Review: Choosing the Best Male Masturbator in 2018

In this article you will find all the information and tips about masturbators, and sex tools for men in general.

Top Male MasturbatorCheck PriceShort Benefits
Fleshlight Flight
(Our pick)
Represent an artificial vagina reproduction
Meiki Zhang Xiao
Pocket pussies and masturbators with by playful design
Tenga Egg
Diverse range of sex toys for men

We have collected everything you need to know, from the best manufacturers & models to use, materials, care to recommendable, and discreet sex shops.

Our pick

The Fleshlight offers a fully automated experience for manual use or by connecting your toy to the interactive world

Our pick

For Meiki no Syoumei's 5th generation masturbator, they looked to China for their inspiration. Zhang Xiao Yu, the most popular female nude model in China, was picked for this new dual-layer Meiki masturbator, and is also the most popular Meiki in its lineup.

Our pick

Proving that great things really do come in small packages! The TENGA Egg now has seventeen different varieties and are available as single units or in half dozen boxes to bring you a little bit of random excitement each time.

Masturbators: Introduction

Guide for Dummies

A masturbator aka artificial vagina is made of rubber, silicone, TPE or foam, which allows men to have absolutely real sex, even when masturbating without a woman.

Besides the term masturbator, the following terms are often used: Rubber pussy, pussy, artificial vagina, travel pussy, artificial pussy, silicone vagina, sailor’s bride, trucker pussy, hand pussy, etc.

A masturbator is better than sex

The most important criterion is the fun factor. The goal of every masturbator is to represent a real vagina that is in no way inferior in feeling to normal sex.

Depending on whether the masturbator is made of rubber, silicone, TPE or CyberSkin, the feeling differs during the stimulation. In our opinion, the materials CyberSkin and TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) feel particularly realistic and lifelike.

A masturbator is safe

It is also very important to us that the products we present and test are harmless to health. We make no exception for pocket pussies, masturbators, and other pleasure tools. Even the best masturbator may provoke allergies in some men because rubber or cyberskin partly contains plasticizers/phthalates which are harmful to health.


We therefore only recommend masturbators and pocket shells made of TPE / thermoplastic elastomer. This material is absolutely safe. It is food-safe and free of allergens, plasticizers, and materials that are harmful to health.

A masturbator is durable

As with all other love toys, durability also plays an important role. It is important to us that the quality of the materials is right and that you can have long fun with a toy.

This applies of course not only to sex toys for men but also to dildos, vibrators, jerking machines and the same.

By this, we also mean effortless maintenance and care of the sex toys.

Discreet shipping: Best for your privacy

Especially in the erotic area, discreet shipping is an absolute must. As a rule, all providers send 100% discreetly. We also pay particular attention to this aspect while providing you with the best male masturbators of your choice.

If you attach particular importance to confidential shipping, you should consider specifying a DHL Packstation as the delivery address.

Almost all major erotic shops on the Internet, as well as many retailers on Amazon, offer anonymous/discrete shipping to DHL Packstations.

Masturbators: Best realistic male toys

The realistic feel of a masturbator mostly depends on your personal preferences and physical specifications. The best male masturbator should fit your size, shape, and length. Besides, it also depends on your potential wishes. A sex stamina stimulator will shock you with even more than a realistic feel of a vagina. A classic basic masturbator for standard stimulation will feel like a real lover. 

The best male masturbators are revealed at the end of this paragraph under The best pocket pussy recommendation.

Most Lustmuschi models are artificial vagina imitations made of rubber, best quality silicone or TPE which have an inner channel that is modeled on a real vagina. However, there are also masturbators whose inner channels are provided with pleasure nubs, grooves or other stimulating bodies to increase stimulation for the penis.

Best male masturbators have a large selection of different so-called “inserts” to choose from realistic/true to the original to absolutely crazy and extremely stimulating. When choosing a masturbator, it’s important to decide whether you like a realistic, lifelike stimulation of the penis or not.

The Most Popular Rubber Masturbator

Our current favorite masturbators are the FLESHLIGHT Girls models

In the course of time we have tested and evaluated numerous masturbators for you. The most important criteria in our tests are stimulation (feeling), material (quality), cleaning, care and durability.

In addition to the unbeatable price-performance ratio, this series also beats all other masturbators in terms of realism and stimulation. We don’t know any other artificial vagina that feels as realistic and real to the touch as the models mentioned above. They are the best which is proved by numerous customer reviews.

What about a DIY masturbator?

A DIY option is always possible – just google something like “best male masturbators DIY” and enjoy your cheap and practical way to sexual pleasure. In our numerous tests we have of course also built and tested masturbators ourselves, but our personal experience has shown that almost all self-made models were not really suitable for everyday use, either because of the use of hazardous materials (plastic bags, PVC, cleaning sponges, etc.) or because the handling was very cumbersome for everyday use.

Especially the professional cleaning and storage is relatively complex, so that you have to make a completely new masturbator every time you feel aroused in order to ensure perfect hygiene. Another point to keep in mind: It is possible to reach the climax with a homemade masturbator, but you can’t compare the feeling with the best models from Spider, Meiki, Fleshlight or Rends.

At this point, we would like to give you the tip to invest some money in a high quality and easy to handle male masturbator. With proper cleaning, storage and care, FLESHLIGHT’s rubber pussies in particular last a lifetime, my first masturbator is already over 2 years old and still works like on the first day!

If you want to know more about this topic or still want to build an artificial vagina yourself, you will soon find more information, videos, and instructions on how to build it yourself here.

Best Masturbators Ever Produced 

Masturbators are particularly popular in Germany, USA, and Asia – they are available in a variety of designs and from different manufacturers. With this page, we have set ourselves the task of testing as many models from different suppliers as possible and thus helping you to select your own rubber pussy.

The best high quality masturbators can be found at the brand manufacturers like Fleshlight (US brand), Tenga, Spider, Meiki and Rends (Japanese brands).

Depending on the manufacturer, the quality of each masturbator can vary greatly. In addition to more compact models such as Fleshlights, Tenga Onaholes or pocket pussies from Spider, there are also classic rubber dolls (upper body/torso) from manufacturers such as Meiki from Japan. There is also a current trend towards electric models, especially the R-1 A10 Piston and R-1 A10 Cyclone models from Rends.

Below you will find a short overview of the best manufacturers and their products.

Best Male Masturbator: Brief History

The triumphal march began a good 20 years ago when the first so-called masturbator production was launched in the USA. As the first male sex toy, it achieved great popularity, which is proved by over 16 million sold copies, a well-known size on the market. There is no other sex toy for men which, over decades, has been and is nearly as popular as a masturbator.

From the outside, masturbators look inconspicuous because they are camouflaged as torches. Inside, depending on the model, there is a different insert (vagina, oral or anal) made of an ultra-soft foam (called Cyberskin in technical jargon), which is really incredibly close to the original female, both visually and in terms of feeling, making Fleshlight’s products an excellent alternative or supplement to sex with real women.

Besides the classic Fleshlight Vaginas (Pink Lady), there are also models that are modeled after the female mouth and anus, so that there are really no limits to the imagination in masturbation. Keep in mind that this brand is the only masturbator producer with licensed vagina imitations of many famous porn stars – so the dream of sex with your favorite porn star may soon become reality.

The Fleshlight pocket pussy is certainly one of the best sex toys man(s) can get, they are unbelievably real to feel and due to the wide range of products certainly no boredom arises.


Just like Tenga, Meiki is one of the best male masturbators from Asia, Japan. The Meiki sex toys and masturbators are characterized by their playful and imaginative design. The general popularity of manga comics and anime is also reflected in the masturbators of Asian manufacturers.

The quality of the Asian masturbators is also very good, all tested products from Meiki and Tenga were able to convince us completely, both in terms of emotional fastness and workmanship.
You can find more information about the Meiki product range on this page.


The Japanese supplier Tenga also has a quite diverse range of male masturbators. Beside so-called onaholes (onahole is the Japanese name for “pocket pussy”), which are quite similar to the american products, there is a whole series of other male masturbators from Tenga.

The best known are certainly the Tenga Egg disposable masturbator, as the name already indicates strongly reminds of regular eggs. The inside of the Tenga Eggs consists of an extremely stretchable rubber film (elastomer), which fits ideally to the penis during masturbation and thus provides an excellent masturbation experience. The Tenga Eggs are available in 6 different versions, each with a different inner life, so that there should always be enough variety when masturbating.

These masturbators are uncomplicated to use and feel good, so their discreet appearance and handy size make them ideal for travelling or satisfying pleasure on holiday.

To be fair, though, the Tenga Eggs are not the best ones in longevity and can’t really compete with the Fleshlights in terms of handling and emotional authenticity.

If you are looking for a long-lasting sex toy that can keep up 100% with the female original in all respects, you should, therefore, choose Fleshlight. It has a discreet shape and a special, transparent interior. The manufacturer also offers a great model for frequent travelers and globetrotters, with which men can easily and discreetly survive security checks at the airport.

Top Male MasturbatorCheck PriceShort Benefits
Fleshlight Flight
(Our pick)
Represent an artificial vagina reproduction
Meiki Zhang Xiao
Pocket pussies and masturbators with by playful design
Tenga Egg
Diverse range of sex toys for men

Masturbators: Basic Classification

From Fleshlight, Meiki, Spider, Tenga, Rends and other suppliers there is a wide range of pocket pussies, which differ in appearance, functionality, emotional authenticity and of course in the price segment.

In the list you will find all common pocket pussy types and afterwards, you will find a separate section with further information for each type:

  • Oblong or tubular (one-handed masturbation)
  • Electric (hands-free masturbation)
  • Dolls (mostly freehand masturbation)
  • Classic (a regular tubular masturbator)

The most common are long masturbators in tube form, the classics in this category are the Fleshlights from the USA. Meiki, Spider, RendS, and Tenga later also developed a large number of pussies (onaholes), which are quite similar in appearance and function to the Fleshlights. Compared to electric male masturbator models or larger sex dolls, the pocket version in can or tube form is handy and suitable as for masturbation at home and as a travel pussy on the go.

Furthermore, both Japanese and American male masturbators are not pure sex toys for men, you can of course also be involved in love play with a real partner.

The cheapest one-hand masturbators of some of the above mentioned suppliers cost only 30-40 Euros, for the cheapest Fleshlight you pay about 60-70 Euros, our tests have shown that it pays to put a few more Euros into the best male masturbator, because the rubber of the cheaper models tends to tear or become brittle quite quickly.

Make Your Masturbator Perform at Its Best

An exception are FLESHLIGHT masturbators, which impressively prove that the best quality does not have to be expensive. All products of this manufacturer could convince in numerous tests with an outstanding price performance ratio and extreme realism. The Lustmuschi models of the US brand are available from about 60€ in specialist shops or on Our insider tip!

Electric Masturbator: the Future Is Here

Some suppliers, such as Rends from Japan, have specialized in particularly sophisticated electric masturbators. Especially well known are the two models Rends Piston and Rends Cyclone, from the Rends R1 product series.

Rends R-1 A10 Piston and Rends R-1 A10 Cyclone are the best, the most modern and innovative masturbators we have tested so far.

Unlike all other masturbators on the market, the Rends sex toys have an adjustable electric motor that ensures pleasant vibrations and rotations inside the case of the toy, which stimulates the penis in an incredibly pleasant way.

The frequency and intensity of the vibrations can be individually adjusted with a remote control according to one’s own wishes.

With any other manual male masturbator you have to be active yourself to achieve the desired stimulation of the penis, only Rends masturbation machines work completely automatically and without any intervention of your own, which is particularly pleasant. Just switch on the Rends masturbation machine and the enjoyable masturbation begins.

The Rends R-1 A10 Piston and Rends R-1 A10 Cyclone models also have both hands free for other things, allowing you to concentrate fully on erotic videos or images, for example, while the electric male masturbator does the”work”.

Rubber Dolls: More than a Usual Masturbator is primarily about more handy sex toys like masturbator sex toys. We have never tested lifelike sex dolls / love dolls (also called rubber dolls) and can therefore not give any further tips, experiences or even buy recommendations. We mentioned this category primarily for reasons of completeness. However, it’s evident that a life-like looking female doll is a perfect male masturbator.

Use a Masturbator Right

If you are new to the subject, you often wonder how a masturbator works. For this reason, we would like to give you here a small instruction for the use of these Sextoys.

The use of most sex toys for men is very simple, as they are almost always realistic vagina imitations. Some toys, especially love dolls, often have not only a vagina but also an anus, mouth and breasts.

Masturbation is hardly different from normal sex with a female partner. With most sex toys, the inner channels (oral, vaginal, anal) must be treated with lubricant before penetration. Once this is seen, the fun can begin.

The materials in detail

As the name Gummimuschi suggests, almost all artificial vaginas are made of rubber-like material or silicone. The materials vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer in terms of color, elasticity, skin feel and longevity/quality.

Depending on the manufacturer, silicone, rubber or thermoplastic elastomer / TPE are used. The materials are advertised on the market under the names CyberSkin, RealSkin, PureSkin, UR3 and Loveclone, among others – these names are usually intended to indicate that the material is particularly realistic and lifelike.

We only recommend models made of the tested materials TPE / TPR and CyberSkin, as all other materials may contain harmful ingredients.

The Price for the Best Male Masturbator

If you want to buy Lustmuschi, the price of course also plays an important role.

A very good pocket vagina does not necessarily have to be expensive. However, there are also different price categories and products for men’s sex toys, for every taste and purse, which we would like to present in the following.

Low budget (5 to 20€)

The cheapest masturbators are already available from 5€. This category includes, for example, the travel models, as it is often sold in pubs or in the toilets of motorway service stations for little money. Some people also know this “cheap model” as a trucker pussy.

There are also other suppliers who sell rubber vaginas online at very cheap prices. This is almost always Chinese scrap of inferior quality. Our tip: Hands off!
All in all, the cheap male masturbators can’t convince us at all. The quality is inferior and the masturbation experience is by far not as realistic and true to feel as with the masturbators from 20€ upwards. Here it is definitely worth spending a few euros more for good quality.

Medium budget (20€ to 100€)

If you want to buy a high-quality luschtmuschi, you are very well positioned with a budget of 20€ to 100€.

The most famous manufacturers charge between 25€ and 70€ for their masturbator models.

In this price segment you can already find products with excellent workmanship, durability, and a very realistic masturbation experience.

Meiki and Spider also offer onaholes up to 99€, but Meiki and RendS also offer significantly more expensive models, especially love dolls and electric sex toys, which we would like to discuss in the following.

Premium Budget (100€ to 2.500€)

While in the lower and middle price segment mainly handy masturbators are to be found, one finds in the premium segment increasingly electric sex toys for him as well as lifelike sex dolls / love dolls.

Masturbation with electric sex toys can also be attractive and a nice change to manual operation – but the pleasure gain is unfortunately not quite favorable. Well-known toys from this area are the Autoblow 2 masturbation machine and the masturbation machines from RendS.

Besides an electric wanking machine, a sex doll or love doll can also be interesting if you are interested in men’s toys. Love dolls are available in different designs as an image of torso, hips / buttocks or the whole body.

The love life-size dolls usually have 3 inputs (oral, vaginal, anal) and are made of the same material as mastirbators. Here the value is often in the eye of the beholder, so that high-quality rubber dolls can cost well and gladly 2,000€ to 3,000€.

Can a Masturbator Be Returned and Refunded?

From newcomers we often get the question whether man can return his masturbator after the purchase, if you do not like it.

When buying online, the end consumer is basically entitled to a 14-day revocation period in which purchase contracts can be revoked, this of course also applies to the purchase of a female or male masturbator.

However, only if the masturbator is unused and in its original packaging.

From a legal point of view, the return of used erotic articles has been prohibited by law since 2014, as you can read in this article by IT Recht Kanzlei.

However, this should be clear for most men even before they buy an artificial vagina, since nobody wants to have sex toys with signs of wear.

Lustmuschi: a Perfect Masturbator for Couples

What was originally designed as a sex toy for men can of course also be perfectly integrated into the love play with a partner.

Just like a dildo and a vibrator, a male masturbator is also perfect to bring a fresh breeze into sex life. Especially during foreplay, such love toys are very popular to get into the mood.

Of course, a pocket vagina can also be used during sex. Many women, for example, are keen to watch their partner masturbate: a rubber vagina can also make sex more enjoyable.

Medicine from cheating

What man doesn’t know the problem? One is happy in a relationship but not sexually busy, as the partner has little time for sex for various reasons.

Typical Reasons for Rare Sex in the Relationship:

  • The woman lives far away – long-distance relationship!
  • The woman is very busy professionally and has little time
  • The woman is on the road a lot or on a business trip
  • The woman often has migraine or no desire for sex

Here a masturbator made of supple silicone that can serve very well as a “replacement” and give the man the possibility to release the pressure and to live out sexually without betraying the woman.

Especially in a long-distance relationship, love toys are perfect for keeping sex life going with masturbation, even in the absence of your partner.

Top Male MasturbatorCheck PriceShort Benefits
Fleshlight Flight
(Our pick)
Represent an artificial vagina reproduction
Meiki Zhang Xiao
Pocket pussies and masturbators with by playful design
Tenga Egg
Diverse range of sex toys for men

Masturbators are Not Freaky

In our opinion, there is absolutely no reason why the modern man of today should not also fall back on toys to have more fun with masturbation.

Finally, according to studies, about 37% of women in Germany regularly use a dildo or vibrator during masturbation. So why should men become an exception?

Maybe it is still a bit unusual to have sex with masturbator for the first time, but most men are positively surprised how realistic and lifelike most masturbators are.

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