Do penis pumps WORK? The answer is mostly “Yes”

Do Penis Pumps Work? Myths & Facts

Penis pumps are used for medical, sexual or aesthetic reasons. Their functionality is basically the same: they suck the blood into your organ and make it circulate while damaging and thus, enlarging your penile tissue. The erection lasts longer providing you with an impressive sexual experience after the use.

Penis Pumps: Intro

Penis pumps were accepted as medical tools by FDA in 1982. However, the mechanism itself was invented in the 70s. It’s one of the ways to beat erectile dysfunction and various male organ deformities. 

Nevertheless, penis pumps are aggressively marketed all over the net as highly effective enlargement tools. Numerous men from all continents hope to pump their cocks up to incredible porn-star sizes. Let’s have a brief look at numerous conceptions and misconceptions surrounding this type of sex product.

Do Penis Pumps Work?

It all depends on the circumstances. The research held by Tehran University proves that this product is highly effective for an instant, but not permanent support. However, numerous men all over the net do their best to persuade potential buyers that pumping performed on a regular basis results in actual growth and better blood circulation. Length and circumference increase promoting rock-hard erections. The penile blood vessels are efficiently stimulated and the achieved temporary result can be prolonged by a constricting ring.

Psychological Issue

Most men agree that the use of penis pumps give another sort of male enhancement. They provide satisfaction from a mental point of view. Even when most of the wives and girlfriends feel satisfied with the penis size of their partners, men get more satisfaction and self-confidence only after they pump up a bit. Well, if it really adds up to your self-confidence, it’s definitely worth it.

How Do They Work?

  1. Prepare the plastic cylinder for use by expanding the penis ring at its bottom;
  2. Don’t forget about the water-based lubricant for better suction seal and for easier operation;
  3. Insert your penis into the tube and make sure the seal is fine by pushing the pump against its base;
  4. Initiate the suction process (it can be either manual or automatic depending on the model);
  5. As soon as you get the desired result, release the rig at the bottom and get ready for a perfect sexual intercourse.
Make sure you only use products approved by FDA. This way you’ll be safe from unwanted traumas and other unpleasant circumstances.

This Is How It Works

Penis pumps can be manual or automatic. They can work on the basis of vacuum or water (the last ones are considered safe and the most useful). The chamber of a pump is initially filled with air or water. When you press them out, you create pressure that slowly expands the tissues of the male organ and its cells. The enlargement is explained from the mechanical point of view.

In case if you repeat the procedure regularly, you will promote the regular flow of blood in your penile area and train your organ to get bigger and stronger.


The vacuum increases the amount of blood passing through the veins of your penis. You can see this in the picture above. The shaft of the penis gets larger. This enlargement training actually works and provides you with the following results:

Temporary Results

Permanent Results

·         Regular enlargement training will add up to 40% to the thickness of your penis.

·         Length will not be significantly increased, but the overall size and firmness will be very satisfactory both for you and your partner.

·         You’ll get perfect, stable, and regular erections each time you get sexually aroused.

·         The results right after use and before the sexual intercourse will last up to three hours.

·         If it’s the first time you deal with the penis pumps, your results won’t be as significant in comparison to the regular use, but they will still be visible. You’ll add up about 25% to the thickness of your penis.

·         Unfortunately, you won’t get an impressive penis length increase. Nevertheless, vacuum pumps create unbelievable firmness and sensitivity. Your partner will be extremely satisfied.

·         You’ll get perfect hard on that will last long enough for you to have a satisfying sexual intercourse.


You’ll have to train regularly. Otherwise, your results will get back to what you had before you started to pump your cock up.

Using an Enlargement Pump: Before & After

Here are the general advantages you get:

  • Your cock will look longer even in the flaccid state;
  • Your cock will be thicker even when not aroused;
  • All your erections in will be harder than usual in the period of the following three hours after use or even longer;
  • Every pumping session will promote greater sexual satisfaction and more intense orgasms for both you and your partner.

How to Choose the Best One?

In case if you have a real need to get bigger, stronger, and ready for frequent erections, it’s high time to make the right choice. We’re not going to give you detailed reviews of all models on the market, but we’re willing to share brief characteristics of the pumps that actually work. The modes we suggest are medically approved and can be used on a regular basis without any fear. 

#Top Penis PumpsBenefits


Our Pick




UPDATED: Hydromax7 has the BEST price until  Saturday January 19th 2019
  • 35% more power in Hydromax7 than in original hydropumps to make sure that you get real results
  • Its has experienced two years of testing with the participation of a big amount of people;
  • It's powerful and safe - a true revolution among penis pumps;
  • You can use it in both automatic or manual modes;
  • The materials used in the base are hypoallergenic: they are phthalate free and they will never cause rashes or other unwanted skin reactions;
  • Hydromax Xtreme series is one of the most popular penis pumps in the world;
  • The manufacturer provides a discreet package with a 60-day refund guarantee.
  • It's available in more than 90 countries;


Bathmate HYDRO7
water pump

  • The world’s first hydropump, Hydro7 uses water to create a vacuum, giving you an easy way to start off your penis expansion routine.
  • Adds an inch of penis length after about 60 days of use;
  • Expands and strengthens your penile veins providing you long-lasting regular erections;
  • It's safe: water combined with air pressure is the safest choice;
  • It is effective after 15 minutes of use;


Penomet Premium

  • Good, but doesn't compare to the Hydromax7.
  • It's extraordinary, sturdy, powerful, and has a great number of accessories;
  • It has convenient design made up of two separate parts.

Bathmate: True Combo

Believe us, you won’t be mistaken in case if you purchase it. Most users agree that in addition to the increased volume, you get a dramatic improvement in sexual stamina combined with amazing erections and explosive orgasms. The name implies the use of water for the creation of the negative pressure. It’s safe in case if you’re an inexperienced beginner afraid of being hurt. Bathmate has perfect suction and it’s very comfortable.

Hydromax X

This tool gives its users safe results for a lower price.  It works with water and it’s released in different sizes to fit any man.

Hydromax Xtreme

Level up your hydrotherapy! The water-powered tool has numerous add-ons and it’s very convenient. Quite a lot of users prove that it helps you gain significant earnings!


That’s an electric power-assisted model. That’s a cheaper option in comparison to the water-based ones. Experts call this pump one of the best models on the market.


One of the most popular pumps on the market. It’s highly popular due to its affordability. It’s water. Unfortunately, most of the users agree that it’s not as comfortable and effective as the tools mentioned above. However, we can’t ignore it because of the high demand.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

The inability to get hard is one of the most disturbing sexual health issues among many men. Numerous pharmacies and organizations promote tons of treatment courses that should be controlled by professional physicians. But what if you’re not courageous enough to entrust your delicate problem to someone else? Penis pumps have already proved themselves to be:

  • Most men don’t have incredible length enhancement. However, they feel greatly satisfied by the strength and longevity of the erections.
  • Use your pump according to the instruction and you’ll never get your male organ hurt. Of course, enlargement tools have to damage the tissue. Nevertheless, when done properly, the tissue gets damaged only to the extent that is needed to gradually make your cock stronger and let you feel confident in a relationship.
  • Cost-effective. It’s one of the greatest solutions for ED that can be used on your own fearlessly and safely.

Bottom Line

This tool has been around for more than 30 years. No one would deal with it in case if it didn’t manage to fulfill its mission. There is only one verdict here: penis pumps work. You can get one for about $150 and invest in your male enhancement and overall sexual health. You won’t get longer, but you will be impressed by your sexual strength and ability to satisfy your partner!

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