Bibi Jones


The Bi-Hive channel is a relatively wide channel with a surface covered with a very dense structure of differently sized nubs and transverse ribs. The inner canal has no distinct constrictions or lotus nodes and therefore the canal diameter is largely uniform.

All in all, a structural concept that is particularly suitable for men with an unusually large (and thick) penis, for whom other Fleshlight canals with a smaller inner diameter may be somewhat too narrow.

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As is usual with the Fleshlight Girls product line, the Bi-Hive canal is an exclusive canal, this time that of erotic star Bibi Jones, and is only available in combination with her pussy orifice.

What work Fleshlight Bibi Jones

As usual with the Fleshlight Girls, the Bi-Hive channel is exclusive and exclusively combined with the pussy opening of the erotic star Bibi Jones.

And this pussy is really something to be seen, because Bibi Jones has truly enormous labia, which surround the canal entrance like a big pleasure butterfly.

At the canal entrance are four wide large-sized Stamina bumpsSpherical chamber, filled with spike-shaped 0.15 inch (4 mm) bumps Cylindrical tube covered with the same spike-shaped bumps

In my opinion Bibi Jones pussy opening (next to Stoya and Riley Steele) is one of the most beautiful of the Fleshlight product range.

The Bi-Hive channel has a constant diameter of 20 mm and is only narrowed down to approx. 16 mm at some points by the knobs and transverse ribs. At the canal entrance there are four large, wide Stamina nubs, which we already know from the Stamina Training Unit.

Right behind it is a spherical chamber filled with tapering, approx. 4 mm large nubs facing each other. Then follows a cylindrical tube with the same pointed nubs, but this time they are angled at an angle of 45° towards the channel entrance.

This is followed by an oval chamber with 3 mm wide transverse ribs that look similar to the blade channel. Then follows another cylindrical tube with three staggered nub rings, each formed by four stamina nubs. Behind it is a second spherical chamber with pointed nubs and at the end of the channel there is a dense transverse rib structure similar to the Super-Ribbed Insert.

When penetrating, the four stamina nubs glide beautifully intensively over the surface of the glans and are then noticeable when penetrating deeper into the penis shaft.

As soon as the glans penetrates the spherical chamber, the small, pointed pimples create a fantastic stimulation firework, which affects the surface of the glans in many places simultaneously and selectively.

The feeling is intensified even more in the next section of the canal, because here the slanted nubs are bent over as they glide through and whirl around the glans.

Since the canal is relatively wide, the pimples have plenty of room to move around and tickle and scratch the glans and the penis shaft in all imaginable places with constantly changing intensity.

When the central ribbed chamber is reached, the penetration sensation changes completely and is replaced by less intensive, striating stimulation on the entire acorn surface, which is a welcome change from the previous selective stimuli.

Finally, the glans lands between the three Stamina nub rings, which tightly surround the glans and once again exert an overwhelming selective massage effect.


When you move forward and backward you get a pretty strong and high-frequency stimulation effect and you need some self-control not to come too early.

Therefore the Bi-Hive Channel is similar to the Stamina Training Unit also excellent as a potency trainer.

With a normal penis length (15 cm), however, the posterior stamina nubs, the second spherical chamber and the rib structure at the end of the canal can no longer be reached.

That not too bad, because this unused area of canal offers a lot of space for storage of negative pressure and that results in an above-average strong suction effect when moving back.

Since the Bi-Hive channel is quite wide, cleaning is relatively easy despite the many nap spaces, as it is easy to reach everywhere and can be rinsed easily. The drying time is in the midfield and amounts to approx. 2 – 3 hours.


The Bi-Hive channel creates a powerful stimulation that works at many different points with variable intensity and is interrupted in the middle by a beautiful, grazing stimulation feeling.

Long-term masturbations are hardly possible with this channel, because the extremely high stimulation frequency “forces” you to orgasm relatively quickly. So the fun is short but very intense. Due to the relatively wide canal diameter without constrictions, the canal is particularly suitable for men with a large penis.

Our pick

As is usual with the Fleshlight Girls product line, the Bi-Hive canal is an exclusive canal, this time that of erotic star Bibi Jones, and is only available in combination with her pussy orifice.

User reviews

First class dealer good goods fast delivery am fully satisfied will buy back there


Makes a lot of mood to drive away the lonely hours and a very realistic feeling just just horny power buck on More 😀


The part is the hammer as well as in optics and handling
for all who want to have something special only to recommend


Feels very good. Also suitable for couples. Just try it out, it’s really recommended. You can’t stand it for long!


Sure, it’s not like with a woman. But at least, with a little imagination and plenty of flutschi the feeling is similar to the GV with condom. Teagan’s always in the mood. I also assume she’ll never get pregnant.
Don’t get caught doing it to a rubber hose.


I’m really surprised about the delivery. She arrived one day earlier than stated.
The Fleshlight is also class I love it nice tight and soft *-*.


Men, buy this! 

  • easy to use
  • easy to handle
  • beautiful feeling
  • easy to clean
  • it can be easily stowed away
  • good design


As already described in another one – do in warm water for 10 min., and use a lubricant and has a natural feeling… do not buy renewal powder with it… because it consists only of corn starch (100%); so if you only need it go to a supermarket and buy normal corn starch or flour.


Our pick

As is usual with the Fleshlight Girls product line, the Bi-Hive canal is an exclusive canal, this time that of erotic star Bibi Jones, and is only available in combination with her pussy orifice.

Bibi Jones
Sucction Effect6.8
Orgasm Rating7.8
Lube Use6.2
Dry Time6.6
User Rating0 Votes0
Сanal covered by a highly dense texture bumps
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