Lisa Ann

The inner surface of the Barracuda Channel is almost completely covered by thin, long pimples and has therefore received the name of the rather dangerous predatory fish Barracuda, whose long teeth have a certain similarity to the pimples.

The idea of putting his penis into the mouth of a tooth-reinforced barracuda will not necessarily be tempting for most, but I can calm down – this Fleshlight is not snappy, quite the opposite.

Our pick

As is usual with the Fleshlight Girls series, the Barracuda canal is exclusively available with a specific girl's pussy only and in this case, it's the erotic model and pornstar Lisa Ann.

What work Fleshlight Lisa Ann

As usual with the Fleshlight Girls series, the Barracuda channel is exclusively available only with a specific Girls Pussy and in this case this is the erotic model and porn star Lisa Ann .

The Barracuda canal is divided into two chambers, a smaller chamber with a length of 4 cm at the canal entrance and behind it a large chamber that extends to the end of the insert.

Between the chambers there is a 1 cm wide annular narrowing which narrows the channel down to 10 mm at this point. Otherwise the duct diameter throughout is approx. 18 mm. (By the way, the image of the Barracuda channel on the manufacturer’s website is not quite correct, it looks as if the channel would expand backwards.

In the two chambers there are many thin and approx. 10 mm long, pin-like nubs, which project into the canal at an angle of 45° and are very close together.

In the front chamber they point in the direction of the channel entrance and in the rear chamber in the opposite direction. The pin-like nubs and their arrangement in the rear part of the Barracuda structure will look familiar to the Fleshlight connoisseur, because this structure has already been successfully used in the Vibro-Touch Insert.

When entering the Barracuda Channel, the glans are immediately received by the first pimple structure, which produces many small punctual stimuli.

As the pimples are bent in the direction of the channel exit by the penetration movement, they whirl around the glans and leave no millimetre of skin unnoticed.

The subsequent penetration of the 10 mm wide narrowing between the chambers is very noticeable and creates an intense, short-term feeling of tightness.

Then one lands in the large chamber and here the penis dives in a dense pimple meadow, whose pimples loop around the glans from all sides and with every movement in the channel on the penis surface scratch, stroke and massage and release so a beautiful stimulation.

Although the canal with a diameter of 18 mm is comparatively wide, it still looks quite narrow, as the nubs project far into the canal and exert a permanent counterpressure on the penis.

During the return movement, the pimples of the second chamber now bend in the direction of the canal entrance and intensify the surrounding massage effect. When gliding forward and back through the two chambers, the punctual stimulation, depending on which of the nap structures just bends over, sometimes stronger and sometimes weaker and therefore feels very varied in interaction with the constriction.

The narrowing between the chambers is perfectly positioned at a height of approx. 8 cm, making it easy for men with a shorter or normal penis length (15 cm) to switch between the differently aligned nubs.

There is plenty of space between the pimples for the accumulation of negative pressure and after a while a strong suction effect is created, which with the Barracuda Channel is above average compared to the other Fleshlight Inserts and is particularly noticeable during the return movement.

Cleaning the dense pimpled structures is comparatively time-consuming and the insert should be briefly and carefully reversed. The drying time of 5-7 hours is also quite long and should be shortened by drying off beforehand (see also Fleshlight Care Instructions).


The looping and selective massage effect of the thin, long pimples of the Barracuda insert feels beautiful and is accompanied by an above-average strong suction effect.

Due to the different pimple orientation and the constriction between the two chambers, the stimulation is much more varied than the Vibro Touch Insert and offers a completely new world of stimulation that will delight both beginners and professionals.

Our pick

As is usual with the Fleshlight Girls series, the Barracuda canal is exclusively available with a specific girl's pussy only and in this case, it's the erotic model and pornstar Lisa Ann.

User reviews

Great feeling, tighter then the lotus, great sensation. If you like it tighter and a little more intense this is a great choice.


Works as advertised. I did notice that on the bottom of the interlining by main opening it is starting to rip open. Run hot water for about 30 seconds through it and let air dry.

Patrick Klein

Whether alone or with your partner, the Fleshlight keeps what it promises is easy to clean and a real pleasure gain.


I’ve tried several Sex M ……., but this part is awesome. A super horny feeling. also when penetrating not to Eng.class stimulation. So soft!!!Comes very close to a real vagina!


The inner surface relief creates a little bit of sharp feeling depending on the shape, but in any case very pleasant and a lot of fun 🙂 I’m happy to use this toy and get a lot of positive emotions 🙂 If you love sexual pleasure, you need it. I recommend


Next level structure is really successful – no other FL structure I know could offer such a stimulation.


At the beginning the material smells very strong, it also feels a bit “tight”. After the first 20 uses, however, the smell disappears and the material becomes nicely soft and thus feels much more pleasant. The material has to get used to the use. I already had expensive luxury masturbators from Japan which cost over 100 Euro and between them and the Fleshlight there is not much going on, therefore clear buy recommendation. The price-performance ratio is top!


Clearly to a real Living Woman the part does not reach far. But for quick relaxation in between, it is always better than manual operation.


Unfortunately, it seems that if you want to visit your favourite performers at home to check the authenticity of a can of lust, you go into custody. Judges don’t understand either.


Almost like the real thing. A very good alternative, I will certainly get the same replacement if necessary, easy to clean and discreet. Gladly again.


Clean it with boiling water, has not hurt so far, does not smell,…. there is nothing to complain, I can recommend.

Whether the texture inside is the best I can’t say, I don’t compare it.


Our pick

As is usual with the Fleshlight Girls series, the Barracuda canal is exclusively available with a specific girl's pussy only and in this case, it's the erotic model and pornstar Lisa Ann.

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