Lelo Loki Wave: Powerful, Safe & Promising

Lelo Loki Wave: Powerful, Safe & Promising

Splendid Lelo Loki Wave: Review

The choice of prostate massagers and tools for delivering anal pleasure will blow up the mind of any beginner. In case if it’s your first acquaintance with the world of anal toys for men, Lelo Loki Wave may become a perfect start.

The predecessor of the Wave model was Mona – one of the most successful projects, but it still needs some improvement. Wave managed to preserve the best qualities of the predecessor and acquire more additional positive characteristics. It looks like from this point it’s high time to get deeper into it.

Lelo LOKI Wave PROs

Lelo LOKI Wave CONs

  • Two motors;
  • Unique wave motion;
  • Has plenty of patterns and has powerful vibration patterns.
  • The wave motion speed cannot be controlled;
  • The tool is quite noisy.

Basic Specifications

Lelo Loki Wave Specifications

  • Equipped with the brand WaveMotion option;
  • Two motors and a perineum shaft result in more intensive climaxes;
  • The outside pole is impressively stimulating;
  • Has flawless anatomical shape and structure;
  • There are eight vibration settings;
  • The tool is USB rechargeable;
  • Can be used in the shower;
  • Has effortless maintenance and should be used with a water-based lube;
  • Comes bundled with a pouch for discreet storage;
  • Convenient for travel.

First Impression

Lelo Loki First Impression

The toy comes discreetly packed. That’s a reputable manufacturer who cares about the secrecy of their clients’ personal lives. The outside of the package will have no signs, stamps or logos that can somehow expose the contents. The stylish package includes:

  • Vibrator;
  • USB cord;
  • Pouch for discreet storage;
  • Registration card.

LOKI Wave is a professionally crafted prostate massager with two motors. Now let’s pass on to the essential characteristics.

Design & Materials

  • The toy is available in two colors: Obsidian Black and Federal Blue;
  • Overall weight is 8 ounces;
  • The measurements are 3.6 x 7.7 x 1.7 inches;
  • The tool has a 5-button interface;
  • Made of hypoallergenic silicone and ABS (a regular thermoplastic polymer).

Basic Features

What makes the Wave model unique is the presence of two vibrating motors at a time. The second one is placed into the perineal arm.

Best Part

The most distinguishing feature of the toy is its WaveMotion built-in technology. It imitates the real motions of a finger. There’s a number of vibration and motion settings to choose from – you’ll get your best range of motion and intensity.

Cosmetic Upgrade

In comparison to the previous models, Wave has several enjoyable improvements:

  • It’s fully waterproof’;
  • There’s a silicone layer covering the handle, providing the user with a more natural and sensitive masturbation experience;
  • The tool is controlled with the help of 5 buttons;
  • The intensity and pattern control buttons are placed most conveniently.

The toy is impressive in many ways. The use is intuitive, and the maintenance is as simple as it can be.

Let’s Use It

All LOKI models are simple in use and Wave is not an exception. You don’t need to get warmed up before you insert it and with a correctly chosen lube, you’ll get an utterly comfortable prostate stimulation session.

First Steps

Don’t hesitate and invest in a bottle of water-based lube to finally get your first p-spot orgasm. This thing will get you to your first anal orgasm even if you’re a beginner. You have to be careful while using it. The perineal shaft should be placed right in the area of your testicles for an adequate amount of pressure and stimulation.

LOKI Wave Gets Inside

Don’t turn it on until you get it in and feel comfortable. If you’re a newcomer, you’ll be a bit startled after you turn it on. The vibration will not be too intensive at the very beginning. Besides, you might feel awkward while experiencing this brand-new hither motion. The shaft of the massager doesn’t only vibrate. It also makes rotating motions to imitate the ones of a real finger. You can make the vibration power more intensive or change the pattern to get a more exciting feel.

Most users agree that the Wave model is not more intensive than the previous products released by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, the stimulation is a lot more impressive thanks to the perineal arm – it makes a difference. The vibration patterns are the same as in the original LOKI version.


It’s probably the only disturbing thing. Lelo LOKI Wave produces strong vibrations resulting in an annoying noise. In fact, this model is louder in comparison to all of the previous models released by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, this anal massager is comparatively quiet as opposed to the other massagers if this type.

Speed Limit

The motion innovation offered by the manufacturer is only available at one speed. There’s a lack of variety in speed control. Most users agree that sometimes they want it to be less intensive and at some moments, they wish it to work harder and faster. However, this disadvantage is compensated with the perfect work of the perineal arm.


The materials used in the base are recommended for the use with a water-based lubricant. Use special moisturizers for sex toys produced by the manufacturer to promote longevity. Wash it with regular antibacterial soap and warm water after every use. Use lint-free materials for drying or leave the vibrator to get dry on its own.

Avoid using silicone-based lubes because they result in an unpleasant tacky and sticky feel. Never use any kinds of creams or oils with this anal vibrator – you’ll have troubles with cleaning it after every use. Alcohol or acetone containing cleansers may cause damage to the surface of the product.

Putting it shortly, Lelo LOKI Wave is:

  • Fully waterproof. It means that it is fully washable and can be used with any amount of lubricant you might need.
  • Perfect for fun in the water. Use it in the shower or while having a bath.
  • Designed for the use with a water-proof lube. This promotes longevity and protects the soft surface of the shaft.

Bottom Line

Lelo LOKI Wave is an impressive instrument crafted for an impeccable prostate massage. It has certain benefits and shortcomings, and everything depends on the preferences of the users. We hope that the following list of pros and cons will be useful.

Is it worth the money? – Definitely yes. This model is a lot better in comparison to its predecessors. It has rumble, but powerful vibrations. The motion could be more powerful, but this is an innovation that will undoubtedly be improved with further models. The feedback of the satisfied users proves that it’s one of the most impressive tools for p-spot stimulation giving you a chance to get the most incredible orgasm of your life.

There’s one thing we know for sure:  the Wave model is undoubtedly more stimulating and satisfying in comparison to numerous models presented on the market.