The Coolest Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Men

Some love them, others hate the silly sweaters. It’s Christmas sweater season again. These are our favorites this year

Yes, admittedly, Christmas sweaters are silly and look pretty dorky. But that’s exactly why they’re so much fun. The Ugly Christmas sweater has its origins in Great Britain. Various TV stars showed up in the beautiful ugliness and a cult developed, which has also reached Germany. One thing needs to be made clear: This is not about serious fashion, but about irony, fun and pop culture.

H&M – Father Sithmas

Stars Wars sweater from H&M, at 25$

One rule for an ugly sweater to be really ugly is to use bizarre and absurd combinations of motifs. In this case: poinsettias and snowflakes meet Darth Vader from the cult movie series Star Wars. So, if you’re a movie fan and don’t want to give up your Sith style at Christmas, this knitted sweater will be the big star at Christmas dinner. The “I am your Father Sithmas” sweater is now available in the online store.

boohooMAN – Hashtag Christmas

Jumper with #AF lettering by boohooMAN, around 25$

A popular motto for Ugly Christmas sweaters is “Oops! Better look twice” A few years ago, the hugely successful website Pornhub published its own X-Mas sweater and caused a stir at second glance. If you looked closely, you could see, among other things, that the snowmen had a very special carrot. Since then, sweaters with ambiguous or slang expressions have become very popular. The boohooMAN jumper doesn’t mince words and spouts provocative hashtag vibes. The saying “…as fuck” (or AF for short) is known mainly from social media comments and now also on X-Mas sweaters #grins. You can buy the #AF sweater from boohooMAN in the online store.

Jack & Jones – Bad Joke Sweater

Knitted sweater with ambiguous slogan by Jack & Jones, at 43$

A little baller vibe a la “beer formed this beautiful body” is never wrong with a “good” X-Mas sweater. Plate jokes, sayings and comics may not be evidence of excellent, exquisite fashion style, but that’s not the point. If you wear your X-mas sweater with enough irony and fun once (maybe twice), you won’t destroy your good fashion reputation right away. The knitted sweater with ambiguous slogan from Jack & Jones, you can buy here in the online store.

Topman – Norwegian Christmas

Norwegian style Christmas sweater from Topman, at 41$

Are the trashy sweaters a bit too tasteless for you, but you still feel like Christmas knitwear style? Then we recommend a sweater with a subtle Christmas pattern in Norwegian style. With its red, green and white motifs, this knitted piece is classically restrained and will certainly not be the cause of a Christmas argument over fashion taste. Style tip: Although the knitted sweater is not as provocative as the others in comparison, you should wear it only on Christmas holidays. A sweater with Santa Claus and reindeer has no place in the office. The Norwegian sweater is available now in the online store.

Style3 (via – “Home Alone” Xmas

T-shirt with “Home Alone” print by Style3 (via, at 21,90$

Some things are annoying and you feel a certain love-hate relationship, but they simply belong to Christmas. Mariah Carey with “All I want for Christmas,” the movie “Three Nuts for Cinderella” and mulled wine hangover, to name just a few examples. Another candidate is Kevin McCallister, the little screamer from “Kevin Alone at Home” (“Home Alone” in the original). If a knitted sweater under the Christmas tree is too warm for you, the iconic scream scene in knitted print look is available as a T-shirt version for fans of the cult film. You can buy the KEVIN!! t-shirt now in our online store.

You shouldn’t take these silly sweaters too seriously. You can just have fun being intentionally out of place and hit up an X-Mas (zoom) party with your friends wearing the ugliest or silliest sweater. I wonder if you should wear such a piece to a Christmas party with your immediate family? Depends on your courage and the humor of your family.


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