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Unsurpassed Masturbator – Jenna Haze

The ” Obsession ” channel is the new inner structure of the Fleshlight Girl Jenna Haze and replaces the ” Maze ” channel, which was previously exclusively combined with her pussy opening.

The rather mediocre Maze structure will no longer be produced from now on, as (presumably) sales have not been high enough recently. In my opinion, this was the right step, not a big loss, as far more effective new structural concepts have now been developed by the Fleshlight manufacturer ILF.

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What work Fleshlight Jenna Haze

Therefore, the best structure from the Fleshjack Boys series called “Bliss” was re-released with Jenna Haze’s pussy under the name Obsession and finally Straight Fleshlight fans can also enjoy this fantastic structure (without the thought in the back of their minds that the anal opening was molded by a man).

In the front area of the obsession structure is a 35 x 18 mm chamber, which is equipped with five very pronounced transverse ribs.

Behind it is an elongated, drop-shaped chamber that continues to the end of the insert. In this chamber there is an impressive landscape of long-stemmed pimples, which are so close together that the chamber is almost completely filled by them.

The pimples protrude at a 45 degree angle in the direction of the channel entrance, have pointed ends and look like the Destroya channel.

After a short tightness when entering the Obsession Channel, a strong acorn massage follows through the well perceptible transverse rib structure in the first chamber.

The five ribs run closely over the glans, creating very intense striating stimulations that hit the glans at high frequency as the individual ribs pass through.

However, this relatively violent stimulation is only the prelude to the extremely intensive pimple stimulation that follows in the main chamber of the insert.

Because here the glans dips into a dense meadow of nubs that whirl around the glans and the penis shaft from all sides and thereby trigger a lot of punctual stimulation impulses.

During the inward movement, the pimples bend and”embrace” the glans and form a certain resistance, the overcoming of which creates an incredibly beautiful feeling of stimulation.

The intensive striating stimulation and the even more intensive punctual stimulation form a great contrast to each other and provide variety.

The constant change between the two types of stimulation makes masturbation with the Obsession Channel a unique experience. You can’t resist this”stimulation duration fire” for very long and you will reach an orgasm relatively quickly. Therefore, this channel is particularly interesting for circumcised men with a less sensitive head.

In addition to the effective massage effect of the rib and pimple structure, the suction effect is absolutely impressive.

After a few glides in and out, a strong negative pressure accumulates between the pimples, which additionally enriches the overall stimulation with its great and clearly perceptible suction effect.

As with all strongly structured inserts, the Obsession Channel is also a little more complex to clean, as many sperm and lubricant residues remain in the dense pimpled structure.

These should be removed thoroughly to prevent mould growth.

The drying time is relatively long (6 – 8 hours), but can be shortened by drying with paper towels (kitchen roll) or a towel.


The Obsession Channel is another ILF masterpiece with an optimal structural design. The channel offers an incredibly intense mix of striated and punctual stimulation and the excellent suction effect makes the overall stimulation perfect. The stimulation effects act at a very high frequency on the glans and penis shaft and lead quickly and effectively to orgasm.

Particularly circumcised men with less acorn sensitivity will love this channel, because more stimulation is really not possible.

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User reviews

At the beginning the material smells very strong, it also feels a bit “tight”. After the first 20 uses, however, the smell disappears and the material becomes nicely soft and thus feels much more pleasant. The material has to get used to the use. I already had expensive luxury masturbators from Japan which cost over 100 Euro and between them and the Fleshlight there is not much going on, therefore clear buy recommendation. The price-performance ratio is top!


Clearly to a real Living Woman the part does not reach far. But for quick relaxation in between, it is always better than manual operation.

Peter Scots

Jenna Haze Edition:

Unfortunately, it seems that if you want to visit your favourite performers at home to check the authenticity of a can of lust, you go into custody. Judges don’t understand either.

I’m not a stalker?!


Almost like the real thing. A very good alternative, I will certainly get the same replacement if necessary, easy to clean and discreet. Gladly again.

Klaus Buenermann

Clean it with boiling water” hasn’t hurt so far” doesn’t smell …. there’s nothing to complain” I can recommend.

Whether the texture inside is the best I can’t say, I don’t compare it.


Not a bad smell, easy to clean. When you follow the usage hints, it seems like real sex. Super recommend. Super soft


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