Popular Fleshlight Ice

The Fleshlight ICE has been around for many years and so far the only difference compared to the normal Fleshlight Originals series has been that the colour of the insert is not pink or skin-coloured, but milky-transparent.

As the semi-transparent and translucent colour of the material is reminiscent of frozen water, the product series was called “Fleshlight ICE”.

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Get an eyeful of the inside action with Fleshlight's coolest self-pleasure device and only transparent model, the Fleshlight Ice. With heightened visual stimulation, your Ice male sex toy experience will blow you away.

What work Fleshlight Ice

Otherwise there were the same openings and the same internal channels of the Fleshlight Originals. This is now over, because the Fleshlight manufacturer ILF has completely revised the Fleshlight ICE series. The openings Ice Lady, Ice Mouth, Ice Butt and Ice Cheeks have remained the same, but the previous seven inner channels have been replaced by a new channel called Crystal.

The Crystal Channel starts with a round chamber with a diameter of approx. 15 mm in which there are several angular, trapezoidal studs.

This is followed by a 10 mm narrow passage covered with a light rib structure. This passage widens to approx. 15 mm and also has a ribbed structure, which, however, is somewhat more pronounced than the previous one.

The channel then merges into another spherical chamber with a diameter of approx. 18 mm, this time filled with several cylindrical studs. The ball chamber is followed by a ribbed 10 mm narrow connecting passage opening into a 15 mm chamber, which is equipped with opposite rectangular bulges on the sides. At the end of the Crystal Channel there is a drop-shaped chamber with a light ribbed structure.

In practice, the combination of several chambers of different sizes and the change of pimples and rib structures has proven to be a good idea. Only a few Fleshlight channels can produce such a varied stimulation.

When penetrating, the trapezoidal nubs of the first chamber are intensely felt on the glans and then the penis is surrounded by a great tightness of the ribbed connecting passage. When you finally land in the second spherical chamber, the tightness subsides and now the cylindrical pimples act on the glans at certain points and produce an intensely perceptible massage.

With a normal penis length (15 cm) you just reach the next passageway, which again creates a nice feeling of tightness. Unfortunately, you can’t get to the last two chambers.

On the way back you pass both ball chambers and the ribbed narrowing between them.

Sliding in and out, a constant change of narrowness and width and an alternating stimulation of ribs and nubs is effective. This creates a fantastic and very intense stimulation that quickly leads to a violent orgasm.

The nice thing about the Fleshlight Ice is that you can see your penis through the material, because the Fleshlight Case is also transparent in the ICE version. You can see exactly where the glans are and you can perfectly control your personal favorite places in the Crystal Channel.

Cleaning the Crystal Channel is comparatively time-consuming, as many slip gel and sperm residues can accumulate in the chambers and between the nubs.

When cleaning the insert, you should therefore briefly and carefully turn it upside down.

Since drying also takes quite a long time, additional drying of the inner channel is recommended.

Note: The transparent material of the insert contains no colour pigments and therefore the surface is somewhat stickier after washing than the normal (coloured) Fleshlight inserts.

It is therefore essential to powder the insert with ” Fleshlight Renewing Powder ” or 100% talcum after cleaning so that the surface feels tack-free and velvety soft the next time it is used. 


Overall, the Crystal Insert of the Ice Fleshlight offers a very varied and extremely intensive stimulation.

It is a lot of fun to glide back and forth between the two nub-filled chambers and to feel the changing constrictions and the effect of the nubs and rib structures.

Stimulation in the Crystal Channel is quite intense and leads relatively quickly to orgasm and is therefore particularly recommended for circumcised men.

Our pick

Get an eyeful of the inside action with Fleshlight's coolest self-pleasure device and only transparent model, the Fleshlight Ice. With heightened visual stimulation, your Ice male sex toy experience will blow you away.

User Reviews

The shipment took place very quickly in a discreet packaging.

When it arrived, it was rubbed with powder.

With repeated washing, however, this can be removed and nothing more stands in the way of looking inside.

In all cases, we recommend the use of plenty of lubricant, as otherwise transparent material will stick a little.

Nevertheless, the FLESHLIGHT Ice is highly recommended. She just feels awesome! And the fact that you can watch what’s going on inside makes you even more attractive.

Cleaning is very easy, because you can also remove the cap at the back and get the insert out and back in.


One of the best products from Fleshlight. Super pleasant feeling, perfect fit for 19×4,5cm, easy to clean with some practice. But please always rinse thoroughly, disinfect, dry thoroughly and powder with starch. The communication with the seller: great! Nice team, friendly communication, customer-oriented service.


The Fleshlight is unbeatable. A little warm up, enough gel on it and the fun can begin 🙂 Great feeling! Great view! No more, but no less. A little difficult to clean, but what the hell…


One should have tried it. I have not regretted it! (Even if it might be here and there narrower and the suction effect for me is not quite as strong as hoped for)

Note on the Crystal model in principle.

Because the material composition is different from the colored models it sticks faster.
It’s harder to clean because you’re always afraid to destroy it when taking it apart.
Especially if you want to turn it upside down to dry it and powder it after washing and drying.

I would buy it again but possibly in a different form and colored so that it is”more stable” when cleaning.


Shipping with Hermes worked out wonderfully. The Flashlight came in the original sealed box.
What turns him on in particular, you can see how the grooves and stimulating nubs irritate him.

The cleaning is easy, after that it should be treated with Fleshlight Renewing Powder,
then the sticky property of the material is also gone.

Good care and you can have a lot of fun with it.

Horny part, with pleasure again.


With more fun and orgasms you can’t masturbate than with Fleshlights.

The money can be invested in any case for it and also the small expenditure as I find, a little lubricant, which is also obligation and on water basis take and already can begin the fun! After use, simply rinse with water and allow to dry.

You have to say that because of the transparent material the inserts stick more than the “normal” ones and therefore if you also want to use more Renewing Powder, I also did at the beginning, but I even think that you do not necessarily need it, washing is the clearly more important.

I can only recommend this nice sextoy, even more than the Stamina Training Unit or Flight I still have, because I like this one even a little bit better, because you can also see the whole “action”. 🙂
I can also say what intensity it is on a par with the Stamina Training Unit, which is supposed to bring you to orgasm the”fastest”. Usually (for both) 10 minutes I would say. Of course, sometimes it only takes a few minutes or even a little longer. And the orgasms are a lot more intense than when I masturbate with my hand, for example.

Are of course personal experiences, but who wants to have a Sextoy is very well advised here or in general Fleshlights.

Dirk Miller

I bought the Fleshlight for me and my partner. You can have a lot of fun with it alone as well as in pairs. The transparency of the Fleshlight is a real highlight and provides even more fun!

Here I can only confirm what the previous speakers have said: Initially it appears somewhat milky due to the powder, but after it has been made ready for use with water, it is fully transparent.
In fact, the material is a bit sticky, so I ordered corn starch as well. So in my opinion this is no problem either. I haven’t noticed any unpleasant odours.

All in all, the Fleshlight is one of the best toys available. Nothing else comes so close to reality. The price is worth it in any case!


We ordered the Fleshlight Ice Butt Crystal because we wanted to buy a Fleshlight for a long time.
Ordered, delivered quickly as usual.

Already at the unpacking one became quite jittery.

Preheated, provided with the appropriate lubricant and off you go.

The feeling is just awesome!

Even with my really big size the thing is just awesome!

Fits beautifully and really feels real.

But be careful! Danger of addiction!


I got the part from half a year and I am”around” satisfied! It is a very good feeling and the orgasm lasts much longer than by hand. But after that it would make sense to take a shower and take it with you and clean it right there!


I didn’t think so!

The thing is so horny that I could come within about 30s to orgasm! Since nobody wants that, I have to be very careful to make it at least a few minutes!


Our pick

Get an eyeful of the inside action with Fleshlight's coolest self-pleasure device and only transparent model, the Fleshlight Ice. With heightened visual stimulation, your Ice male sex toy experience will blow you away.

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