Male Masturbation: Best Techniques to Try & Practice

 Male Masturbation Techniques: Guide for Dummies

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A lot of men in this world got used to doing it fast as if they are teenagers hiding their dirty lustful intentions from their mothers. It’s disgusting how judgmental most people are in matters of self-satisfaction. Do you still consider letting some steam of immoral and abnormal? It’s a physiological need. It’s as essential as having a regular shower and going to sleep every night. If your sexual life is insufficient, masturbation is a perfect way to restart your hormone system on your own and relax both physically and psychologically. We’ll help you do it better.

Masturbation Benefits

Картинки по запросу male masturbation benefits

Masturbation is evenly natural for both men and women as for numerous animals in wild nature. Reaching an orgasm when you need it is healthy. As soon as you include this practice into your everyday life, you’ll get the following advantages:

  • You’ll reduce stress levels;
  • You’ll have an excellent therapy that blocks the potential development of prostate cancer ;
  • You’ll get better sleep and a pleasant feel of relaxation.

A willing to get relaxed through jerking off usually appears when you’re a teen, and it emerges years after even in case if you’re an adult in a relationship. It all depends on the power of your libido.

Solo Masturbation vs Masturbating With Partner

Картинки по запросу male masturbation benefits

You’ve probably already tried all sorts of jack-off experiences and figured out the preferable one. However, sticking to one specific technique limits your variety to a couple of standard regular variants. Keep in mind that skillful solo action is as complex as regular sex with a partner. It also includes a wide choice of positions, additional mechanic or electric tools, sex toys and other naughty elements.

In case if you are in a meaningful relationship with your partner, you can easily suggest him or her a collaborative masturbation session where you can act as a teacher demonstrating your skills and showing your partner how to be horny and please each other more excitingly. This sort of activity implies a lot more than essential physiological relaxation. You’ll be able to learn more about each other’s sex preferences while doing this together!

Картинки по запросу base of the penis masturbation

Best Sex Toys

Yes, sex toys for men are already presented in the same variety as the ones for girls. Of course, you can search the net for DIY options that you can recreate on your own with the help of you household materials (duct tape, latex gloves, sponges, silicone sealant, cornstarch, bubble wrap, elastic bands…). However, none of the homemade tools will give you a satisfying experience.

The most critical components of a blissful jerk-off session are:

  • Lube. The best ones are water-based. Lube will help you avoid rashes and inflammations. Besides, lubes a perfect in matters of hygiene. Get them in any of the local drugstores.

Картинки по запросу water based lube

  • Cock ring (with or without vibration). Don’t get freaked out before you try this masterfully created a tool designed with male’s physiology in mind. One of the main advantages of a cock ring is that it gives you a chance to experience multiple orgasms finally. Yes, this option is available not only for women. This tool helps you prolong the sexual intercourse; it controls the intensity of your ejaculations thus giving you a possibility to cum for several times in a row.

Картинки по запросу cock rings

A comfortable and perfectly-fitting vibrating couple’s ring worn by men when making love, TOR 2 enhances the sensations of sex for both partners

  • Fully Rechargeable
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 6 Pleasure Settings
  • 1-year coverage
  • Fleshlight. Investing in a high-end Fleshlight products will give your cock a wide range of masturbation experiences. Some of them mimic the real pleasure holes of porn actors (including males), some of them are designed with realistic anatomy in mind, and some of them are made to improve your sexual stamina (they have a beneficial stimulation).

Картинки по запросу fleshlight

Destroya is one of the most intense textures but with great variety in width and pressure it’s suitable for all men.


The Destroya Insert provides excellent and extremely intense stimulation, which is accompanied by variable tightness and a strong suction effect.

  • Auto blowjob machines. One of the most famous and most confusing options at a time is Autoblow+ released by Fleshlight. That’s an intellectual automatic blowjob tool that does the job on its own. Nevertheless, it has certain drawbacks that have already been discussed on our website. Launch released by Fleshlight is slowly gaining more and more popularity among the fans of the brand.

Картинки по запросу fleshlight

Without a doubt, it is the first truly realistic alternative to the other male sex toys. In addition, it can be used in solo sex games as well as in a common love play in a couple.

The Autoblow 2+ XT is known as “the top blowjob machine”. An updated model offers even more overwhelming and insane blowjobs than its predecessor does.

  • Vibrator. Use a basic vibrator to stimulate your penis from the outside or get a more expensive anal tool that will lead you to an impressive prostate finish you’ll never be able to forget. There are special male G-spot vibrators that will drastically change your way of thinking about jerking-off.

Картинки по запросу p spot vibrator

  • HUGO is a prostate massage device with remote control that represents a completely new approach to man's lust - both for the love duet and the solo.
  • HUGO is perfect for stronger, better orgasms with two powerful motors in the base and tip and its elegant, sleek design - even without using your hands.
  • Waterproof, rechargeable and remote control
  • More fun options than ever with motion-activated modes.
  • Medium size for any type of adventure
  • Perfect for your first time or for use in love play.

Helpful Masturbation Techniques

Now that we’re done with necessary tools, it’s high time to pass on to some practice. 

Mood Matters

Картинки по запросу male masturbation with hips

If you have enough time to spare on a masturbation session, make sure you do it without hustle.

  • Turn relaxing music on;
  • Launch your favourite porn;
  • Grab a bottle of lubricant and keep it ready in case if you need it in the process;
  • Don’t hesitate and let your body show you what you want.

Use Your Hips

Картинки по запросу male hips masturbation

Try to thrust the muscles of your hips in the process. It will stimulate your testicles as well as your anal muscles. This may result in an explosive finish beyond your habitual expectations. Next time when you’re up for solo action, engage your hips in circular or in back-and-forth motions for a more impressive result.

Slow Down

Картинки по запросу slow male masturbation

One of the best ways to reach a perfect finish is to masturbate without hustle. Learn to do it slower and stop trying to make this process offensively short. Enjoy yourself to the full, and you’ll understand that sometimes it can be even better than regular sex. 

IMPORTANT! If you regularly try to reach the climax too fast, you slowly train your body to get used to getting faster orgasms. It may result in premature ejaculation in the future. It’s especially important for teenagers because they’re still in the process of forming their hormone levels. 
Don’t push your natural sexual relaxation too fast. Speed is an individual thing, and you’ll never be able to predict how much time you need for satisfaction. Be patient.

Like a Pulse

The pulsating slow and start again technique will give you incredible benefits. Stop masturbating the moment you’re almost ready to come to be able to prolong the stimulation further. This results in impressive finishes and works well for premature ejaculation. The technique looks like this:

  • Begin masturbating and stop as soon as you feel aroused;
  • Do the same in about two or three minutes;
  • Let yourself get close to an orgasm and stop the stimulation as soon as you understand you’re ready to cum.

You aim to make the semen run through the shaft of your penis and get back again. The longer you’re able to keep it inside, the stronger ejaculation you’ll get. Besides, a technique like this promotes better endurance.

This technique is especially beneficial for virgins. You’ll understand it when you get into a vagina for the first time. You first sex partner will appreciate your ability to hold on for such a long time.


Картинки по запросу testicles male masturbation

Unfortunately, they don’t get enough attention in the process of masturbation. The best thing to do is to put them down with your fingers gently. Get a Hitachi magic wand that will be able to produce a robust massaging vibration that will reach not only your testicles but also even your prostate.  

Картинки по запросу Hitachi magic wand

Screw This!

The screwing movement around your penis results in a very intense sensation that can be compared to the most popular masturbation sleeves. No wonder, that real brand Fleshlight models are more efficient. Nevertheless, the screwing movement tip will deliver you pleasing sensations.


Картинки по запросу prostate orgasm

Male G-spot is one of the most sensitive areas of a man’s body. Men from all over the world are still hesitant about massaging the spot through the anal canal. However, they don’t understand that they deprive themselves of the MOST INTENSIVE SENSATIONS EVER. Learn more about the prostate massage on our website. You’ll never forget a stimulation like this, and you’ll always seek an opportunity to experience this more and more times in a row. 

No Rush

Картинки по запросу testicles male masturbation

Normal masturbation is about meeting the needs of your whole body. Take time to get closer to your sensations. Focus on every single spot of your body. Have a glass of wine if it’s hard for you to relax. Launch a porn video of your liking. Pay attention to the pulsations in your pelvic area. Feel the cum moving up and down the shaft of your penis.

Change Hands

Changing hands in the process may prolong the pleasing sensation and lead you to the desired feel slower.

One of the best methods of changing hands is sitting or lying on one of them till it gets numb and then trying to jerk-off and feel like it’s someone else’s hand. This simulation works with most males.

Low Start

The lower you start stimulating, the better sensations you’ll get. The base of your penis is susceptible. That’s a place where the shaft gets linked to the testicles and this technique combined with a proper prostate massage can lead you to a mind-blowing ejaculation you’ll ever be able to forget.

Bottom Line

Картинки по запросу stop and start masturbation

Regular jack-off sessions are comparable to regular morning exercises. They bring positive sensations, they stimulate you for a more active day, and they help you deal with everyday stress levels. You should be brave about your solo actions and bed because there’s nothing wrong in letting some steam off with your own hands plus additional helpful techniques.  

Don’t be afraid of experimenting. Everything that makes your body feel comfortable is healthy, no matter what others think it is. Everything is ok unless you’re hurting someone else for no reason. It’s not only about your physical relief – it’s about health and emotional stability.

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