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In the section Best male Sex-Toy you get a lot of toys, tips, tricks and reports about male sexuality. You will receive tips for masturbation, instructions for the use of penis pumps and comparative tests of different masturbators.

But topics that are taboo for many men in US are also discussed here. Hardly any heterosexual man has ever thought about the joys of anal stimulation. A targeted massage of the back area can create undreamt-of feelings of happiness.

If you would like to know more tips about the best male sex toys, sexual varieties for men, then just drop by here.

👌Our pick

Fleshlight Flight

Pleasurable texture, compact, perfect for newbies

This toy is extremely popular on Amazon it is even the best selling of all Fleshlights. This is probably mainly due to the low price.

fleshlight review deep dive

Most Intense Male Sex toy

Fleshlight Destroya

Another favorite fleshlight for men

Destroya is one of the most intense textures but with great variety in width and pressure, it’s suitable for all men.

Fleshlight best sleeve review

Advertising, exaggeration, joking and the ignorance of many sexshop writers

Various love toy manufacturers and sex shops suggest to the male customer with lurid product descriptions and embellished toy product illustrations that there is nothing more beautiful in the world than using male penis vibrators with weak performance, stinking masturbators and ghastly sex dolls. But countless bounced customers (and of course we at Lovetoytest, too) have experienced for themselves that reality looks different.

Pocket Vagina Review
Best Male Sex toys comparison

With an estimated 80% female toy and 20% male toy ratio, the sex toy developers, who are mostly male anyway, seem to have forgotten their own sex. We also dare to say that most products have not been tested for benefit during development.

A majority of the offered erotic articles can be called only – as the male Sex toy- manufacturers themselves say – as “fun”-articles. Satisfactory stimulation? That’s no good! Whether it is pure greed for profit or whether it is perhaps not so easy to stimulate the penis satisfactorily, we do not know.

Apart from the Fleshlight, there seems to be little seriously best sex toy for men. We have searched for you extensively, rolled mountains of catalogues and researched in US male sextoys test pages and forums and try to introduce on the best sex toys.

With our findings, the opinions of our Lovetoy Test Forum and also our own experiments it turned out that the penis actually only needs two things: Either a roaming stimulation by means of a “cave” or the own hand, or however a strong vibration.

When a man buys a sex toy, similar buying criteria apply as for women’s sex toys: Appearance, colour, shape and smell are just as important as volume (smacking), user-friendliness, harmlessness to health and hygiene. We try to write our male sex toy reports hard but fair from the eyes of one man. With this guide we would like to show you a rough direction on how to make masturbation even more varied.

Best sex toys for men
Best Male sex toys

Penis male sex toys with striping stimulation: Masturbator & artificial pussy

Since the penis is made to penetrate the vagina, nature has established that the “best part” is particularly stimulated by rubbing up and down the tip of the penis and the root of the penis.

Top FleshlightCheck PriceShort Benefits
🥇 Fleshlight Flight
(Our pick)
Compact, perfect shape
🥇 Fleshlight Destroya
Very tight and intense texture
Tori Black
Sustainable stimulation
Fleshskins - GripExtremely discreet & easy to hide
Turbo IgnitionGood, but doesn't compare to the others

Building a male sex toy that authentically simulates a tubular vagina is definitely not an easy task.
But they do exist: The alternative to the right hand!
Best Male Sex Masturbators in handy pocket format, artificial pussies in realistic life size and real torso imitations with buttocks and thighs.

Which artificial pussy materials are harmless?

When buying best masturbators, large or small, you should make sure that the material is harmless to health. Don’t buy any toys that are called “Flutsch-Material” or “Jelly”. They often contain carcinogenic and genetically harmful ingredients that have been banned in the children’s toy industry throughout US for years.

 best male sex toys on the market
Fleshlight – it’s the best male sex toys on the market

Better are masturbators made of silicone, TPR (Thermoplastical Rubber), TPE (Temoplastical Elastomer), EPDM or under marketing names like UR3, Ultra-Realistic, Loveclone, Cyberskin, Superskin etc. are known. The phrase “phthalate-free” is also helpful. Unfortunately, many male sex shops still do not know what they sell. Hardly any other industry has such poorly trained “specialists” as the erotic industry. Ask or read in our forum before you buy.

Which best masturbator to buy?

Whether you want to buy a big or small love toy, you can make it dependent on your taste and purse.
A good “striped toy”, however, should be strongly structured inside. This does not mean the small hills of various cheap toys, but real lamellas, long pimples, cross ribs, different inner diameters and curved channels are good.

A real vagina is not smooth either, but is naturally curved and has different surface structures. Furthermore, the canal should be beautifully narrow and not have a diameter of three centimetres even when relaxed. The feeling when masturbating is great. Even the “right hand” cannot trigger such feelings.

Penis love toys with vibrating stimulation: Penisvibrator

A simple rod vibrator is unsuitable for the majority of men to bring about an orgasm. The vibration is only described as “nice” or “pleasant”, but nothing more. This means that all male toys based on battery-powered 3-volt motors (i.e. all vibro eggs, cast-in vibrators or their components) fail. Because a sex toy should not only tingle but also satisfy. You can really save the money for higher quality things.

We justify the realization in the fact that the clitoris has a considerably higher nerve density per square centimeter than the penis. Therefore, a normal rod vibrator is often enough for a woman to make the man yawn heartily.

We interviewed 30 men and it turned out that the measurable range from 400 m/s2 with a frequency of 50 to 130 Hz is the most orgasmically intensive. The penis needs a slow and very strong vibration. Unfortunately, most Asian cheap toy vibrators turn much too fast and too weak.
Often toy vibro eggs are also sold as a set with artificial pussy. Only a fraction of the vibrations reach the penis.

Which best penis vibrator to buy?

We have only had good experiences with various massage devices and the vibrators from VibroStyle. The disadvantage here is certainly the fact that the devices are wired. But “good thing, wants power”. In our opinion, an unadorned massager like the Tappy Massager or the Magic Wand II or III is better than a vibrating, skin-coloured pleasure grotto.

Inflatable sex dolls – Oh horror! O horror!

Best Sex dolls are also called love dolls, rubber dolls or sailor brides.
These erotic articles are often the subject of a lot of laughter, whispering and offensive advertising. “She can always, always wants to and looks hot.”

But you have to be careful when buying. What is offered to customers in this market segment in particular does not go for cowhides. If you like your money, you should not buy cheap copies (less than 150$).

On the packaging

On the outside, best sexy model bodies with pretty faces are printed on the packaging. At the same time, the bag of tricks of image processing programs is properly reached into.

You get the rubber doll out of the box, you get the sheer horror. Ugly is a real understatement. Uninhibited and in our opinion, the customer is deliberately bamboozled. You literally buy a pig in a poke

.Hardly a sex shop shows the love dolls unpacked. In some sex shops you may not even take the dolls out of the packaging – because that obliges to buy!

Structure of most love dolls

For most rubber dolls there seems to be a standard form made of soft PVC (in air mattress style) from the same manufacturer. A basic model, so to speak. The size of approx. 1.40 m and the shape of head, hands and feet is almost everywhere the same. Screen printing is used to print model photos or Chinese facial features on alien heads. So-called 3D faces are also offered. With these specimens the face has the form of a mask (with also often Asian forms) and they are even equipped with synthetic hair.

Mostly toy dolls have the same bust size with printed nipples. “Deluxe” version have round unnatural big breasts with big nipples.

Furthermore, most toy models have the same pussy. A PVC tab (often called a hymen) must be forcibly torn off – a sharp ridge is formed. Behind it is a plastic channel without any structure and without the possibility to clean the pussy. The feeling is terribly bad.

Luxury best love dolls have a removable pussy. Then an optically unsuccessful channel is built in, into which a pussy and an anus can be seen on the back. Skin materials serve as material. This is the only sensible variant for an effective sex doll (apart from the design).

The listed defects are often adorned with clothes, lighting effects and everything possible to convince one or the other man to buy. Really great are the damn expensive models from First Androids or Mechadoll. The manufacturers produce the dolls from silicone and plastic combinations. However, they also cost from 3000 EUR upwards.

Penis pumps – Unfortunately not really as cool as often advertised!

Even if we have already discussed the category penis pumps in another chapter, we would like to give a few hints here for the sake of completeness.

Fancy sex shops do not shy away from praising penis pumps for pleasure. This is definitely not true.
The only way to avoid an orgasm is to create a vacuum. The penis cannot be milked or forcibly ejaculated. It doesn’t help to stick a lust egg to the plastic cylinder.

All you can do is strengthen your erection and swell your penis for a few minutes. This should not be exaggerated and should not be done regularly, as we assume that the elasticity of the erectile tissue decreases with regular overstretching and erection problems are to be expected.

Really good are only the penis stimulators, which work with mechanical stimulation AND negative pressure. A great example is the VENUS 2000.


If you are looking for a different kind of masturbation fun, the Prostata sex Toys is the right choice. Not only women, but also men can be brought to particularly violent climaxes by correctly applied vibrations. The Duke, for example, specifically stimulates the P-spot and perineum, which promises completely new feelings.


There is probably not a single male sex toy in the world who hasn’t already thought about how he could improve his best piece a little bit. Thanks to Best Male penis pumps this wish can now be fulfilled. When used regularly, the pumps help to achieve larger, stronger and longer erections.

An alternative to penis pumps are penis rings, which also provide more firmness due to a blood congestion. Particularly popular are male penis rings with integrated vibra bullets for additional stimulation, such as the Yours and Mine Ring from the “Fifty Shades of Grey” collection.

Stimulation current – an underestimated stimulation technique

Irritant current is also discussed in more detail in another chapter on electrosex. It is very well suited for the simulation of nerve cells of the penis. However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea, although this can definitely be a great experience.

Contrary to some hobbyists’ opinions, we would like to warn against experimenting with self-made electrodes or even devices. Please only use stimulation current devices approved for use with medical devices..

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