4 Best Penis Sleeves

4 Best Penis Sleeves

A penis sleeve is a sex toy making your penis longer and more textured.

You can choose the model, making your penis bigger, longer, wider or add some fancy details to give the partner paradise pleasure. (1)

Also, it does sexual intercourse longer due to the natural decrease in the sensitivity of a penis.

Big advantage: such increase temporary, you at any time can remove a sleeve or put on back. No surgery, only top toys!

He will add to your penis length and a grasp to give to the partner at most pleasuresThe sleeve will make your sex more various and more interesting Pressure upon your penis will increase; therefore you derive more pleasure

1. Lovehoney Twin Teasers Textured Penis Sleeves

This is one of the best penis sleeves in all over the world.

It’s made of skin-safe rubber created especially for toys.


  • One year guarantee. If it gets broken, you’ll get all money back;
  • Much cheaper than the others at the expense of two objects in a set. Two types of extension for one price;
  • Very textured;

  • Contains with water-based lube only;
  • Doesn’t contain latex or phthalates;
  • Very stretchable material suits for all sizes and gives perfect extension;

  • Easy to get on, doesn’t slip;
  • Almost does not reduce the sensitivity of a penis thanks to the maximum softness and tenderness;
  • You can use it for masturbating: add some lube in your sleeve and start your solo.


  • Cleaning it can be hard because of lots of hillocks on the sleeve and it doesn’t look realistic.
  • It surely requires lubes, but all other toys do.
  • It can be creepy for the first look, so you should know, that it is very soft and gentle.

2. Perfect Fit Fat Boy Thin Penis Extender with Ball Loop

Great size booster for all penis sizes. This sleeve gives very soft and gentle feelings.

The sleeve made of antibacterial elastomer(SilaSkin) for toys.


  • The best penis sleeve gives natural feel;
  • Super soft and tender realistic material;
  • Makes sex duration longer;

  • Closed-end perfect for contraception. But you should use the condom for maximum safety;
  • The inside covered with a tape with the small relief balls which are gently massing your penis;
  • Your balls opened for maximum pleasure;
  • Will be suitable for a penis of any size and gives cool extension even on the giant penis;
  • Adds 1 inch in diameter.


  • Packaging is not perfect, won’t suit as a present.
  • Can be too big for small cocks, so you need to lose some extension bu cutting it.
  • White colour looks unnaturally and not realistic.
  • Too expensive to the quality.

  • Too soft in comparison with the real cock, the difference is quite strongly noticeable if to compare to the actual penis. Absolutely not realistic feel
  • Can seem slimy in the partner if you add too much lubricant.
  • This model looks not so sexy as other toys.

3. Fantasy X-Tensions Duo Clit Climax-Her Vibrating Penis Sleeve

Frankensleeve? Of course! It is the best penis sleeve for fans of freaky toys.

This toy made of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).


  • Has vibrating “rabbit ears” for clitoral stimulation. Take her to the top orgasm better than over vibro – toys;
  • Easy cleaning;
  • Body colour makes natural look for white people.


  • Testicle loop is too tight for big balls and can be very painful, so men cannot get a realistic feel.

  • Hard to get on.
  • Can be too big, you need to cut it for a realistic feel.

  • The wire with the controller can be very inconvenient. In the heat of sex to find and switch the vibrator bullet modes complicated; therefore its advantage is quite doubtful.
  • The wire can break easily.

  • Hard to pull back bullet vibrator after cleaning and the vibrator is rather short-lived, it is difficult to replace batteries and to repair.
  • The container for bullets falls off for several tens of times of use because of the fragility of TPE.

  • If you are not cut off, it is necessary to cut off a piece of the top part of a sleeve so that extreme flesh freely went. If jams it, it will be excruciating.
  • Not so realistic.

4. Mega 3 inch Extension

One of the best penis sleeves, if we are talking about size. It makes your penis bigger for 66%!

This sleeve made of FantaFlesh (thermoplastic elastomers, also TPE) for toys.


  • Very realistic material;
  • Gives extension for 3 inches in one second.


  • Can get very sticky after even the first use.
  • This toy gives no support and bents easily so not realistic.
  • Veins are to relief and can be painful for tender skin.

  • Quickly wears out, spoils and becomes unsuitable to use.
  • Too hard head prevents to derive pleasure and can hurt.
  • This material requires lots of lubes, more than all over toys.

  • This material can cause an allergy.
  • Too expensive to such short-lived toy with a set of shortcomings.
  • The smell of this toy is awful.

  • It can be used only with water-based lubricants.
  • Too soft for regular use, doesn’t feel like a real cock.
  • Stretchy, so absolutely doesn’t seem like a real penis.

What is the penis sleeve?

A penis sleeve is a sex toy making your penis size bigger. It puts on almost like a condom.

The toy can look as usual penis, a futuristic sex toy or anything a phallic form. Most of the toys have no fastenings, or they are held on the place by the small loop fastening on testicles — loops made of soft and pleasant material, not too hard so their use won’t be painful.

Penis sleeves usually are made of silicon and TPE created especially for sex toys. They come in different sizes, forms, colours, and shapes.

Cock sleeves were designed to enhance sexual duration, give you the extension.

How does it work?

  1. The penis sleeve will make the head of a penis less sensitive, working as thick condom so sex duration considerably will increase.
  2. Besides, producers often add additional accessories stimulating a penis increasing pleasure to an internal part.
  3. As well as all other sex toys, it was not created to force you to feel awkward because of the sizes of your genitals. It is just a way to diversify sex life and to add to it new paints.

In what case do I need a penis sleeve?

  1. You want to surprise the partner and to make sexual intercourse more interesting with a realistic feel.
  2. You want to solve a problem of early ejaculation, without resorting to tablets, injections, and operations. The decrease in sensitivity will help to prolong sex. Thanks to the fact that this temporary solution, it will not do any harm to your organism there cannot be an overdose or a medical error here.
  3. You want to try something new in a bed.
  4. You want to bring the partner to a set of orgasms for the short term.

How to use a penis sleeve?

  • If you use it for the first time, clean it with toy cleaner (pick only top cleaners);
  • Add some lube on your penis and put it on for smooth realistic feel;
  • If at a penis sleeve there is a ring for testicles, place them in it;
  • If an internal part is too big for you, cut off a sleeve, previously having removed it. Be not afraid to lose a little extension: the main thing – realistic feelings.

  • Add lube on all surface of your toy;
  • Add lube on your partner;
  • Be very careful and gentle at the beginning. The unusual size can give the mass of an inconvenience and pain if habitually to enter sharp and the movement. Ruptures of vaginal or anal muscles will become an occasion to visit the hospital, but not receive the ocean of orgasms;

  • If an extension is too big and hurts partner, stop it;
  • After use take it off carefully and clean it with toy cleaner;
  • Let it dry thoroughly before moving away from him in a box, a box or a sack;
  • Before reuse wash it with toy cleanser again. If you just finished and want to repeat, clean it before sex to avoid pregnancy.

Safety measures

  • As well as in a case with any other toys, a penis sleeve specific rules and precautionary measures have sex. These measures directed to making your sex safer and to keep your health; therefore, we advise to follow them.

  • Always use enough lube. Pick only top, high-quality, water-based, safe and hypoallergenic lube from reliable suppliers.

  • You can cut off the peace of most of these toys if you feel too freely in it. So never do it while the sleeve is on your penis! Just take the erasable marker or any safe painting thing and not the right place. You risk injuring the penis strongly, cutting a sleeve directly on yourself. And always cut it if it’s required: a little extension is not so important if we talk about true pleasure.

  • Clean it with toy cleanser only. Many producers put a sampler of cleaner, and the lubricant suitable your material and at once on the website specify type of underlying structures. Also, on the site of the producer, you can find lubricant and cleaner intended for these concrete models. Don’t use ordinary soap, ware washer or shower gel. It can damage the soft material of your best penis sleeve. But worst of all the fact that this substance can remain on a toy and get on gentle skin and mucous, causing an allergy and irritation. Remember that cleaners for toys not just an invention of producers. They are developed uniquely and are washed away from toys thoroughly, protecting you from problems.

  • Don’t boil the penis sleeve. All materials applied to these toys from such strong heating will collapse and will also spoil the capacity in which you boil both a toy and your mood.
  • If your toy is not realistic and has lots of hilltops clear it carefully. But do not forget about need most carefully to clean toys you should not forget even with realistic toys.

  • This toy is not contraceptive, its created for extension only. Use condoms if you have sex with the woman and you do not plan to bring children in the nearest future. An exception is Lovehoney Twin Teasers Textured Penis Sleeves: its end wholly closed. Besides, it will be difficult to pick up condom because of a set of hillocks for it. Also, condoms will help to prolong the life of your toy.

Now you can choose the best penis sleeve and make your sex life better (if you have some problems, especially: (2)).


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2. Non-pharmacological and non-surgical strategies to promote sexual recovery for men with erectile dysfunction