These are the Coolest Wrapping Techniques for the Scarf

No more wrong connections: We will show you the latest wrapping techniques, with which men can tie their scarf quickly and stylishly

How does a man wear a scarf properly? Just tie it around your neck and that’s it? Possible, but there are simple tricks and wrapping techniques to make a scarf look better and at the same time spice up the outfit fashionably. Which ones are and how they work:

1. Simple wrapping technique: the simple twist

Cotton scarf with graphic logo pattern by Gant, around 70 €

Probably the best known way of tying a scarf: put it around the neck from the front, cross it at the back of the neck and put the ends to the front. It also works the other way round: Place the scarf in the neck, cross both ends at the front and put them back over the shoulders. Small change, big effect – the scarf looks even more fashionable this way. Here you can buy the logo scarf from Gant.

Scarf with herringbone pattern from H&M, around 10 €

Ever tried half the twist? Put the scarf back into your neck and fold just one end back over your shoulder. Wearing the scarf like this gives your outfit a chic, relaxed look. Very long scarves are best suited for this, which look very classy when thrown over the shoulder. Here you can buy more grey, elegant scarves.

2. with the loop technique the scarf looks especially casual

Bordeaux-colored knitted scarf by Barts, around 40 €

A very casual way to wear your scarf is the loop technique. You fold it once in length so that it lies double and is only half as long. Then you hold the loop in one hand and the two ends in the other and put the scarf around your neck from behind. At the front you pull the two loose ends through the loop. Depending on your needs, you can now tighten the scarf, loosen it, drape it a little more and you are done. Here you can buy more scarves from Barts.

3. simply fold the scarf over to become a fashion-piece

Scarf with Pineapple-Knit from C&A, around 13 €

Okay, this method may not keep you warm – well, at least the neck – but it looks very stylish and is unbeatably simple: Put the scarf in the neck and let it fall asymmetrically over the chest at the front, so that one end hangs down much longer. Especially hip scarves in bright colors are shown to advantage. Here you can buy scarves in neutral beige.

Wrongly wrapped? Not with you!

In the past, a scarf was more of a means to an end for many people, but today it is a fashionable accessory. Simply wrapped around the neck, it loses its effect quickly. So it’s good that you now know how to tie your scarf simply but stylishly. Now nothing stands in the way of your cool winter look.

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