[TOP] 3+ Best Penis Milking Machine 2019 - Read BEFORE Buying

Male Toys: List of 2018 Penis Milking Machine Leaders

Women are complicated stuff. So are men, but women are more tricky. Usually, men want something SEXclusive, but not every girl would agree about keeping her male partner (and his little penis friend) happy. Either way, she can find horrible undertones in the most innocent things. Primarily this is about bed-and-sex fantasies.

The Best of the Best !!!

A powerful and reliable full metal motor and a special bead mechanism provide a pleasant and effective up-and-down stimulation, which creates the complete illusion of a slow and gentle or intense and bright blow job.

  • The most modern New Generation robot masturbator, working on 220-230V/50Hz power
  • Replaceable inserts with a soft mouth hole are made of the exciting-by-touch material, especially pleasant after rinsing with warm water
  • The inserts are available in three variations, for any penis size
✅ The Good
  • An updated re-engineered version with a 50% tighter 5-arm (!) penis gripper
  • 3 girth sleeve sizes: each for all lengths!
  • Can be ordered with Fap Lubes 2 oz./8 oz. (optionally)
  • Can be used together with accepted Antibacterial and Dr. Berman Toy Cleaners
⛔ The Bad
  • We found nothing, and little wonder
Let your hands rest: let the smart-and-sensitive mechanism work!
For your virtual sex

This is real virtual sex: with whom you want to be with and when you want it.

Use the Fleshlight unit of the desired model, connect to virtual reality, and enjoy on all cylinders and eggs. New emotions and new experiences are near.

✅ The Good
  • You can do this with any woman that you like
  • You can use any Fleshjack toy model (almost)
⛔ The Bad
  • Expensive
  • Requires connecting to the right equipment
  • Not sold with Fleshjacks
The hottest chick will spend time with you, and maybe not one … but it takes time and perhaps training
Very realistic feeling !!!

You will finish madly. Vibrations will give you an even greater flow of emotions!

It is convenient to wash. And it is convenient to take it with you on business trips wherever you go.

Use freely together with your girl/wife via smartphones.

✅ The Good
  • 95% of men are delighted (the shop’s current data)
  • 9.2 inches length
  • 2.4 inches diameter
⛔ The Bad
  • Only one-colored
  • Will not deliver such pleasure as automatic toys
  • The cover and sleeve can be changed, but they are delivered in one set
  • Textures of the internal cameras cannot be dislocated
Just a good toy that requires manual work.

Headaches, fatigues, ‘Ugh’s, ‘I-do-not-want-it-now’s, and other pretty denials. But when you try to find an easy (manageable, we’d like to say) and crafty substitute (only a one-time push deal, man!), the girl, invariably and unstoppable, finds out about this. And the scandal, and no more quickies until you bring her some presents and many pardons.



The Research

A far joy cry from the best milking machine, of any model (but we agree the hands free one is unreservedly more appealing). Try everything new-and-thrilling without women. Take the edge and jizz surpluses off without a care, begging, manipulation or a worry.

Where the Posh Hell I Can Get This Milking Machine Stuff!?

Chill now and stop bothering your magic fruit wand. It will do its mucky-yacky work – a little later when you open the delight acquisition packaging. Now read our advice and put that in your sperm pipe. Not literally, you spoiled cowboy!

The Research

Well, a milking machine is a buddy masturbator than can squeeze your jet with all advanced scales you could imagine. The main one is, as we think after trying, the hands free function. It is awfully like the real sweet and soft kitty work with you and your happy dick all on her own, and both of you (recipients, we mean) can do nothing but live it up only.

Some of these penis joys have remote and/or virtual sex reality features.

You can watch the sucking pro girl on the TV or laptop screen, and the machine will massage you adjusting to your pump rhythm. Isn’t it the male heaven?

What Is the Most High-Potential Milking Machine Ever?

You and your cock fantasies determine it. We offer three units that could hoof you over the orgasm moon in three seconds. Okay, maybe a little bit more. But one smooge way or another, these freaky items operate on all six. Inches. Even if you have only three. Manufacturers know the worthwhile male milking machine is the milking machine that could easily handle any penis owner, without distinction of the penis dimensions.

And we’d like to introduce you Male Milking Machine Top 3 that includes these all-embracing sex units.

Autoblow 2+ XT – For Those Who Cannot Live Without Good Blowjobs

The improved version of the gorgeous Real Blowjob masturbator
The improved version of the gorgeous Real Blowjob masturbator

It is the one of above-mentioned desirable many-sided toys. Well, it is many(three)-sized, actually.

This fellatio machine is created for imitating the silky woman’s throat. The little robot worker has a full-metal mini-engine that provides for 500 hours of excellent action. It is completed with sex mechanism with marble batches under the cover, rolling over your dick. No hand manipulation, there is the switch-on-and-relax regime.

Do you want a quick-and-hard fellatio therapy? Or, conversely, you prefer the soft and sluggish version? Or something average, in any speed manner? You should turn the little speed-regulating wheel at the bottom of the toy. Then, the smart penis play assistant will get it blow-covered. That we can call the great powerful action matter, man.

Previously, take care of your pleasure quality and buy the toy version with the dimensions that fit your cock. There are ‘big’ (1.8–2.04 inches in diameter, 5.5–6.5 inches in girth), ‘average’ (1.28–1.8 and 4–5.5 inches, concordantly), and ‘small’ (0.96–1.28, 3–4) versions granted. The sex submerge depth is equal for all the options.

Thanks to original springs, dimension choosing is enough: your cock will be squeezed heady with this false-but-very-realistic throat. It is like the real because manufacturers use insert material imitating warm human muscles. And the insert color is beige-nude.

You can quickly fish the insert out to wash with soap or sex toy cleaner, dry, and strew with starch. A zip-lock parcel protecting against dust is ideal for insert storage.


  • Ready-to-go sex unit
  • Stimulative inner balls moving independently
  • Push speed regulating
  • Close wrapping
  • Universal body size (9.2 x 4.4 inches)
  • Replacement sex insert (versions 1–3)
  • Realistic inner material
  • Three automatic speeds
  • Regime change button (3-sec pause)
  • 500-hours use
  • Easy-to-care model
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty


  • Only one insert unit included
  • No batteries, only main operation
  • Only white-and-blue outer design

Our Сlients’ Feedback on Autoblow 2+ XT

Manny B.

“I decided to change my weaklingish life and bought this. My girls shrank from me, naturally, when I asked them to please me, in a sexual sense. All chicks do it but never mine. I had no blowups and wanted to have them wherever I choose.

This thing bailed me out. It works without any foolish denials, purely for my male pleasures. It licks and sips softly, and I can almost hear the smacking. I choose the right dimensions while buying and now have no blowjob worries. You sit back and wait only, and climaxing comes so quickly, and you do nothing.

No need for that brooding girls now.”


“Love my bunny sweetheart but want something, you know. Have bought this. Bunny is on the kitchen now. This Autoblow item cannot do burgers and dishes and chores, unfortunately. Jeez, that’s a buddy pity. It’d be quite sexually nice if they remastered the cock sucking device. Let it serving me pizzas, for one thing.”

Yacky Bull

“Changed the speeds and got my sucking satisfaction all the times. Excellent. Feels right – at first – in your hand and then – no need for hands yet – on your penis, too. I shoot nuts in my bed, kitchen, garage, and pool now. You find me a plug, and I’m all on it.

By the by, showed it to my ex. She said I was a sex fiend. Honest to goodness, dipstick. This feature sucks sturdier and kinder than she did. She cannot gulp seamlessly (toothlessly?) and this thing can. Well, I can recommend it fifty thousand hundred percent.“


Fleshlight Launch – For Virtual Sex Worlds Fans

Manual use or interactive world connecting fully-automated male toy pleasure
Manual use or interactive world connecting fully-automated male toy pleasure

This unit is a funky cock add-on piece that will transport you to new fanciful sex reality. You can use it with one of the far-famed Fleshlight sleeves that is fondly lubricated and ready to host your penis for a while. It synchronizes with the movie or video clip that shows your favorite adult game girl with the friction ratio of 180 movements per minute.

Pump power and speed are controlled by the unit.

You should only give it a chance to cheer you and your cock friend up. VR headset and/or VR Porn Bluetooth or USB system using is absolutely welcome. Sensor manipulating is allowed, too. Your climax, your choice.

The Launch block is light-weighted, streamlined, and easily removable.


  • Up to 180 push/min activity
  • Internet video with famous adult stars via VR units synchronizing (but be careful ;) 1)
  • Bluetooth connection available
  • Standard-plugging USB cable included
  • Quick-Installation Intuitive Guide included
  • Touch switchboard
  • Kiiroo devices compatible
  • Timeous software renovations
  • Concise design, non-distractive black color
  • High-quality ABS plastic
  • Built-in fast re-charging battery
  • 2-inch length


  • Quite costly
  • Not compatible with any Fleshlight sleeve toys: GO, Ice, Quickshot, Flight, Turbo models are eliminations
  • The sleeve is not included

Our Сlients’ Feedback on Fleshlight Launch


“I love some adult-star girls like Barbara and have scraped together some tremendous video shows. I also have a Fleshlight device that has fully proven itself. I used to play with several sex toys, but now I exercise only with my Fleshlight. Because I bought the Launch sex pad and now can relax with Jessica and Barbara many times per week.

VR devices are wonderful, but they are perfect with such virtual sex items like this one. I can vary settings whenever I need to. I watch Barbara and Launch makes me feel coming with her. I watch Jessica and watch her delight trembling. My body works harmoniously, that’s sexually-unbelievable.

I think I’d never had such penis experiences without Launch. That’s sexual salvation.”


“Use it in the hand-manipulation regime. With VR, of course. When my wife gets on my wick, I try this feature and wig out with impunity. Nice home-life pause. Coming several times on the bounce. My wife has nothing against it. She doesn’t understand I watch videos, too. I have no intention of telling her.”


“The pick of the sex basket. ‘Coming soon, babe!’ One minus is that there are no batteries. I’d like to use it in my car when traveling. No chance because my plug is out. Please update this version and put in some changeable batteries.”


Max by Lovense – Vibrator and Pussy Sleeve 2 in 1

Awesome for couple's bedplays: confirmed by our customers
Awesome for couple’s bedplays: confirmed by our customers

Use this tubed sleeve solo, or with a girl or boy, this 9-inch length and 2.54-inch girth penis joy-toy won’t let you sex-mope. It is provisioned with several innovative technology features that make it bust-unbeatable.

The first gizmo is vacuumizing priming pumps stretching across the unit body. They provide you for strong squeezing regardless of your dick dimensions. Also, they help you regulate the friction power and ratio.

The second is a vibrator arrangement at the opposite end of the Max penis sink. It works in several regimes and creates sex tremors. No need to hammer on the toy with your male instrument, getting a slack erection. It’s naturally and exhilaratingly occurring, as you wish to.

The third is the inner sex pattern that recalls the vagina sweetness and warmth. It consists of mini notching and marbles stimulating you stridently and politicly. Don’t be afraid of sex breaks: the material is very solid but stiff simultaneously. And wash, dry, and treasure it like any other pleasure toy, it is simple in caregiving.

You can buy another Lovense toy for your partner: Max model for the man or Nora for the woman. Then synchronize them using your smartphones: the manufacturer offers a particular mobile sex app (which is VEEEERY useful: 2). Distance breaks no squares, there is fail-operational Bluetooth function.

She/he is changing one or several of six power settings and drives faster, you drive faster, simultaneously. She/he is slowing down, and you too. She/he is sexually arranging under the favorite song rhythms, and – you’ve understood us yet… This pleasure-and-play night will be unforgettable for both of you. Stop, Lovense makes three of you now!?..


  • Universal dimensions
  • Air ejector patented device
  • Built-in vibro unit
  • Vent hole
  • Pink skin pussy entrance
  • Inner texturizing sleeve imitating the human skin
  • Vibration and arctation regime changing
  • Bluetooth activating feature
  • Smartphone controlling
  • Nora New wand or any Max toy compatible and synchronized
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable, with a USB cable included
  • Sound and health-safe materials
  • Inconspicuous camouflaging design


  • Quite costly
  • Only white body color

Our Сlients’ Feedback on Max by Lovense

Betty X.

“My partner uses it, and he loves to tell me that this pussy reminds him about me, as though it was made after my piss curtains and clitoris. I surmise it is made after some dirty porn show actress. But I say ditto to him because I would f*cking rather he messes around with the sex toy than with a gin-mill mort.

Well, generally and honestly speaking, this thing fits him and looks nice. More importantly for me and our sex life, I know about its use by him. I do not want to f*ck twice per 24 hours, but he wants. Gorgeously, let him prank out without me, that way is fixable.”

Lilo Boo-Nee

“I could live long without my sexy wiggy now. We have these items, we bought two of them, and we install the app on our phones. He purchased the Max one first, then he suggested to buy the second unit, for me. I said that it was not a pretty idea, but he said I’d like the sex distance plays with modern toys. He represented me the separation-but-reconnection plan, ahead of the game, and in fine, I approved it.

IT. IS. AMAZING. We call and love each other every day when my husband’s away for work. We do it amazingly in parallel and pet and snag each other distances apart.

But he may be in Alaska, and I will touch him like he’s here with his Candy pussy. He watches me on Skype and thinks that I satisfy myself in an incredibly engaging manner. Then he joins me via the app.

"The app’ remote feature is created to cause endless sex-thrill" (from the our client's feedback)
“The app’ remote feature is created to cause endless sex-thrill” (from the our client’s feedback)

Earlier, I required him to find a new routine job because I didn’t want to wait for him and think about these ubiquitous road sluts. Now, I start liking days when he’s away on his ugly business more than the days when he’s at our pretty home. He is terribly mine now, and that is more to sex life than his salary.

I damny not ashamed to confess that my husband uses sex toys. It is the male toy, and it’s a no-doubts-excellent virtual-loving thing that allows me being a single sex-whole thing with my destiny Charming. He says that it is vibrating and clenching, and embracing his putz ‘sex-ex-exactly’ (what a stupid word but he likes spelling it) like my vagina. I think that’s a brownie point.

Well, I can love myself with this pairing thing, alone, when my boy is busy, and I want to. I have learned quickly how to use the sex app, it is quite comprehensible. The unit works as I prefer, and it feels and sounds nice.”

Martha 76

“This toy is the latest my buddy ordered and tried with grand sex vigor. He admires such sex-related things. He saw this one on the Internet and said it could be a pretty thing for us. He meant we could use pair sex toys together.

I know he used to relax with milking machine items before dating with me. About this one, he says that it is sexually wonderful. Not as cool as me but soft and flexible.

I used his phone to encourage him, of course. It’s simple using the app, and it’s breathtaking when you’re watching your man subordinating to your finger’s movements. He is really spluttering with sex delight, says jerks and vibrations are so physiologically-congruent that he almost forgets about non-human ‘origin’ of them. Well, hands-free working is a very positive and conspicuous contribution to this idea.

But I am not ready yet to buy another thing for me.

I can’t say I am inclined to follow his freaky-like offering, but I think it can be amusing. Well, I like phone apps, I’ve tried successfully many of them from games to work-need programs, and I’d like to try another one. I’m fine with sex toys, I have some, and my friend has watched me with them. So I do not feel afraid of Nora.

My man is incredibly heartened by this male toy use. I see our bed life increasing and improving, he gets what his cock wants additionally (my sex contribution is wholeheartedly valuable for my buddy)! Maybe we will use Max and Nora together, soon.”

Bob K.

“Martha says Max unit has improved our domestic life, and I gonna agree with her. This device is masterly adapted to man gender needs. The app’ remote feature is created to cause endless sex-thrill. It is so sweet to know that your orgasm literally lies in the warm hands of your loved one and she can switch you on or off like a household living-and-breathing appliance.

Damn, it sounds like I am a teeter-totter. Martha can confirm that’s not true. So you should just try it to understand how sex-impressive it can be. There won’t be any more fun-and-penetration stuff, only your girl’s caress. This male toy version is the newest and most sophisticated; it can do anything that female vagina can provide for cock splashing, without the efforts from your male-end.”


The best cock milking machines are hypoallergenic, compatible with best-selling water-based sex greasing versions, and fade-resistant.

You will be sex-enjoyed time and again.

Old-school tedious and obnoxious male toys? No, ever again, thanks.


1. Impaired masturbation-induced erections: a new cardiovascular risk factor for male subjects with sexual dysfunction

2. Male masturbation as a vehicle for the pursuer/distancer relationship in marriage

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About me

In my spare time I test toys and that’s why I created this site. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll be happy to reply to you by email or in comments.
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