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Jessica Drake

Good choice
Since the production stop of the Ultra-Tight Fleshlight, really narrow channels in the Fleshlight product range are rather rare.

This makes the publication of the “Heavenly” structure all the more pleasing, as the front half of the channel was designed extremely narrow.

Our pick

As one of the Fleshlight Girls models, the Heavenly opens with an exact replica of Jessica Drake’s labia, so entering it is as close to sex with the lady herself as you can get.

What work Fleshlight Jessica Drake

The Heavenly Channel does not lack a variety of structural elements, all of which are already known, but have been combined in a completely new way to form an extraordinary multi-chamber structure.

There are elements from the channels: Gauntlet (front chamber with knob ring), Ultra Tight (narrow connection channel), Forbidden (wavy channel), Lotus (lotus knot), Super Ribbed (ribbed rear chamber) and Speed Bump (knobbed rear chamber).

As with all Fleshlight Girls channels, the Heavenly channel is exclusive and therefore only available in combination with the (pussy-) Fleshlight of the erotic model Jessica Drake.

If you enter the Heavenly Canal, the glans lands in the first rather narrow chamber and is gently but definitely stimulated at certain points by the inner pimple ring.

Then it gets really tight in the following connection channel, which surrounds the glans tightly and creates a wonderful, grazing stimulation on the entire surface of the glans. This is where the material counterpressure is highest and the tightness is most noticeable.

The subsequent corrugated duct section has an inner diameter twice as large and therefore offers a good contrast to the previous all-encompassing narrowness, since the material counterpressure decreases somewhat here. The waves glide alternately left and right along the penis shaft and generate great striating stimulation impulses.

As soon as the glans reaches the lotus chamber, the diameter of the canal expands again by twice and the feeling of tightness suddenly fades away, only to be able to fully re-establish itself as soon as the next constriction is penetrated.

This constriction is about 4 times narrower than the previous lotus chamber and therefore offers a slight resistance that has to be penetrated.

This results in a brief, intensely perceptible tightness impulse and an excellent penetration feeling.

After puncturing the lotus node, the glans finally lands in the back chamber, which feels relatively wide compared to the previous very narrow structural elements.

The material counterpressure is significantly lower here, but this does not mean that the glans can rest here.

Because the ribbed surface creates a very pleasant acorn massage, which affects the acorn surface in high frequency.

This creates an excellent interplay between narrow to wide (forward) and from wide to narrow (backward) when moving forward and backward.

Especially the penetration of the front narrow channel part is a lot of fun and feels very realistic due to the (almost) completely nub-free side walls.

If you like a grazing, tight stimulation feeling, you should definitely try the Heavenly Channel.

Except for the dimpled rear part of the channel, all structural elements of normal penis length (15 cm) are easily accessible in the Heavenly channel.

However, a penis length of at least 13 cm is required to optimally perceive the narrow/wide effect.

The rear chamber offers sufficient space for the accumulation of negative pressure and therefore, after a few forward and backward movements, a powerful suction effect is created, which additionally enriches the overall stimulation.

Cleaning the Heavenly Canal is somewhat difficult because the narrow front part of the canal and the lotus nodes are not so easy to flush.

Therefore, the insert should be turned over for a short time and the chambers should be cleaned individually by hand.

Due to the small channel diameter, the drying time of approx. 5 – 6 hours is also relatively long and should be supported by prior drying (see also Fleshlight Care Instructions).


The Heavenly Canal offers a wonderfully varied stimulation feeling, which plays with extreme narrowness and width and at the same time appears very realistic.

The lotus knot in the middle of the channel provides the necessary variety and gives the stimulation the “last kick”. If you always wanted to know what a tight virgin vagina feels like, this Fleshlight is the right choice for you.

Our pick

As one of the Fleshlight Girls models, the Heavenly opens with an exact replica of Jessica Drake’s labia, so entering it is as close to sex with the lady herself as you can get.

User reviews

Who has ever been allowed to use this “entrance” of his favorite I can say that it is very close and it is simply great to work with it at times.

Benedict Ehlert

The toy for men is often used. In the middle of the night, if a man wakes up or feels like waking up tomorrow before getting up, it is simply not possible for a man to get up first, make preparations with warming up or look for the lubricant. At least for me it works when both are ready to hand. In itself, however, this Fleshlight is favorable for maximum fun if the man is not briefly loaded, but at least average.

The picture does not show this in my opinion, because the particularly stimulating effect lies further inside. But the feeling is indescribable and the man is exposed to very lustful irritations. Sleeping on or getting up in the morning is a relaxing feeling. That means it’s ideal when a man is alone in bed. The channel of the insert is not so narrow, in the depth it brings the super fun.


First of all i have to say that this is my first fleshlight, there will surely be another fleshlight to compare sometime. i was interested how the inner life influences my feelings, because they are all extremely different in their kind. i have often read that they are too long and i thought that it would not bother me any further, because i am quite normally equipped (about 15cm).

The first experience with the alien was surprisingly intense, because the feeling is really great and playing with this toy is fun. the grooves are only slightly noticeable, therefore also not intrusive and I was tempted to explore the back part also once, but unfortunately that was not possible.

The material will probably push back a little when used, because I only came with extremely much pressure against the abdomen to the second narrow place of the alien and then also through this, because that is a very cool feeling! i’m missing a very small piece for the perfect experience. nevertheless i don’t want to fix the rating on my own size, because the alien fleshlight is still a successful toy, even if the back areas will remain hidden to me. the next will then be a slightly smaller version of the fleshlight.

I give the alien the full score, he more than exceeded my expectations despite the small weakness!

Cleaning and handling with lubricants is already described quite well in other reviews… ;-)


So this thing is not from this world… with a fleshjack and a showermount on the computer, then a little visual and you are almost too fast more than satisfied in the armchair and watch a film or so (after cleaning of course… :D) my favorite TPE thing in possession, and there even belongs a Lovedoll.


When you close your eyes, you can’t tell the feeling from a real vagina. Easy penetration and lifelike wrinkle massage. Material is amazingly easy to clean (warm water) and does not stick when dry. Conclusion: great to bridge certain times


Well I’ve needed it for a year but rather rarely, girlfriend is more pleasant in feeling :D

Does not replace the right woman, but it is always a good way to pass the time. Of the form good and not conspicuous. Can stand loosely on the table no pig notices what it is. 

Model is in my opinion better than pussy replica and something special. A big plus: it doesn’t burst at big tail like most masturbators.


Perfect texture for watching porn by the way. Wide opening allows intensive ring stimulation without getting too intense. For slow, relaxed climaxes definitely better than Mini-Lotus Standard. Also find the more abstract design much more appealing. Definitely a very good buy.

But if you want to release pressure in 1-2 minutes, you should choose a harder,”unnatural” variant, I personally think Flight Pilot, the black one, is very good. But one can hardly compare the two inserts with each other.


After I was more or less persuaded by friends I was rather sceptical at first also because this Fleshlight is not cheap but I have to say I am positively surprised.

It does not come like on the product photo in such a blue black cover but in ner transparent what has disappointed me initially something because the overall with the blue insert already looked very stylish, however, the transparent also has its advantages^^

To the feeling that it gives you, I can say that it is already very lifelike and if you close the closure on the back so that a vacuum is created inside you can compare it to oral sex. From the 3 different stimulation areas inside I couldn’t really see much difference, but I’m still thrilled by the feeling that it creates.

In summary I can say that it can not replace real sex but is much better than the normal manual mode;)


I am very satisfied with the product. The price-performance ratio is very good. The Flashlight feels very realistic and pleasant compared to others.


Very good feeling, material is also 1A. Length is like average. If I had any criticism about it, it would be narrowness in itself, something narrower would be a bit better. But otherwise I can recommend it. Here’s another tip: Maize starch is a great powder to make the material soft and supple after use (wash out, allow to dry). After all, Fleshlight renewing powder is nothing more than 100% corn starch.


Our pick

As one of the Fleshlight Girls models, the Heavenly opens with an exact replica of Jessica Drake’s labia, so entering it is as close to sex with the lady herself as you can get.

Jessica Drake
Sucction Effect8.9
Orgasm Rating8.2
Lube Use8.5
Dry Time8.3
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Good choice
It's worth every penny
This makes the publication of the “Heavenly” structure all the more pleasing, as the front half of the channel was designed extremely narrow.
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