber or Cuir for leather. When buying fragrances, a more understandable scent image has become established. People talk about fresh and aquatic, woody or green, spicy and oriental or even tart and leathery. 5 fresh fragrances for the summer we show here.

How is a classic fragrance actually structured?

First you smell the so-called top note, which appears immediately and remains for about 5 to 10 minutes. After that, the heart note opens up. It then provides a harmonious transition to the base note, which makes up the actual fragrance that you then smell for the next few hours. Shopping tip: After 15 to 20 minutes, the fragrance has unfolded on the skin and you can make your judgment. So bring time with you when you choose a new fragrance.

Is it a good idea to give fragrances as gifts?

It can be. But you should not only judge by your own feelings, but also imagine the person and then decide whether the fragrance suits him or not. Here you can find more gift ideas for men

Which new men’s perfumes are now available, how they smell and to whom and which occasion the new men’s fragrances fit, we reveal to you in the following.

Quick overview: The best perfumes

1. “Dior Homme” by Dior

You like fragrances with a lot of kick? “Dior Homme” is one of those. The eau de toilette smells intensely of cedar wood, patchouli and vetiver. A sensual mix that is sure to leave an impression.


The new “Dior Homme” Eau de Toilette smells intensely woody. 100 ml costs about 108 $.

2. “Colonia Futura” by Acqua di Parma

If you think of musty health food stores when you think of natural fragrances, you’ll be proven wrong: This mix of sage and bergamot smells classy and not at all eco – even though it contains 99 percent natural ingredients. By the way, the remaining 1 percent of synthetics are needed so that the perfume is durable and does not evaporate after a few weeks.

Fragrance “Colonia Futura” by Acqua di Parma, 100 ml, around 150 $

3. “Match Point” by Lacoste

Sporty types usually want to stay lean when it comes to fragrance, too, and do without a lot of chichi. Fresh notes like gentian and basil are in high demand. These can be found, for example, in the lively “Match Point” from Lacoste. By the way, women also like to smell such light fragrances on men. Curious about what other perfumes the ladies like? Then click here.


Casual and uncomplicated: “Match Point” by Lacoste suits every man and every occasion. 50 ml Eau de Toilette, around 66 $

4. “Le Mâle XMAS Collector” by Jean Paul Gaultier

You probably know this one, right? After all, it’s been one of the best-selling men’s fragrances ever for decades. The eau de toilette smells fresh and gentle at the same time – of mint, lavender and vanilla. Perfect for giving as a gift: Just in time for Christmas, there’s a limited edition snow globe design.

In limited collector design: “Le Mâle XMAS Collector 2020” by Jean-Paul Gaultier. 125 ml Eau de Toilette costs about 112 $

5. “Born in Roma Uomo” by Valentino.

“Born in Roma Uomo” smells completely different from what you’d expect from a men’s fragrance: like violets, among other things. However, because the perfumers have paired the floral notes with spicy ginger and woody vetiver, the result is still very masculine.

Breaks with clichés: “Uomo Born in Roma” by Valentino. 50 ml eau de toilette costs around 73 $

6. insider tip: “Sellier” by Byredo

Off-the-peg fragrances aren’t your thing? And you don’t mind paying a little more for a special perfume? Then you should definitely try “Sellier” by Byredo. It smells of leather, woods and moss – sounds heavy, but comes across as surprisingly gentle. By the way: The small 50 ml bottle contains an “Extrait de Parfum” – a particularly high concentration of fragrance. A spritz of it is quite enough. So you can enjoy it for a long time.

A very special fragrance: “Sellier” by ‘Byredo. 50 ml Extrait de Parfum is about 293 $

7. reinterpreted: “Boss Bottled” by Hugo Boss.

The fragrance “Boss Bottled” by Hugo Boss has been relaunched and now comes across much more modern. The combo of apple, cinnamon and cardamom deliberately plays with gender stereotypes – after all, you wouldn’t necessarily expect these sweetish notes in a men’s fragrance, would you?

“Boss Bottled” has been relaunched and now smells even better like apples and cinnamon

8. rich in contrast: “Signature” by Baldessarini

This fragrance plays with contrasts: Immediately after application, fresh accents of bergamot, apple and black pepper dominate. A striking note follows in the finish. Patchouli and a leather accord you can still smell hours after spraying on the skin.

“Signature” by Baldessarini smells first fresh, then tart. 90ml EdT costs 90$

So, which fragrance sounds best? We recommend that you simply spray on your favorites at the nearest perfumery and try out which men’s perfume you like on your skin.

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