Best Sex Machine

How to choose the best sex machine?

Have you ever thought about buying a sex machine? We understand that this is not a simple pleasure.

Nevertheless, everyone who tried it was delighted! Therefore, if you have an idea of such a purchase, we will help you to make the right investment!

In this review, we will talk about the best sex machines among different brands in 2019. Also, on the example of these instances, we will explain to what criteria is important to pay attention.

Our pick

This model has a wide range of functions and a powerful but quiet engine

  • Reliable traction
  • Long service life
  • Several speeds
  • Per minute 200 beats

Motorbunny is not just a sex machine, it will replace your entire collection of toys and accessories

  • Motorbunny saddle
  • Bench
  • 4 nozzles
  • Remote control

Thunder Balls has enhanced performance and advanced features

  • Speed control
  • Steel frame
  • Silent
  • Deep stroke

In our other sex toy guides, we said that the brand is not important, but your personal feelings are significant.

There are options for rotation, vibration, translational movementsThe number of beats per minute that a sex machine can produce is a quantitative indicator of its effectiveness The range is very wide. The most common options from 140 to 250

But, in the case of electronics, we vote for popular brands. This is, most often, a guarantee of reliability.

In order for you enjoy the sex machine for a long time with a satisfying load and favorite functions, choose a trusted manufacturer!

And now let’s start our rating.

Fuck Machine 3.0 by Fort Troff

These hands-free stroker machines are among the most powerful on the market.

Given that the manufacturer always listens to its customers, you can count on premium quality.

And, yes, the engine became even more powerful after the redesign.

What does this give to users?

  • Several speeds of work.
  • The sex machine works equally well at any speed.
  • Increased service life.

Full description

  • Reliable suction cups tightly fastened to any smooth surface. You can be sure, this sex machine will withstand any pace!
  • Metal is resistant to moisture and any type of lubricant.

  • It is possible to remove the chassis from the base. Now you are armed with a gun loaded with a dildo! Weight and dimensions make it fairly easy to hold the device in your hands.
  • The maximum speed is 200 beats per minute! Have you seen this before?

Additional benefits

  • To clean the sex machine warm soapy water is enough. But the ideal option would be treated with an antibacterial spray for intimate toys.

  • For the most realistic trial, you can progressively increase the speed using manual control. For the best feeling, do not forget to lubricate the selected dildo with a water-based lubricant.

  • All elements of the mechanism are very durable and they can be replaced if necessary. Sex machine is designed in such a way that, under any circumstances, it will serve you as long as possible. It is worth a try!


Dildos are not included. They need to be ordered separately.

Good news

All brand strokers are reconcilable with Fuck Machine 3.0.


This is my first and perfect sex machine. I added several dildos of the same brand to it. I am especially pleased with the speed control box! It allows you to bring sensations to reality.

Our pick

This model has a wide range of functions and a powerful but quiet engine

  • Reliable traction
  • Long service life
  • Several speeds
  • Per minute 200 beats

Motorbunny Sex Machine

If you have ever watched porn movies using this sex machine, then our descriptions are superfluous.

You know what a cool thing this is! But for those who are still new to the sex toy industry, we have prepared an interesting story!

Included you will receive

  • Motorbunny saddle, covered in soft vegan leather.
  • Additional bench for the second partner.
  • Four nozzles of different sizes.

  • Cable-connected remote control with variable speed management. As many as 11 degrees of pleasure! The number of rotating movements reaches 160 per minute, and the number of vibrations is 7000 per minute!
  • Handles for carrying and installing on any surface.

What makes Motorbunny best?

  • It can give you real pleasure! All four nozzles are made of ultra-soft and flexible material. It is completely skin-friendly and easy to clean.
  • Each nozzle can be worn with spring or rod fasteners. This way you can get a more flexible or more rigid position.


The manufacturer took care of a variety of options for using a sex machine. Start with the smallest nozzle. Moreover, you can try it out without even taking off your clothes. Experience more fun by gradually increasing the size of the nozzles.

Four universal dildos for G-spot stimulation are combined with a wide brush for the clitoris. Two completely different modes provide a diverse style of piston movement. On the control box, you can select Twirl or Buzz. Each of these settings has many options for speed and smooth adjustment.

Additional benefits

  • Creates a stylish design and nice tactile touches.
  • Additionally, there is a comfortable bench, also covered with eco-friendly leather. The stand will be useful to your partner or you if you want to lie on your back.

  • All materials are durable, modern and environmentally friendly.


  • Use water-based lubricants.

As you can see, Motorbunny is not just a sex machine, it’s an entertainment complex! The mechanism is very durable and can withstand the weight of two people. You can put the machine not only on the floor but also on a stable chair. Hanging your legs down will give you maximum penetration and stimulation!

Explore all the poses and possibilities of the Motorbunny sex machine. Try to repeat the experience of beauties from adult films. For international use, adapters for 110 or 220-volt sockets are provided.


This thing is absolutely worth the money. My husband and I are in love with Motorbunny! This sex machine has so many possibilities that you won’t even try half of them at once. Therefore, now every weekend we have a new game scenario!


Motorbunny is not just a sex machine, it will replace your entire collection of toys and accessories

  • Motorbunny saddle
  • Bench
  • 4 nozzles
  • Remote control

Thunder Balls Fucking Machine

This sex machine is considered one of the most forceful and reliable on the market.

No wonder that the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty. In addition, like most popular sex toys, Thunder Balls was released in a new design.

A little about this device

Thunder Balls is equipped with a patented Slide mechanism. It provides virtually silent glide. You can easily adjust the amplitude of movements in the range of 1 to 6 inches.

In addition, are attached

  • Adapters for 110 or 220-volt sockets.
  • Mounts for various Vac-u-Lock accessories.

What does the Thunder Balls do best of all?

This sex machine is absolutely universal. It will realize any of your fantasies!

With this mechanism, you can try the most daring posture, double penetration, manually adjust the rhythm of movements.

In addition, the device is compact enough and mobile to install it in any place where you want!

Additional advantages

  • All materials are very durable, have safety certificates and are easy to clean.
  • Stylish design at the same time is very functional. You can easily adjust the angle of inclination and height of the device. Thus, the sex machine is suitable for people with any height and parameters!

  • The speed of the mechanism reaches 250 translational movements per minute. This is a record among sex toys!
  • A hand-held remote control with a long cord allows you to adjust all settings as you play. It will also be convenient to transfer control to your lover.


Dildos are not included. They must be purchased separately.

You’ll get

  • A quiet but powerful sex machine in a sturdy steel frame.
  • Patented mechanism with a deep stroke, while it is absolutely silent.
  • Adapters for sockets.

  • Convenient universal tip for fixing most models of dildos.
  • Convenient and easy speed control.

A bag for storing sex machines and Vac-U-Lock attachments, as well as other accessories, you need to order separately.


We did not expect such good traction and at the same time a quiet engine! It’s great that the neighbors are not in the know about our deals.

In addition, Thunder Balls is universal in terms of the selection of accessories.

You do not need to pick dildo through trial and error. All brand models are perfect!


Thunder Balls has enhanced performance and advanced features

  • Speed control
  • Steel frame
  • Silent
  • Deep stroke

Robo Fuk Adjustable Unisex Thrusting Sex Machine by Lovehoney

This sex machine is absolutely universal!

The kit includes a realistic dildo and pocket pussy.

The lever rotates 360 degrees, so you can hardly find a device better than this!

What can Robo Fuk do?

  • This is quite compact, but powerful sex machine. The device is stable and at the same time portable. Have fun where you like!
  • A simple scrolling mechanism pushes the piston to a sufficient length to provide intensive movements and good amplitude.

  • Sex machine is attached to any smooth surface using strong suction cups.
  • Adjustable tilt angle allows you to choose any convenient position for the game.

Additional benefits of Thrusting Sex Machine

  • All materials used in production are hypoallergenic, have a certificate of quality and are pleasant to the touch.
  • You can adjust the speed of the piston with the handle on the body or the control panel. It connects via cable.
  • The compact size of the device allows you to store it in a closet or under the bed.

You will receive in the kit

  • Powerful, but quiet sex machine.
  • Two tips from realistic material that mimics the skin.

  • Remote control of your pleasure. Or you can take domination of your partner’s feelings!
  • Four strong suction cups and a metal bracket for setting up a sex machine and firmly fixing the position.

If you are thinking about buying a sex robot, you definitely need to consider this option.

In addition to maximum comfort, you will also get a universal soldier in your bedroom.

You can share this discovery with a lover.

Manufacturer Board

Robo Fuk is a very powerful toy.

To make the sensation as pleasant as possible, use a large amount lubricants.

In order to preserve the properties of the nozzles as long as possible, use water-based moisturizers.


Great, that Robo Fuk can be used by both partners! It is so powerful and quiet, and the extra accessories are very high quality. This sex machine will definitely not leave anyone indifferent!

Autoblow2 + XT

To slightly diversify our rating, we decided to offer you an unusual sex machine.

This compact portable device is made especially for guys. Yes, we are talking about automatic blowjobs.

What can do this little sex machine?

  • The patented mechanism offers you to try the best possible imitation of real experience. The increased working resource of the engine gives a guarantee for work over 500 hours.
  • At the same time, your hands remain absolutely free. You just need to choose the speed and put the sex machine on a solid support.

Description of the mechanism

Removable sleeves of three different sizes ensure that every guy gets an explosive finish.
Sensational features Autoblow2 + XT:

  • After restarting, the product is equipped with a more powerful industrial motor. At the same time, it is practically devoid of noise!

  • The range of motion is designed to stimulate your cock completely.
  • The system is designed in such a way that the beads roll a bit chaotically. In this way, an imitation of the presence of tongue and spontaneous movements are created.

  • The quantity rows of stimulating beads have increased in comparison with the previous version of the toy. Because of this, the sex machine quickly leads you to the final. In addition, it extends the service life of the sleeve.

Additional benefits

  • Removable sleeves are made of super soft material. It feels like real skin. In addition, the material is very elastic and keeps its shape even after numerous washings.
  • The sleeve is easy to remove and insert back.

  • You can use soap and running water for cleaning. For maximum purity, choose a spray for sex toys.
  • You can use any water-based lubricant.

  • Given the intensity of the automatic blowjobs, you can easily use the sex machine as an endurance simulator!
  • Girth has become even tighter!


It always works well. I would recommend that everyone carefully choose the size of the sleeves.

Focus on the density to which you are accustomed.

The beads in the movement of the mechanism move a little chaotically and this creates an even more realistic effect.

You can also use this item in a pair with a partner. Just let your lover hold it while you enjoy!


Finally, we have prepared a few more words about the selection criteria for the best sex machine.

You need to pay attention to:

Type of piston movement

In this matter, you should focus only on the type of sensations that you personally like.

Stroke length

This applies to sex machines with progressive pushing movements. Usually, this indicator is within 2-6 inches.

Thrust force

This is an important point for anal experiments. To overcome resistance, use a large number of lubes. Also, the more traction, the better the machine operates at high speed.

Noise level

A quiet motor is one of the most important conditions. You do not want to inform others about your intimate life. Is not it?

Compatible with various strokers

Make sure that the sex machine has convenient attachments for interchangeable equipment. Ideally, you can hook not only a dildo but also a pocket pussy.

Now you know exactly what you need. So just go and buy a cool and reliable sex machine!

Our pick

This model has a wide range of functions and a powerful but quiet engine

  • Reliable traction
  • Long service life
  • Several speeds
  • Per minute 200 beats