Prostate Milking: Get an Incredible Male G-Spot Orgasm!

Prostate Milking Orgasm: Mechanics, Benefits & Tips

Prostate Milking Orgasm: Mechanics, Benefits & Tips

Картинки по запросу prostate milking health benefits

Initially, this intimate procedure was very useful in ancient Asian countries where men had several wives at a time. The process helped to support and develop sexual stamina and overall endurance. A man who experienced regular prostate massaging procedures was able to maintain as many erections as he wanted. The mission of this procedure has changed over time. Here’s what we’ve managed to find out…

Prostate Milking Mechanics

The process includes a number of various techniques depending on the specialist and the desired goal. It doesn’t necessarily involve an orgasm, but if you’re interested in a new way of getting sexual pleasure, you can achieve multiple orgasms in several simple steps. 

Картинки по запросу prostate milking health benefits

The aim of a stimulation like this is to make your prostate free of stale prostatic liquid. It’s carried out via direct stimulation of a prostate gland. As a result, your prostate muscles contract uncontrollably and throw out the remnants of your fluids giving way to the restart of your sexual arousal cycle.

This therapeutic operation can be done with fingers or numerous mechanic tools with or without vibration. The following ways are usually practiced:

  • Through the perineum (situated in the gap between the scrotum and anus);
  • Internally (through a rectal opening);
  • With the help of Kegel prostate exercise (we’ll write about it further).

You’ll have to follow the instructions and a massage like this can lead to extremely intensive orgasms that you would never expect from regular sexual intercourse or masturbation. Unfortunately, numerous men still hesitate about the experience like this. (1)

Remember: your sexual orientation has nothing to do with the activities that please you most in bed. Have a chat with your partner and find a nerve to do this together because it’s worth it. All men agree that g-spot stimulation has already made them addicted.

Read further for more information about the ways to cum with your prostate.


Yes, getting hooked up on multiple orgasms through prostate milking is possible. You blow off a little steam and get rid of sexual and emotional tensions. It’s a bliss that motivates you and leads you to the path filled with endless orgasmic experiences. Why should only women have the right for multiple orgasms?

To Get Started

If you strive for this ecstatic feeling and if it’s your first time you deal with prostate milking, there are some things you need to take into consideration.

  • Be ready, that you’ll have to break yourself mentally. You will never feel the same after you reach this point. You’ll wait for a chance to perceive it as many times as you can withstand. If you manage to find a partner who will help you with a “therapy” like this, it will be a huge success.
  • You’ll cum with a clear liquid that will look nothing like sperm. It has nothing to do with a regular orgasm you get while masturbating or having sex with your partner. This liquid usually gets renovated on its own. Now there’s a way to intensify the process. 

G-Spot for Men?

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Prostate massage definitely has benefits. The first one you get is especially useful for your brain that has already got used to habitual ways of getting pleasure. The reason why most men feel like screaming when they have their first prostate orgasms is that it’s a new sensation to the brain. It’s an unknown experience that makes your body and mind more sensitive and responsive to stimulations of a different sort.

Ok, how can I find this G-spot myself?

The easiest way to feel it is to get two inches deep into the rectum in the direction of the belly. It’s an end of the nerve that is as sensitive as a woman’s clitoris. The proper stimulation will rewire the regular productivity of your brain. This “reload” will alter the way you treat sexual pleasure forever. 

Basic Approaches 

Outward Massage

Inward Massage

Kegel Exercise

It means you have to apply direct pressure through the perineum. It can quickly be done not only with fingers but with the powerful sex toys.

This type of massage is often used medically. If you’re a newbie in matters of stimulation like this, you need to understand, that it’s a routine task for doctors dealing with Digital Rectal Examination.

It can ideally be used for getting sexual pleasure. Just follow the instructions.

It’s a medically approved pelvic floor exercise. It can be done differently. This technique is advantageous in case if:

·         You want to hold back urine as long as possible;

·         You want to increase the stability and hardness of your erections on a regular basis.


External Prostate Milking Process

The perineum is a diamond-shaped area between the genitals and your anus. The male G-spot is positioned right in this area.

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  1. Fetch a bottle of almond oil or natural castor oil.
  2. Make sure you know how to contract your pubococcygeus (both males and females have it – it stretches between your legs starting with your belly bottom and finishing with your spine). It helps you control your urination process. If you use this muscle in the process of milking, you’ll be greatly impressed by the results.
  3. Finger your G-spot right. You can also simulate this area while having sex with your partner – this way you’ll duplicate the potential pleasure.
  4. Start with moderate pressure with your fingertips or a special prostate massager. You’ll have to increase the pressure in the process. It’s the same with the stimulation of a woman’s clitoris.
  5. Carry on massaging until you get to the desired peak.

TIP: Try the Prostate Cradle in case if you have enough cash to invest in your sexual pleasure. This magical tool is designed with the physiological specifications of a male body in mind. It’s automatic (in case if you attach a vibrating device to it) and it will do all the work on its own in case if you’re planning not only to exercise but to deliver yourself a massive orgasmic relaxation. That’s a medically approved invention with a ton of positive reviews from the satisfied users.

Картинки по запросу prostate milking cradle


Internal G-spot Massage Process

As well as the external one, this massage can be performed with the help of your fingers of specifically designed milking tools. Find a specialist who will be able to carry out this procedure for you or do it on your own if you have enough courage for a start. It mostly depends on your aims. If you aren’t doing it for sexual purposes, you can easily entrust yourself into the hands of the medical professionals. If you’re looking for sexual pleasure, the best way will be to study this prostate milking science together with your partner. Mutual emotional stimulation is as important as the physical one.

This type of massage is one of the simplest and most effective ones. It’s not solely a medical treatment of your sexual stamina, but a high possibility to enhance your regular erotic satisfaction.

  1. This may sound displeasing, but make sure that your rectum is empty. In case if your body is too impressed with the stimulation, there’s a high chance that you stop controlling your rectum muscles. This will be your first prostate orgasm experience – don’t spoil it with disappointing issues. The best time for pleasure like this is after the bowel movement.
  2. Have a hot shower or a bath to relax the muscles and to clean your anal opening and rectum as maximum as possible for your potential comfort.
  3. Don’t forget to cut your fingernails. Use a nail file to make the edges of your fingernails smooth in order not to damage your rectum area and let yourself be completely relaxed in the process of penetration.
  4. If you’re still afraid of doing it with your bare hands, purchase a couple of medical gloves in one of the local pharmacies or supermarkets. They are widely available and don’t demand any therapeutic permission. Numerous people buy them for the regular nursing of their pets and baby children. Latex may feel more comfortable for you.
  5. Lay back on a comfortable and stable surface. You can do it both on the back or the side of your body. Make sure you have a soft towel ready.
  6. Use castor oils or any other massage oil to lubricate your anal area. Remember, that the best lubricant solutions are water-based lubes. They are quite costly, but they never cause rashes or unpleasant feelings. They are especially recommended in case if you deal with sex toys – water based lubes provide longevity to the materials used in the structure of every single sex toy including real-life sex dolls.
  7. Fill in your anal hole with a tip of your finger and start rotating it slowly increasing the pressure.

You have to be slow because your muscles will need time to relax if it’s the first time you do it. Push your finger further until it fully gets into your rectum. Make sure you position your finger or your sex toy at the right angle (the stimulation spot is situated in the direction of your belly bottom). If the angle is correct, your finger will find out the position on its own and side in itself.

Don’t be nervous, breathe in deeply. Keep in mind that you only have to get adjusted to the non-habitual situation. The longer you’re able to stay calm, the faster you’ll make your mind and body relaxed and ready for a new way to get sexual satisfaction. You need to understand that fingering yourself like this you get a lot more than a physiological outlet. You train your stamina and enhance your masculinity.

IMPORTANT! Even if you already have some prostate issues, there’s nothing wrong with doing this procedure on your own. This won’t do any worse to the condition you already have. You’ll have to be gentle and non-hesitant. 

The continuous stimulation increases the flow of blood on your prostate area making the stale fluids leave your body giving way to a renewal and refreshment process. That’s why there’s nothing wrong if clear liquid gets out of your penis. It’s a natural beneficial process. In case if you’re a sexually healthy man, you’ll result in quite a lot of fluid. If you suffer from a clinical prostate condition, you won’t get very much of it. Go on with regular prostate milking, and you’ll see that the amount of the released liquid increases, which is favourable. 

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Kegel Exercise

It’s a straightforward exercise that won’t necessarily lead you to a prostate orgasm from the first, second or third time. It’s especially beneficial for men because eventually, it leads to mind-blowing orgasms and impressive erections. Kegel exercise is also great for those who are still hesitant about prostate milking. They won’t lead to orgasms, but they’ll dramatically increase your sexuality and ability to get long-lasting orgasms from both anal and usual sexual stimulation.

Картинки по запросу kegel exercise for men


Prostate Milking & Sex

If your partner is trustworthy, you can easily pass to this sort of intimacy. You’ll need to be mutually relaxed and make each other feel safe. Anal muscles are tight. There’s nothing wrong if you feel sort of discomfort at first. As soon as you get into the process, you will feel how your lower muscles get relaxed. The tensions will give way to direct prostate gland stimulation, and your body will understand that there’s no reason to thrust the muscles too tight.

As soon as you get your first male orgasm with your partner, you’ll never feel uncomfortable and too tight again.

TIP: Yes, you’d better get rid of the excessive hair between your buttocks. This will add up to your sexual arousal and make it easier to slip into your rectum for you or your partner.

Intense Orgasm

The Nexus Revo 2 is the next step in male pleasure technology, created to enable the user to reach new heights of orgasmic bliss through the power of prostate massage

Prostate Milking PROs & CONs

Картинки по запросу prostate milking pros and cons

The chief advantage is the improvement of your regular sexual life. New things develop your relationship to an entirely new level that includes trust, satisfaction and complete mutual inclusiveness into each other’s lives. It’s more than a physical process if you are in a relationship – it’s an emotional basis that demonstrates how brave and dedicated you can be.

Study the following list of advantages and possible disadvantages of the process to be better informed if you’re a newbie.



·         Improvement of your prostate health;

·         Ability to experience a long-lasting prostate orgasm that has nothing to do with your regular finish;

·         It’s natural, and you’ll need nothing more but your finger to get to the peak;

·         You’ll get an excellent additional treatment for numerous sexual dysfunctions issues (read further).

·         It looks frightening for most men, and it has nothing to deal with sexual orientation;

·         You’ll have to learn some techniques before you’ll get a chance to reach the orgasm;

·         Men with medically confirmed prostate health issues should contact their physicians before they try to deal with procedures like this.


Well, it looks that a process like this is a perfect mix of pros and cons. Everything depends on o your male health characteristics. If you experience regular medical check-ups and if you know you have nothing to be afraid of, prostate milking will make your way to achieve multiple orgasms, stable and frequent erections, and sexual arousal each time you need it.

Mens’ Health Conditions Treatment

It all depends on the advice of your therapist. Nevertheless, prostate massage generally gives a positive influence in case if you suffer from:

  • Painful Ejaculation. The stale liquid usually causes this. Prostate milking procedure helps you get rid of it and make your reproductive system get renewed on its own.
  • Erectile Dysfunction. This type of massage was initially used to improve men’s sexual performance. The release of the extra fluid from the prostate gave the body a chance for renewal. This therapy is perfect in combination with meds and prostate milking massagers and pumps.
  • Urethra Support. The prostate muscles surround your urethra. You may suffer from urinal health issues in case if an inflammation starts in the prostate area. A regular prostate stimulation procedure will help you get rid of extra tension and eliminate the swelling. In fact, if it doesn’t help you get your urine flow back into the routine, you’ll have to contact your physician.
  • Prostatitis. Prostate milking is usually recommended in this case before your physician decides to prescribe you antibiotics. This simple procedure may become a very effective treatment that will help you deal without dangerous medications.

Any Risks?

  • If your manipulations are too intense, you may worsen your existing male health troubles.
  • Electric massaging tools may lead you to an unexpected and extremely unpleasant finish.

Not all members of the medical community approve of this way of prostate stimulation. The fact is that it can’t be as effective as regular medical treatment. However, it’s a perfect supplement to your regular men health enhancement process together with the pills (and surgery).

IMPORTANT! Never try to deal with prostate milking therapy if there’s something that bothers you in matters of sexual performance. You’ll have to contact your physician to know more about your potential complications and ways to beat them. It’s not a universal way, but it may be helpful in case you have no significant health complications.

Prostate Milking & Erection

There’s no direct explanation on is it possible to get and maintain an erection in the process of prostate milking or not. It all depends on your mood and arousal. Remember, that getting a boner in the process if milking is not obligatory. Prostate massage has nothing to do with an actual hard-on.

Nevertheless, you may be a lucky person able to experience hard-ons combined with a prostate milking arousal. It’s possible, but it demands some training. Prostate stimulation ends up in a very strong relaxation that can’t be compared to the one you get after regular sex. Getting and maintaining an erection at this moment depends on your personal sexual experience and the ability to relax to a certain extent.

Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction? Yes, you can get your enjoyment from the prostate orgasm as well.

Prostate Orgasm

Well, it actually can be comparable to the one you have in the process of habitual sex action with your partner. Nevertheless, the feeling is a lot more severe, unpredictable, and intensive at the same time. You’ll get the same satisfaction feel, but it will give you a nice shake and a probable numb at the end. The first prostate orgasm experience usually leaves a long-lasting impression, and numerous men are still in the process of trying to catch it not on their own, but with the help of their significant others.

Prostate orgasm is the only possible peak a man can reach. It’s shaking, and it’s mind-blowing, it’s long-lasting.


L'Amourose Rosa breaks the mold of traditional intimate lifestyle pieces by incorporating an innovative second motor in its base, simulating a natural external feeling

Can Every Man Achieve a Prostate Orgasm?

It all depends on the way you do it. If your techniques are correct, you’ll get to the desired pleasure peak. Some men need months of training before they experience this sensation. Getting into a sort of nirvana as a result of proper rectal stimulation is a real art. It demands patience and skill. 

To get a finish like this, you’ll have to train a lot to enhance your stamina and improve the flow of blood in your penile vessels. This will give you more sensitivity in the process of sexual intercourse or when you merely jerk-off to let your steam out. Patience is the key.

Get ready that an orgasm like this will have nothing to do with a regular ejaculation.

Can I do this several times in a row?

Well, we all know that multiple orgasms are mostly available for women. However, some men have finally managed to figure this art out. They share the videos of their successful multiple cum experiences in the net, and these testimonials prove that a process like this is possible. As usual, everything depends on your mental limits and your patience.

What happens when I achieve multiple orgasms?

Usual orgasms that you’ve probably got used to end in refractory periods. These are times when your body and brain get a sort of a pause before they can get sexually aroused again. The recovery depends on the possibilities of your body – it may be as long as several minutes and up to several hours.

Prostate orgasm is not considered habitual for most men. That’s the reason why they have no idea that it has no refractory period at all. Even if your body needs time to relax between the peaks, it will be a very short time. The ability to do this many times in a row often depends on your mood and your arousal degree.

Does the age matter?

As soon as the erection is not obligatory in the process of prostate stimulation, you don’t have to care about how old you are if you’re just willing to get higher than you’ve ever been before.

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  • Medical grade silicone used for the exterior;
  • The intensity of the stimulation and vibrations can be regulated.


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  • It leads to numerous incredible prostate orgasms before the ejaculation;
  • It has an independently rotating head that hits the p-spot like a pro;
  • The battery offers more than four hours of playtime after every charging;
  • The massager has three modes of intense vibrations.


for double pleasure

  • Potently enhances the intensity of male orgasms
  • Stimulates the prostate + provides for dual pleasure simultaneously
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  • Accurately tapered brand-smooth curve
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  • Fits perfectly due to the anatomical design; 
  • Has the most optimal size, shape, and surface;
  • Easily washed with warm water and a sanitizer;
  • Demands a bit of patience if you're a hetero that deals with prostate massage for the first time.


Je Joue Nuo

  • Good, but doesn't compare to the Lelo HUGO
  • The world’s first dual-motor butt plug;
  • Has the possibility of remote control intensifying the pleasure;
  • It's waterproof;
  • The maintenance is easy: use it in combination with water-based lubricants and wash it with warm soapy water after every use.

Bottom Line

In case if you’re willing to do this from the therapeutic point of view, this kind of therapy demands a preliminary conversation with your physician. It’s especially important if you have no experience. (2) Your sessions should be planned, and you’ll have to get ready for several weeks of treatment before you get better (in case if the prostate massage is your preferential therapy).

In case if you have no male health issues, prostate milking procedure carried out with the help of special pumps and automatic tools will lead you up to the peak of unknown sexual pleasure that you’ll starve for again and again.

  1. Effect of prostatic massage on serum complexed prostate-specific antigen levels
  2. Successful Retrieval of a Retained Rectal Foreign Body in the Emergency Department
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