Does this Look Like the Sweater of the Future?

The Japanese brand Goldwin has stood for fashionable and technical clothing for 70 years: from active wear to lifestyle apparel. Their latest sustainable innovation is called “The Sweater”.

This sweater has the potential to revolutionize the industry

The minimalist sweater (VK: 968 $) is made of the innovative biopolymer fabric called Brewed Protein

In the hope of counteracting the fast fashion mania and its consequences for the environment, Goldwin has been working with the biotech company Spiber since 2015 and is focusing on the new fibre Brewed Protein. “Brewed Protein is a plant biomass that we can use to provide a healthier planet in the long term,” says Takao Watanebe, President of Goldwin Inc. and Development Executive. “We strive for an optimal balance between design, technology and the environment, and we are convinced that in this way we can make a significant contribution to a more sustainable society”. An important milestone in the collaboration is now “The Sweater” (968 $).

Into the future with purist design

The color black stands for the beginning of all colors and should represent both the past and the future

For the first knitted garment produced in collaboration with Spiber, Goldwin has opted for minimalist design and innovative technology. The result is a black sweater that impresses with its simplicity and a mix of brewed protein and the natural fiber wool. Following the motto “back to the roots”, the simple lines are intended to draw a bow to the centuries-old tradition of wool processing and thus to the origins of knitting. But also to the roots of Goldwin. The color black stands for the beginning of all colors and should represent both the past and the future. The icing on the cake is the effective knitting method and the successful material mix of natural and artificial fibers. A homage to knitting history with a view to a better world.

RAFFLE: “The Sweater”, the result of the joint project of Goldwin and Spiber, is only available in limited quantities. Here you can apply for the Raffle of Goldwin’s “The Sweater” (968 $) until 30.11.2020. If many orders are received, the pieces will be drawn at random.

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