Review: Choosing the Best Male Masturbator in 2018

In this article you will find all the information and tips about masturbators, and sex tools for men in general.

#Top FleshlightBenefits
🥇Fleshlight Destroya
Our pick


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  • The Destroya has the most powerful texture among its fleshlight sleeve counterparts and it's the winner of the Fleshlight comparison test. 
  • The inlet opening has three small rings of bumps that will grasp you tightly. They are followed by the ultra piercing pleasure dome that will give you 360 degrees of unmatched bliss.
Riley Reid - Utopia

  • A perfect combination of ribbed pleasure and tight stimulation that can also be used as a stamina training unit.
  • STRONG SUCTION | Tighten and Loosen the adjustable end-cap on the back of the plastic case to control suction and add realism.
  • Fleshlight Launch can be ordered with additional upgraded equipment that will connect to your mobile phone, your tablet or a 3d vision device via Bluetooth for an impressive virtual sex experience with encoded videos!
Fleshlight Flight


  • Compact with ergonomic casing
  • Handy for traveling
  • Can be used in the shower or in the tub
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Needs Fleshlight sleeve renewing powder to avoid the stickiness when not used
Tori Black


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  • Tori Black Torrid Lady Sleeve
  • Angela White Entice Butt Sleeve
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  • 8 oz Fleshlube Fire
  • 8 oz Fleshlube Ice
  • Fleshlight Shower Mount
  • Care and Usage Instructions
  • Fleshlube Sample Packet


Fleshskins - Grip


  • Extremely discreet & easy to keep from prying eyes
  • Manual tightness and intensity control

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  • Fleshlight Blue Ice Grip
  • Drying Case
  • 8 oz Fleshlube Water
  • Fleshwash cleaning solution
  • Use and maintenance instructions


Stamina Training Unit - STU

  • Helps its users improve sexual stamina
  • Enhances sexual performance and skills
  • Makes orgasms longer and intensive
Fleshlight Launch


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We have collected everything you need to know, from the best manufacturers & models to use, materials, maintenance recommendations, and trustworthy sex shops.

Our pick

The Fleshlight offers a fully automated experience for manual use or by connecting your toy to the interactive world

Our pick

For Meiki no Syoumei's 5th generation masturbator, they looked to China for their inspiration. Zhang Xiao Yu, the most popular female nude model in China, was picked for this new dual-layer Meiki masturbator, and is also the most popular Meiki in its lineup.

Our pick

Proving that great things really do come in small packages! The TENGA Egg now has seventeen different varieties and are available as single units or in half dozen boxes to bring you a little bit of random excitement each time.

Masturbators: Introduction

Guide for Dummies

A masturbator aka artificial vagina is made of rubber, silicone, TPE or foam, which allows men to have absolutely real sex, even when masturbating without a woman.

In addition to the term “masturbator”, the following terms are often used: rubber pussy, pussy, artificial vagina, travel pussy, artificial pussy, silicone vagina, sailor’s bride, trucker pussy, hand pussy, etc.

It’s better than sex

The most important criterion is the fun factor. The goal of every male sex toy is to represent a real vagina that is in no way inferior in feeling comparing to normal sex.

Depending on whether it’s made of rubber, silicone, TPE or CyberSkin, the feeling differs during the stimulation. In our opinion, CyberSkin and TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) feel particularly realistic and lifelike.

It’s safe

It is also very important to us that the products we present and test are harmless to health. We make no exception for pocket pussies, masturbators, and other pleasure tools. Even the best masturbator may provoke allergies in some men because rubber or CyberSkin partly contains plasticizers and phthalates which are harmful to health.


We only recommend masturbators and pocket wanking toys made of TPE / thermoplastic elastomer. This material is absolutely safe. It is free of allergens, plasticizers, and other harmful chemicals and materials.

It’s durable

As with all other love toys, durability plays one of the most important roles. We mostly appreciate the quality of the materials. A properly manufactured toy will serve you long years.

This golden rule is a must not only with male sex toys, but with dildos, vibrators, jerking machines and other sex products. Properly chosen materials for a sex toy result in effortless maintenance.

Discreet shipping: Best for your privacy

Discreet shipping is an absolute must when it comes to sex toys and tools. As a rule, all manufacturers and shops send things like these 100% discreetly. We also pay particular attention to this aspect while providing you with the best male masturbators of your choice.

If you give considerable attention to the confidential shipping, consider using a DHL Packstation as the delivery address.

Almost all major sex shops on the Internet, as well as many retailers on Amazon, offer anonymous/discrete shipping via DHL Packstations.

Masturbators: Best realistic male toys

The realistic feel of a masturbator mostly depends on your personal preferences and physical specifications. A perfectly good one should fit your size, shape, and length. Besides, it also depends on your potential wishes. A sex stamina stimulator will shock you with even more than a realistic feel of a vagina. A classic basic masturbator for standard stimulation will feel like a real lover. 

The best male masturbators are described further right after the best pocket pussy recommendation.

Most Lustmuschi models are artificial vagina imitations made of rubber, silicone or TPE. These masturbators have inner channels shaped like real vaginas. However, there are also options with pleasure nubs, grooves or other stimulating elements and shapes for a more intensive feel.

The most popular models have a large choice of inserts to choose from. They can be true to life or have unpredictable inner structure that is absolutely crazy and extremely stimulating. When choosing a masturbator, it’s important to decide whether you opt for a realistic, lifelike stimulation of the penis or not.

The Most Popular Rubber Masturbator

Our current favorite male toys are the FLESHLIGHT Girls series.

In the course of time we have tested and evaluated numerous masturbators. The most important criteria in our tests are:

  • Intensity of the stimulation;
  • Quality of the material;
  • Simplicity of the maintenance;
  • Durability.

In addition to sensible prices, this series also surpasses all other masturbators in terms of realism and stimulation. We don’t know any other artificial vagina that feels as realistic and real to the touch as the models we mention in the article. They are the best which is proved by numerous customer reviews.

What about a DIY masturbator?

A DIY option is always possible – a cheap and practical way to sexual pleasure can be found online. In our numerous tests we have also built and tested masturbators ourselves, but our personal experience has shown that almost all self-made models are not really suitable for everyday use. They may contain hazardous materials (plastic bags, PVC, cleaning sponges, etc.). Besides, homemade masturbators are not very handy and using them every day may be tiresome.

Proper maintenance and hygiene rules demand that you’ll have to make a new masturbator each time you feel like you need to jerk off. Professional washing liquids for cleaning and right storage demands certain knowledge. You won’t be able to apply basic maintenance rules to a DIY sex toy, because it does not have appropriate materials. There’s another point to keep in mind: a DIY masturbator will help you reach the climax, but it can’t be compared to the one you can get with professional models from Spider, Meiki, Fleshlight or Rends.

The best tip here is to find a possibility and finally invest some money in a high-quality and easy-to-handle male masturbator. With proper cleaning, storage, and maintenance Fleshlight rubber pussies will last a lifetime. I bought my first masturbator more than 2 years ago and it’s still as stable as on the very first day!

If you want to know more about masturbators or still want to make an artificial vagina yourself, keep on reading and get more information, videos, and instructions on how to build it yourself.

Best Masturbators Ever Produced 

Masturbators are particularly popular in Germany, USA, and Asia. Numerous manufacturers release them in a variety of designs. We made a search and found a sufficient amount of information on the topic. Now we know more about various models of different brands, and we’re ready to help you choose your best artificial pussy.

Premium products are released by such trustworthy manufacturers as Fleshlight (the US), Tenga, Spider, Meiki and Rends (Japan).

The quality and functionality of each masturbator varies greatly depending on a manufacturer. In addition to compact models such as Fleshlights, Tenga Onaholes or pocket pussies from Spider, there are also classic rubber dolls (with full bodies or body parts) from manufacturers such as Meiki from Japan. Electric models are slowly getting popular as well. The most demanded are the R-1 A10 Piston and R-1 A10 Cyclone models from Rends.

Read further and find a short overview of models from the best manufacturers.

Brief History of Sex Toys for Men

The triumphal march began a good 20 years ago when the first so-called masturbator production was launched in the USA. As the first male sex toy, it achieved great popularity, which is proved by over 16 million sold copies – a significant amount on the market. There is no other sex toy for men which, over decades, has been and is still as popular as a masturbator.

On the exterior, the masturbators look like large torches – you’ll never get in a confusing situation is someone notices it on the shelf in your living room. Depending on the model, the casing has various inserts:

  • Vagina;
  • Mouth;
  • Anal hole.

All of them are made of an ultra-soft foam known as CyberSkin in technical jargon. This material is incredibly close to the real female skin. The interior and the exterior of Fleshlight’s products make them the best brand on the market. They can be a sufficient alternative to sex. However, you can also use it as an exciting addition to your current sexual life.

Apart from the classic Fleshlight Vaginas (Pink Lady), there are also masturbators copying various women’s mouths, anal holes and vaginas from the inside. Masturbation with tools like this creates no boundaries to your imagination. Fleshlight is the only brand with licensed vagina imitations of well-known porn stars. So if you’re dreaming to have sex with a porn star, it can become your reality.

The Fleshlight pocket pussy is certainly one of the best sex toys a man can get. They are unbelievably life-like to the touch. A wide range of models to choose from will help you find whatever you’ve always been dreaming of.


Just like Tenga, Meiki is one of the best male masturbators from Asia, Japan. The Meiki sex toys are characterized by their playful and imaginative design. The general popularity of manga comics and anime is also reflected in Asian pleasure tools.

The quality of Asian artificial vaginas is also very good. All tested products from Meiki and Tenga were able to impress and satisfy us in matters of emotional aspect and overall quality and assembly.
You can get more info about Meiki products on this page.


The Japanese manufacturer Tenga offers a diverse range of male masturbators. The most famous products of the brand are Onaholes (the word “Onahole” is the Japanese name for a pocket pussy). These are the products of top-notch quality which is quite similar to the American products. Tenga produces and impressive amount of masturbators to meet the needs of all male customers.

The Tenga Egg disposable masturbator is one of the most popular products. Inner parts of Tenga Eggs consist of an extremely stretchable rubber film (elastomer), which perfectly fits the penis during masturbation providing an excellent masturbation experience. Tenga Eggs are available in 6 different versions, each with a different interior filling. You’ll always have enough variety for your masturbation process.

Their discreet appearance and handy size make them ideal for traveling or satisfying pleasure on holidays.

Frankly speaking, Tenga Eggs are not the best ones in matters of longevity and can’t really compete with the Fleshlight models in terms of handling and emotional component.

If you are looking for a long-lasting sex toy that can keep up 100% with the female anatomy in all respects, you should, therefore, choose Fleshlight. It has a discreet shape and transparent interior. The manufacturer also offers a great model for frequent travelers and globetrotters, with which men can easily and discreetly survive security checks at the airports.

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Basic Classification

From Fleshlight, Meiki, Spider, Tenga, Rends, and other suppliers there is a wide range of pocket pussies, which differ in appearance, functionality, emotional component and, of course, the price.

Read further to find out more about common pocket pussy types and find a separate section with information about each of them:

  • Oblong or tubular (one-handed masturbation);
  • Electric (hands-free masturbation);
  • Dolls (mostly freehand masturbation);
  • Classic (a regular tubular masturbator).

The most common sex toys for men have a tube form. American Fleshlights are the most popular in this category. Meiki, Spider, RendS, and Tenga has also developed numerous pussies (Onaholes), which are quite similar in appearance and functionality to the Fleshlights. Compared to the electric models or large sex dolls, the pocket version in a can or in a tubular casing is handy and suitable for use at home as well as in time of the journey.

Furthermore, both Japanese and American male masturbators are not pure sex toys for solo masturbation. You can use them to spice up your regular sexual life with a partner.

The cheapest one-hand versions released by some of the above-mentioned manufacturers cost only about 30-40 Euro. The cheapest Fleshlight will cost you around 60-70 Euros. Our tests have shown that the more you invest in your sex toy. The more you pay – the better materials you get. A masturbator like this will be a true investment. You won’t have to buy a new masturbator in case if you get a premium one and use it for years to come (proper maintenance is a must).

Make Your Masturbator Perform at Its Best

Fleshlight masturbators prove that the best quality does not have to be expensive. All products of this manufacturer demonstrate outstanding performance in matters of price, functionality and realism. The Lustmuschi models of the American brand are available from about €60 in sex shops or on Amazon. 

Electric Masturbator: the Future Is Here

Some suppliers, such as Rends from Japan, have specialized in particularly sophisticated electric masturbators. Especially well-known are the two models: Rends Piston and Rends Cyclone. Both of them belong to the Rends R1 product series.

Rends R-1 A10 Piston and Rends R-1 A10 Cyclone are the best and the most modern and among the counterparts.

Unlike all other masturbators on the market, Rends sex toys have an adjustable electric motor that generates pleasant vibrations and rotations inside the case of the toy. This stimulates the penis in an incredibly pleasant way.

The frequency and intensity of the vibrations can be adjusted individually with a remote control.

Almost all sex toys for men demand manual activity to achieve the desired stimulation. Alternatively, Rends masturbation machines work completely automatically and without any intervention of your own, which is particularly pleasant. Just switch on the Rends masturbation machine and the enjoyment begins.

Rends R-1 A10 Piston and Rends R-1 A10 Cyclone models demand no manual activity allowing you to concentrate fully on erotic videos or photos. Your electric friend will do everything on its own.

Rubber Dolls: More than a Usual Masturbator

We are primarily about manually controlled sex toys like regular masturbators. Nevertheless, we have tested real life sex dolls and can share the results of our research in one of the articles you can find on our website. We mentioned this category primarily for reasons of completeness of this article, but we didn’t include this information here. This information deserves a special post. However, it’s evident that a life-like looking female doll is a perfect male masturbator.

Use a Masturbator Right

If you are new to the world of sex toys, you are probably interested how a masturbator actually works. Now we are ready to share a short instruction on the use of these sex toys.

The use of most sex toys for men is very simple, as they are almost always realistic vagina imitations. Some of them, especially love dolls, often have not only a vagina but also an anus, mouth and breasts.

Masturbation is hardly different from normal sex with a female partner except for an emotional intimacy aspect. With most sex toys, the inner channels (oral, vaginal, anal) should be penetrated with the lube. Once you deal with the basic steps, you can finally start your jerking off fun!

The materials in detail

As the name Gummimuschi suggests, almost all artificial vaginas named like this are made of rubber-like material or silicone. The materials vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer in terms of color, elasticity, skin feel and longevity.

The most popular materials are silicone, rubber or thermoplastic elastomer / TPE. CyberSkin, RealSkin, PureSkin, UR3, and LoveClone are the most frequently met names of materials. All of them are safe and lifelike. 

We only recommend models made of tested materials and harmful ingredients.

Best Male Masturbator: Price

If you want to buy Lustmuschi, remember, that the price matters.

A perfect pocket vagina does not necessarily have to be expensive. The price range is huge and there’s always a chance to get products meeting all tastes and expectations.

Low budget (€5 to €20)

The prices for the cheapest models start from €5. This category includes travel versions that can be purchased in pubs or toilets of motorway service stations for little money. Experienced buyers call these masturbators trucker pussies.

There are more manufacturers selling rubber vaginas online for low prices. Unfortunately, these are cheap Chinese copies of the reputable brands. This is almost always Chinese scrap of inferior quality. Hands off this stuff!
The cheapest items are not fully satisfying. Top quality of the materials and assembly are the most important. Your realistic masturbation experience won’t cost you less than €20.

Medium budget (€20 to €100)

If you want to buy a high-quality Lustmuschi, your approximate budget should be about €20 – €100. The price range of the most famous manufacturers starts from €25 and finishes at about €70.

Masturbation tools of this price range have excellent workmanship, durability, and provide you with a very realistic masturbation experience.

Meiki and Spider brands offer Onaholes up to €99. Meiki and RendS offer sets of significantly more expensive models including love dolls and electric sex toys.

Premium Budget (€100 to €2.500)

The lower and middle price segment includes basic models of masturbators varying in shapes and sizes. The premium segment includes electric sex toys and life-like sex dolls.

Electric sex toys stimulation can be a nice replacement for real sex. Of course, it can’t be compared to real lovemaking in matters of emotional aspects. However Autoblow 2+ masturbation machine will make you day as well as similar products from RendS. They won’t replace a passionate woman, but they will surely give you intensive physical pleasure. 

In addition to the electric wanking machine, a sex doll can also be interesting if you are a lover of men’s sex toys. Love dolls are released in different designs. There are also parts of a woman’s body that can be used as masturbation tools.

Life-like full-size sex dolls usually have 3 pleasure holes (oral, vaginal, anal). They are made of the same material as masturbators are. You need to understand that high-quality rubber dolls can cost about €2,000 – €3,000.

Can a Masturbator Be Returned and Refunded?

Newcomers always ask whether it’s possible to return the purchase back if something’s wrong with it.

Most companies give a 14-day period for the return of the goods in case if something is wrong. This rule corresponds to both male and female masturbators. You’ll be able to return the goods only in case if you haven’t used them yet. The original package and the masturbation tool itself should be unused.

Legally, the return of sex goods has been prohibited by law since 2014. However, it’s logical. No one wants to buy a sex toy with the signs of wear and tear. Take measurements of the toy you’ve received and don’t stuff it with your penis until you make sure it fits it. 

Lustmuschi: a Perfect Masturbator for Couples

A masturbator was originally designed as a sex toy for men. However, it can be perfectly integrated into the love play with a partner.

Just like a dildo and a vibrator, a male masturbator is also perfect to bring a fresh breeze into sex life. Especially during foreplay, such love toys are very popular to create the mood.

Of course, a pocket vagina can also be used during sex. Many women, for example, are keen to watch their partner masturbate: a rubber vagina can also make sex more enjoyable.

Medicine from cheating

Many men experience troubles in sexual life. Even if you are happy in a relationship, your busy everyday life doesn’t give you much of a chance to have stable sex life. Your tiredness may result in the absence of concentration. A high-quality masturbation tool can easily create the mood. 

Typical Reasons for Rare Sex in the Relationship:

  • Your woman lives far away and you suffer from long-distance relationship;
  • Your woman is very busy professionally and has little time to have sex with you;
  • Your woman is on the road a lot;
  • Your woman often has migraines or other health conditions.

In case if you have troubles with your sex partner, but you do love her, a sex masturbator can be a perfect solution. It will be a perfect replacement and it will give you a possibility to release the pressure and deal with your sexual tension without betraying your beloved woman. All sensible women approve of such a choice. You don’t have to look for another partner in case if you don’t have a possibility to have sex. 

Masturbators are Not Freaky

In our opinion, there is absolutely no reason why modern men of today should not have fun with masturbation tools.

Finally, according to the studies, about 37% of German women regularly use a dildo or a vibrator for sexual satisfaction. So why should men become an exception?

Maybe it is still a bit unusual to have sex with a masturbator for the first time, but most men are positively surprised about how realistic and life-like most masturbators feel.

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