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We’re ready to get you introduced to numerous items, tips, tricks and reviews about the ways to get the ultimate sexual bliss in either in the process of masturbation or wife having a regular sexual intersourse with your partner.

Couple in search of something fresh have managed to get the right way.

#Top Male Sex ToysBenefits


Autoblow AI
Robo AI Masturbator

  • 99.7% genuine imitation of oral sex
  • AI technology for creating a blowjob effect
  • 10 operating modes: 9 “standard” + 1 random one
  • 10 different Blowjob Speeds
  • NO need to use BATTERIES


Lovense Max 2
Vibro+Sucking Control

  • The ability to control not only absorption but also vibration (3+3 combo modes)
  • Universal inner size
  • 2 sleeves provided: one imitating a vagina and one with several ribbing types
  • Remote control and synchronization with other Lovense units
  • More stylish corrugated case


Fleshlight Flight
Fast Coming


  • Compact, almost pocket-sized (8 inches)
  • Stimulating perfectly (orgasm in 1 minute, according to user reviews)
  • Excellent stretching, incredibly delicate (almost jelly-like) and elastic sleeve
  • Adjustable suction effect
  • Uneven body surface for a comfortable grip
Fleshlight Stoya Destroya
Adult Actress Gift


  • 200% genuine tight orifice
  • 4 cameras with different ribbing
  • Great stimulation with fast massage intensity
  • Suitable for endurance training
Alana Ribbed Vagina
2 Female Holes

  • 2 work openings (0.5 inches anus + 0.5 inches vagina)
  • Ribbed but soft and realistic inner sleeves
  • You can grab, pinch, squeeze or spank it freely
  • Creates a full sense of sex contact with a motionless leaning woman
For Medium Sizes

  • Intermediate (universal) solution: between Bathmate and Xtreme models
  • To be used with warm water (safe option)
  • 35% increased hydraulic pump capacity
  • Especially for medium-sized dicks (between Hydromax 5 and 9)

We’re also ready to share our opinion on the best sex toys for me available on the market. You’ll know more about our best picks in all categories: penis pumps, masturbators and automatic blowjob machines. 

Masturbators are taboo for many men in the US and all over the world. Hardly any heterosexual man has ever thought about the joys of anal stimulation. A targeted massage of the butt hole area can create undreamed feelings of satisfaction. A stroker can be used for multiple needs.

Masturbators: Senseless Misconceptions

Various love toys manufacturers attract and seduce customers with tempting product descriptions and embellished illustrations. (1) It looks like there is nothing more beautiful in the world than using male vibrators in case if you suffer from weak performance.

Unfortunately, these products are surrounded by misconceptions. Most men think that users of male sex toys are weak morally and physically. However, countless customers have proved that in reality these things are very useful. They stimulate you physically and spice you up emotionally. 

Pocket Vagina Review
Male Sex toys comparison

Blowjob Machines

Impressive stimulation: Artificial satisfaction

Since the penis is made to penetrate the vagina, nature has made your penis sensible to vertical stimulation up and down the tip of the penis and its root.

Manufacturing of a toy like this is definitely not an easy task.
However a perfect alternative to the right hand exists!
We’re ready to present a number of handy artificial pussies in realistic size. Sometimes they imitate the parts of a woman’s torso with buttocks and thighs.

Meet a Fully Automated Self-Satisfaction Tool: Autoblow AI

The latest version of the model, which release was not very successful initially. Manufacturers put their thinking-cap on, looked at what technologies users are waiting for, and … Meet a phenomenon now. This is an Artificial Intelligence Blowjob Machine. It will give you dome like an Adult film girl would do. Because the work of the unique gripper + sleeve system is based on the work of the tongue, lips, and throat of adult video girls.


A blowjob novelty that will think for you. You no longer need to work with your hands frantically, clutching a toy to your pubis, which supposedly should give you pleasure. This model will grab your penis by itself, pick up the suction experience, and, without any help from you, bring you to your long-anticipated buzzer.

Just tell it the best way to treat you. Choose the mode and speed, and Go Trees and Dicks, Indiana Boys!

Lovense Max 2: Masturbator Rising Star

A novelty in the masturbator market, which is able to compete with the male sex toy market giant Fleshlight. It combines several incredibly convenient, useful, and effective functions. Among them, there is a pressure setting along with a vibration setting (6 modes to choose from); ripple transmission to other Lovense devices using synchronization through the app; and the possibility of remote control.

Distant Vibro Joy

A full competitor for numerous Fleshlight units: it is distinguished by properties that even the most advanced Fleshlight model has not yet been equipped with.


The first is the ability to control the degree of vibration, in addition to the vacuum mode. The second is setting up remote access to control the toy pulsating. The third is fast and reliable synchronization with any Lovense toy, both male and female.

We have something to appreciate this model!

Fleshlight Flight: Enjoy the Style & Stimulation

Most of the beginners agree that this model is one of the most effective and convenient ones due to its style and inner shapes. It’s tight, thoroughly structured and intensive. Check out the reviews of the satisfied customers and order your perfect jerk-off sleeve right now.

Best Fleshlight 2019

Compact & Robust

It’s one of the most popular cost-effective sleeves ever produced with impressive stimulation and convenient maintenance.

  • Waterproof: use it while taking a bath or a shower;
  • Compatible with the original shower mount from Fleshlight;
  • Needs renewing powder for longevity;
  • Compact and extendable.

80% of women use sex toys in comparison to men (20%). However, sex toys were basically created by men. Most of the products have not been tested yet due to sensless prejudices.

Most sex toys on the market are presented as sex fun tools. Nope, it’s a lot more than satisfactory stimulation. It’s a possibility to reveal your inner sexual energy, to test the skills and train your endurance.

The choice is huge. We have rolled mountains of catalogs to do the research and visited numerous forums to get you introduced to the high-end products for men on the market.

Stoya Destroya: Your Wisest & Luckiest Choice

This product released by one of the most successful manufacturers on the market of sex toys created a real miracle – a beautiful, stylish, and functional artificial vagina able to both satisfy you from the physical point of view and promote longer and stronger erections in case if you use the tool regularly. Besides, it can be a perfect addition to your PE or ED treatment medication course. Search for a full description at our website or find out more official information from the manufacturer.  

Best Fleshlight Girl

Massive. Intensive. Impressive.

Stoya Destroya is always in high demand among those who like it faster, stronger, and more stimulating.

  • Realistically molded from the pornstar pussy;
  • Has four chambers with ribs, spikes and tight rings of bumps;
  • Popular among clients as a sexual stamina training tool.

Lovetoy Test Forum has helped us a lot with our findings. The experience of the solo users and couples proved that a penis actually needs two things: either a roaming stimulation by means of a “cave” created by the hand, or a strong vibration.

Dildos for women have the same criteria as the ones for men: design, color, shape, and smell. These are visual characteristics. There are also noisiness, user-friendliness, safety, and hygiene. We’ve made up this guide to help you at least with rough tips on how to make stimulation flawless.

Which materials are harmless?

When buying the male sex toys, large or small, you should make sure that the material is harmless to health. Don’t buy any toys that are called “Flutsch-Material” or “Jelly”. They often contain carcinogenic and genetically harmful ingredients that have already been banned in the children’s toy industry throughout the US many years ago.

best male sex toys on the market
Pocket pussies are the most popular

The premium toys are made of silicone, TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), TPE (Temoplastical Elastomer), and EPDM. The most famous brand names are UR3, Ultra-Realistic, Loveclone, Cyberskin, Superskin etc. The phrase “phthalate-free” is also important. Unfortunately, many male sex shops still do not know what they sell. Unfortunately, this industry has a great amount of poorly trained “specialists” in sex industry. So, study the articles and ask us direct questions before you decide to buy something.

How to make the right choice?

The choice of the toy, its size and functionality fully depend on your personal preferences. High quality toys should be very structured inside. This does not mean the small bumps of various cheap versions, but real lamellas, long pimples, crossed ribs, different inner diameters and curved channels.

A real vagina is not smooth. However, it has a natural curve and different surface structures. Furthermore, the canal should be beautifully narrow, because if it’s three centimeters in diameter, you won’t get that feel. Believe us, your right hand will never be able to trigger the magic created by a professionally manufactured toy.

Vibrating stimulation: Top-notch Products for Couples

A simple rod vibrator is unsuitable for the majority of men to reach an orgasm. The vibration is only described as “nice” or “pleasant”, but nothing more. This means that sometimes even the most appropriate masturbators based on battery-powered 3-volt motors (vibro eggs or cast-in vibrators) fail. The thing is that your stroker should not only tingle but also satisfy. Our main tip is to invest money in your toy if you’re really looking for an impressive stimulation.

Horny couples will be impressed by the number of positions and ways of stimulation they may have after ordering one of the thingies like these.

It has already been scientifically proven that clitoris has a considerably higher nerve density per square centimeter than the penis. Therefore, a normal rod vibrator is often enough for a woman, but not enough for a heartily yawning man.

We interviewed 30 men and it turned out that the approximate range from 400 m/s2 with a frequency of 50 -130 Hz is the most efficient for an orgasm. Most men need a slow and very strong vibration. Unfortunately, Asian products are too fast and too weak.
That’s the reason why Vibro eggs are often sold in a set with an artificial vagina. Only a fraction of vibrations reaches the penis and it doesn’t get enough stimulation over the shaft.

Which masturbators to opt for?

VibroStyle vibrators have produced a lasting impression on us. These massage devices are brilliant from all points of view, except for the one disadvantage. They have wires. However, you need to understand, that a good and powerful thing needs a regular and stable source of energy. The Tappy Massager and the Magic Wand II or III are a way better than portable vibrating toys.

Inflatable dolls – Oh horror! O horror!

Sex dolls are also called love dolls, rubber dolls or sailor brides.
These erotic articles are often the subject of a lot of laughter, whispering and offensive advertising. “She always can, she always wants, and she looks hot.” That’s what you need to remember. Sensible couples have nothing against this option.

But you have to be careful when buying. There’s a high risk to get a cheap copy. Make sure that the stroker you’re planning to buy costs no less than $150. Flawless male sex toys will cost you a fortune, but they will last a lifetime.

Alana Ribbed Vagina: Meet the Cost-Effective Sex Doll

That’s a budget model available in various sizes. It’s not a full body option but its detailed design is impressive. The inner structure has nothing to do with anatomical shapes of a woman, but most users agree that it’s definitely worth the money.   

Best Sex Doll

Luscious, appealing, & Impressively Stimulating

Her pussy lips are so soft and her butt hole is so sweet and seductive in combination with her bubble butt, that you won’t last long. 

  • Has two pleasure canals with distinct stimulating patterns;
  • Perfect for doggy-style lovers;
  • Has enough weight to be used hands-free;
  • Made of TPE;
  • Released in realistic measurements (check the available sizes and make a preliminary order to get the doll with the desired parameters). 

Proper packaging

Life-like dolls with pretty faces are printed on the outside of the packaging. At the same time, the contents of the box can be pretty confusing.

You get the rubber doll out of the box part by part and it looks like a real horror. There’s nothing to be afraid in case if you study the instruction.

All sex toys are never sold unpacked. Some sex shops don’t let their customers take the dolls out of the box because it is considered to be illegal!

Dolls’ structure

Most rubber dolls have a standard body made of soft PVC. A basic model, so to speak. The size is approx. 4.5 ft (1.37 m) and the shape of the head, hands, and feet is almost the same. However, everything depends on the overall size of the dolls – make sure you thoroughly read the full description of the doll’s measurements before you buy her. Screen printing is used to print faces on alien heads. 3D faces are also offered. The adjustable faces of the toys look like masks and they are even equipped with synthetic hair.

Most toy dolls have the same bust size with printed nipples. “Deluxe” version have round unnaturally big breasts with big nipples. Custom dolls are manfactured in accordabnce with your needs.

Furthermore, most toy models have the same pussy. A PVC tab (often called a hymen) must be forcibly torn off, which forms a sharp ridge. Behind it there is a plastic channel without any structure and without the possibility to clean. It’s horrible.

Luxury love sex dolls have removable holes. There is a built in channel, into which a vagina and an anus can be seen on the back. Life-like materials are used in the process of manufacturing. This is the only sensible variant for an effective sex doll that won’t cost you much and will be quite effective.

The listed defects are often adorned with clothes, lighting, and everything possible to convince a man to buy the toy. The most appealing are damn expensive models from First Androids or Mechadoll. The manufacturers produce the dolls from silicone and plastic combinations. However, they also cost more than 3000 EUR.

Pumps: Far from perfect

Even though we have already discussed the category of penis pumps in the other post, we would like to give a few hints here to make the article complete.

Fancy sex shops do not shy away from praising penis pumps for pleasure. This is definitely not true.
The only way to avoid an orgasm is to create a vacuum. The penis cannot be milked or forcibly ejaculated.

All you can do is strengthen your erection and swell your penis for a few minutes. This should not be overlooked and should not be done regularly, as we assume that the elasticity of the erectile tissue decreases with regular overstretching and erection problems may occur.

The majority of masturbators are only the penis stimulators, which work with mechanical stimulation AND negative pressure. A great example is the VENUS 2000. Nevertheless, there’s one thing we’re sure about: Hydromax products are in the highest demand. Choose a Hydromax 7 model available in two versions. Both of them are safe for your continuous use. 

Impressive Gains with Hydromax 7

That’s a tried and tested product that will help you achieve impressive results and restore your male sexual powers. You’ll get stronger, thicker, and long-lasting in bed. Your self-esteem will be boosted and your orgasmic sensations after every use will blow your brains out!

Penis pump

Hydromax 7: Less talk. More Action

Released in two models: for those who want length and for those who want to increase the girth. Both versions will fit most men.

  • 35% more effective than conventional pumps;
  • More than 90% of the users leave positive feedback;
  • Proved to create lasting gains when used regularly.


If you are looking for a different kind of stimulation fun, the Prostata sex toys are the right choice. Not only women but also men can be brought to particularly violent climaxes by correctly applied vibrations. The Duke, for example, specifically stimulates the P-spot and perineum, which promises completely new feelings. Perfect for both solo action and for couples as well.


Male sex toys are often used as training instruments for couples. Sexual stamina can be developed with the help of these thingies. Anyone wants to be in better control of the penis and have longer stamina. Thanks to the penis pumps this wish can now be fulfilled. When used regularly, the pumps helps to achieve larger, stronger and longer erections. Married couples can use a penis stroker in case if they deeply care for the intimacy with each other. They want to improve it to add up to their regular happy family life.

Penis rings are an alternative to penis pumps. They provoke hard ons and intensive blood circulation in the penile area. The most popular penis rings are released with integrated vibra bullets for additional stimulation, such as the Yours and Mine Ring from the “Fifty Shades of Grey” collection.

Penile vibratory stimulation – an underestimated stimulation technique

We’ve partially discussed the matter in other articles devoted to electrosex. This kind of stimulation activates the nerve cells of the penis. It is not suitable for everyone, although this can definitely be a great experience.

Contrary to some hobbyists’ opinions, we would like to warn against experimenting with self-made electrodes or similar devices. (2) Please use stimulation devices that have been medically approved.



  1. Vibrators and other sex toys are commonly recommended to patients, but does size matter? Dimensions of commonly sold products
  2. Retained sex toys: an increasing and possibly preventable medical condition
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