Test Fleshlight Launch Review Fleshlight Launch: Male Sex Toy for Virtual Reality

Test Fleshlight Launch

The Fleshlight Launch is a Fleshlight adapter that can move the Fleshlight up and down the penis completely independently.

This allows a completely hands-free use of the sex toy and a completely new realistic blowjob experience.

How does the Fleshlight Launch work?

The Fleshlight Launch has a tubular shape. Any Fleshlight model can be inserted into the tube and fixed with a short rotation.

Next you should generously lubricate your penis and the inside of the pocket pussy with lubricant and bring you into an erotic mood. When you are ready you can enter the Fleshlight with your erect penis and Launch does the rest.

How can the new Sextoy be used?

The speed of the up and down movement of the Fleshlight can be controlled manually via control panels on the Lustmuschi.

The greatest strength however, the new Fleshlight Launch has numerous interactive applications in which stimulation movements can be remotely controlled via Bluetooth.

The device can be connected to videos, games and webcams via Bluetooth. In addition, the Sexspielezug is fully compatible with various VR glasses and thus enables completely new and incredibly realistic masturbation experiences.

There are many possible applications. As a partner for the launch project, the Fleshlight manufacturer has brought the experts for interactive sex toys from Kiroo on board.

The toy can help couples to survive longer separation phases, offers Webcam Girls numerous application possibilities or can be used in connection with suitable videos of feelme.com and VR glasses for incredibly realistic masturbation possibilities.

The action on the screen is translated directly into the corresponding stimulation movements of the sexgame procession in the feelme.com videos. So you get directly involved in the action on the screen and can experience your favorite porn as if you were there live.

Where can I buy the Fleshlight Launch?

The pocket pussy is currently only available from the manufacturer. Will probably also be available soon in all leading Sex Online Shops.

User Reviews

Scope of delivery:
Masturbator with both openings | Charging cable USB – micro USB | micro USB in ear headphones (does what it should, very cheap of course) | short description | small tube Paloqueth lubricant

Vibrating function:
The onahole has a very vibrating vibrator that fits into a pocket provided in the onahole. There are 10 simple vibration modes and a special one that plays sound as well. Only for a few seconds, though. There’s nothing in the description either.

Mechanical function:
The onahole is very soft and feels very comfortable. However, everything is very limited by the plastic and unfortunately the feeling suffers from it. Therefore I would recommend this product to those who would like a lot of feedback. However, it was almost too small for me.
Together with the Paloqueth lubricant (there is no better except Bad Dragon) it is still a lot of fun.

Acoustic function:
First of all, it must be said that this product should be produced and sold at a low price. That’s why the included headphones are really cheap.
The idea is to get an acoustic feedback in addition to the vibration, but this is very loud and therefore not recommended for longer use. In addition, it only lasted one loop. That moaning in itself is ok, albeit a little too exaggerated.

Unfortunately, cleaning is very complicated: You have to take the fleece out first to clean it. After that you have to use it again, of course. All in all, I can do it in about 2-3 minutes.
Afterwards, however, it can be discreetly stored anywhere thanks to the caps.

This masturbator is indeed trimmed to a low price. However, it plays in a completely different price league than many others that offer similar performance.
Therefore the 5 stars are appropriate despite deficiencies!


The’device’ is packed in a neutral white cardboard box and does not attract attention.

This box contains the black’device’ (packed in a sealed plastic foil), a 25 gram tube of water-based lubricant, in-ear headphones, a USB cable and a user manual.

On the black’device’ you can unscrew the covers at both ends to get the two different insertion methods. The material itself feels good and very realistic.

In the black plastic housing is the soft and’playable’ part in which a small vibrator is also inserted.
When you switch on the device, a blue light is lit and nothing happens yet, when you press it again, the vibration modes start, which you can select between 10 different possibilities by pressing it again.

Pressing the’on/off’ button twice in quick succession lights a red light and activates the’noises’; they start automatically as soon as the’device’ is moved/shake/used.

We tested it thoroughly once. With a jerk, the lady makes realistic noises for about 6 seconds or as long as it is in motion. The noises and moans sound realistic.

While sound and vibraion are active, the light flashes or glows blue/red, depending on the current vibration (this can not be adjusted with sound, but is also not necessary, as it varies comfortably on its own).

The device is switched off by pressing the’on/off’ button for 3 seconds.

Of course, the inner part inside the black plastic housing could also be used without a vibration part, but that’s the special thing about this part.

All in all a great device for’fun times’. Only the cleaning or the return into the black plastic cover is a bit tedious, but I think with some practice this is no problem anymore.


What is important with this device? To the feeling! And that’s why it gets full points. Both the simulated front entrance and the rear entrance have a very pleasant feeling. Although not realistic, it has had a goose bumps moment.

The insert is also easy to clean. Simply pull out the silicone insert towards the rear and remove the motor. Alternatively you can also open the plastic (or still your cheap plastic) cover. Careful, however, with the cable to the vibrator.

Then don’t be shy, nothing will break, turn it around and wash with lukewarm water and a little shower gel, soap or sink. Dry off and turn around again.

And on that score, it’s worth the money. Even if the appearance and especially the black plastic are far from a valuable product. And the sound and headphones (you can’t take any others, they are MicroUSB headphones) are quite the opposite of stimulating.


Last I got this masturbator. It is well made and seems to be of high quality. Included was a small tube of lubricant and a small vibrator.

In use, the material itself is very real. you can determine the pressure for yourself, as there are two tabs on the sides to press more firmly if necessary. The only thing that turned out to be complicated in my opinion was the cleaning. The product is only open on one side and is difficult to remove from the housing.

Nevertheless a good product and for this price more than “satisfying”!



I received the product one day after ordering in discreet packaging (as always).

I can only say: positive things about the product, the vibration does what it promises and provides a quite pleasant and varied feeling with the different vibration modes. You can use the masturbator from both sides, one is shown as a vagina and the other as a round tight hole, which should simulate the anal canal.The material is almost odourless and feels good, you can take out the inside, so it is very easy to wash out the product, the only flaw is that the outside cover is a little”cheap” in quality, which is not that bad.

I can highly recommend the product.



At the beginning I was thrilled by the elegant visual impression. The product, front away is just great. Besides the vibro-egg, there is also a second tube of lubricant for an immediate start.

I have tried the product; I personally have been”satisfied” by the noble workmanship, the operation and the feeling. A clear instruction manual gives tips for use.

The cleaning is easy. I would therefore recommend the product to others.


I ordered the product because it looked very interesting.

The package arrived very discreetly packed.

Very good quality, but above a certain size the two openings are a bit too narrow. However, with a lot of oil feasible. The headphones and charging cables are included. Porn star voice well… It’s not dirty talk, it’s just a woman moaning. Vibration’s going very well. This is something new and I’m glad I could test it.


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