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What is a Walmart credit card?

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is a global US retailer that controls a large part of the US market. Walmart is ranked number one in the Fortune Global 500 list of top-selling companies in the world.[3] Walmart employs over two million people worldwide, making it the world's largest private employer.

Walmart's sales in 2016 were $485.9 billion. Net income was $13.6 billion. The company's total market capitalization at the beginning of 2017 was 221.1 billion US dollars, making it the most valuable retailer to date. Significant competitors are Carrefour and Tesco. Walmart operates some 11,600 stores worldwide (as of January 2016).

apply walmart credit card
apply walmart credit card

Walmart credit card login page: link

Walmart credit cards work like other cards. The principle of operation is the same. You have a credit balance and a credit line that you can use for shopping and other payments.

The first and main question is "How to get it?

Every customer can receive a Walmart credit card. If the credit history is correct. The scheme is sufficiently simple: apply and get approval.

Step 1. Apply for getting the card:

  • In every Walmart-store personally.
  • online at

Step 2. Make each purchase on the same day and open an account. Excludes cash advances, gas purchases, gift card sales.

Important: For those applicants who have not yet received a credit decision at the date of application, we will receive a 15% credit card package certificate. But only when the application is approved later, not on time.

History of company

The company's name is derived from its founder Sam Walton (Walton's Market). On July 2,1962, Sam Walton opened the first Walmart in Rogers, Arkansas, after opening his first store, a Dime & Nickle Store in town square in Bentonville, Arkansas, in 1950. In addition to the company's headquarters, there is also a museum on the company's history. In 1972, the company went public, which gave it the capital it needed to expand.

The great rise began in 1987, when Walmart opened its first hypermarkets, with a retail area ten times larger than the department store average at that time. The first branch outside the United States was opened in Mexico City in 1991. While the Group operates successfully in Canada, has meanwhile become the market leader in Mexico and has become the second largest group after Tesco in the United Kingdom, its situation in other foreign markets is more difficult.

How to approve?

If you are applying in a shop, the certificate must be scanned at the time of deletion. The purchase must be made in the shop where the application has been submitted.

walmart credit card login
walmart credit card login

If you applied online, make any online-shop.

Note that your credit account will only appear in 1-2 billing periods.

The offer is valid only for new accounts.







There are 2 types of Walmart credit cards:

  1. Store-card – you may use it only in the Walmart-stores and partners;
  2. Walmart Discover – is a full-optioned card that you can use everywhere.

Walmart Credit Card how to get approved
Walmart Credit Card how to get approved

For both cards you get:

  • 5 cent saving per gallon at US Walmart gas stations;
  • No annual fee – will also help you to save money;
  • Protection from the fraud;
  • 1% cashback for all purchases – is spread only for the Walmart Discover Credit Card.

There are also many different discounts at the same time. For example: Open our card and save 15% (up to $50). Or save 3% on online shopping, 2% in Walmart Gas, 1% in other stores, where Walmart cards are accepted. More information on our official website.

Remember that possibility of getting the cards depends on the pay-ability and credit history. Visit us and your chances will increase.

Check your walmart money card balance on your login page.

How to pay for?

To use your Walmart Credit Card Payment and Login credit card, you must open a Walmart account. com. It is in the highest right corner. Then you will be able to log in, view statements and manage your account.

Walmart Coupons
Walmart Coupons
Walmart Coupons

Important: pay attention to “pay my bill” link. Surely you will find it useful.

There are 2 basic ways to pay for credit card:

  • By cash, debit card, or Walmart money card in-store;
  • Online.

Pay by phone

This service is free of charge if you use the automatic payment method.  If you choose to assist your agent in paying your bill, a service fee of $10 will be charged.  You must have access to your cheque account information (control number, routing number, etc.) during the call.

You can pay by telephone with a debit card using Speedpay.

Walmart Credit Card: 1-877-294-7880

Walmart MasterCard: 1-866-611-1148

  • By mail – Walmart, PO BOX 530927, Atlanta, GA 30353 0927. Please send your bills and checks before 5 business days.
  • The Walmart Credit Card Customer Service  number is 877-294-7880.

Walmart Credit card App

Walmart is happy to offer the special mobile app. The progress doesn’t stop, everyone has a smart phone every day.

walmart credit card app
walmart credit card app

This app will help the customer to:

  • Make the purchases;
  • Find any location of the store;
  • Keep prises;
  • Save money;
  • Work with a Login.

It doesn’t matter whether you have an iPad or Samsung on Android. It works on all devices with:

iOS – available on AppStore;

Android – available on PlayMarket;

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